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P.S. 304 - Hutchinson Central Technical High School Reviews

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My experience at hutch tech has been interesting, to say the very least. I expected high school to be the best years of my life, but unfortunately, everything has drifted apart. I am unable to enjoy my senior year amongst my class because of the pandemic we are all experiencing. I am truly disappointed!
well through out my four years of being in high school, it was fun, i get to experience more and get to learn more stufff, of course hutch tech isn't that bad. the teacher are wonderful well the teacher i have. hutch tech is my one step close to my dream and goal, yes they kinda help me out.
Hutchinson Central Technical High school is a welcoming high school for every student and parents. I’ve met remarkable teachers there and they were always there for you whenever you needed the help. I’m glad that I spend the four years of high school at Tech. The students there are sweet. Hutch Tech was like my second family. If any student was going to attend high school, I’d definitely tell them to go to Hutch Tech. Whenever I needed the help, there would always be the counselors, principals, and teachers. When it’s a students first time attending a high school they’d either feel frightened or lonely, but that’s not the case when you go to Hutch Tech. When I first stepped into that school I knew that I was in a safe and friendly place.
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Hutch Tech is great place to understand other cultures. Many places have a lot of people from major countries. However Hutch Tech has many smaller groups of people like the Karen and karenni people and etc.. with intresting cultures.
Unsafe for students due to fighting often and makes the school have a bad reputation. Music classes removed, but have great math, science and technology classes!
It’s a very good school the teachers are very cool people and the classes are very fun. The school can be a little dirty some times and I wish they would fix the gym walls but other than that great school! Would definitely recommend!
Hutch Tech was one of the most amazing high school in Buffalo. It provided me so many memories, with many intelligent students and teachers that wanted to see their kids be successful. It is definitely a school that thrives together, with strong love.
I like the classes and I liked meeting new people. But beware, sometimes they give you punishments when they're not needed. Besides that, the school is great.
At Hutch Tech we are a family. No matter where you came from, color or age. If i had the ability to choose another high school to transfer to i wouldn't , that place became my home to me and many others. Especially at our pep - rallys in which we all come together as a family.
Hutch Tech is a great place to be at overall. You'll make many friends that you can soon call family including some of the teachers as well. I would like to see old traditions and the music department again so that other students that will be attending Hutch Tech may experience what the school is known for academically and socially.
I am a senior at Hutch Tech. As others have said, we are family. We sing our alma mater after the pledge each morning and just about every teacher and principal has an open door and is willing to do anything to help you. I will always be a proud alumni and I can't wait to come back when we are allowed to make our Class of 2020 Senior mural to proudly write my name as a graduate. I feel so prepared to start UB's engineering program this fall. Thank you to all of my great teachers and other adults in the building and thank you to Dr. Morquecho and all the other administrators too.
I liked the teacher's involvement with each and every student. We are like a family there, feeling needed. The administration and teacher's care about about our academics, as well as our mentality. They make sure we are well prepared for college. Furthermore, they are always there when a student needs them.
My experience at Hutch Tech was very exciting! I met many new people and made many new great friends. Theres nothing I would change about this school.
I like that I have friends and many different ethnicities were there. The teachers are nice and helpful. I met some friendly people. We take some of the classes other schools doesn’t have. I wish that the school would do more fun activities.
It wasn't the best experience. My school is very diverse but we never had a culture show or anything that celebrates our differences.
My experience at hutch tech the past few years has been very good learning experience !!!!!! The teachers and administration team are very helpful and patient with the students !!!! They have helped me mature into the young and successful lady i am today.
the administration ruined what alums loved about the school. it's no longer a worry of mine but i fear for future generations.
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The teachers are amazing. They try to help the students whenever they are available, before and afterschool.
I absolutely love and adore Hutch Tech. I feel like I am included in a great family. The teachers are always there to help you and this makes me have a deeper appreciation for the teaching profession. The atmosphere at Tech is not toxic. One can easily make friends and this is not something that I take for granted.
Hutch tech allowed me to make many friends i never thought i would make. It allowed me to become a part of activities such as a cheerleader and become junior then senior captain. This school made me realize that you always strive for greatness when you try your best. I would not trade this school for anyone else.
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