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i was bullied and i hated this school the senior trip was butt the food was nasty we only ate bread and the teachers dont care at all i am now in middle school and they still look and act the same
Meh. So so school. I started there in grade4 and was immediately at the top of the class, as there academics were subpar. I learned nothing academically in my 2 years there. I brought up the school's state test average for those not in the GT program. I was bullied there, not only by the students, but even the teacher would roast me in class about the way I looked, which I biologically couldn't change. My grade5 teacher got out of her way just to try to fail me, but it never worked, as I was too smart for her. She would give the class 2question pop quizzes, so that I would fail if I got 1 wrong, but I always got it right. There were even times that she didn't even know the answer (teacher!), but would try to fail me, but I still passed. She was out to get me, but nonetheless, when I graduated, I had the highest report card score of everyone in the class, despite not getting the excellence award. Thank God I am no longer in the public school system, or I wouldn't be where I am now.
P.S. 182 was the best school for me to finish off my elementary school education. The teachers there really care about the students and want them to succeed. They found effective and fun ways for the students to learn. I was always amazed about the school's ability to locate talent in local students and they tried to develop and push the student so that they could realize and acknowledge their potential. Ms. Fowler was my 5th grade teacher in 2009-2010 school year, and I am grateful for her. I know that because of her, in dome way, I have been able to attend the best high school in America and a Tier 1 College.
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I wasn't aware of extracurriculars.
Mostly great teachers who know their stuff.
Pretty good considering the amount of kids.
As a former student who went to this school almost a decade ago, I have a somewhat vague memory of what life was like while attending. The teachers were very caring(I even recall having a crush on one of my teachers). I also remember this school having a large number of students, but luckily there were enough teachers to accommodate them. The principal was also pretty non-existent, in that students and teachers alike rarely interacted with her. Another thing I disliked about going to this school was that there was hardly any greenery. I remember there being a playground next to the school gymnasium. There was really nothing to do during recess, since the playground was pretty barren. Although I don't remember much, I'd say that going to this school wasn't that bad of an experience.
The teachers are wonderful although they could be better but the administration does not support them.
Administration has said "parents don't care". That is unacceptable as a member of administration
It's an okay school but I can be a better school. The administration is stopping it from becoming an even better school.
There are no after school programs. We only have morning math and that is only offered to students grades 3-5 whom are taking standardized testing.
Administration is unaware of the demographics of the population that is serves. School does not offer any type of after school program and is not intending to either. The principal is and older white female. She doesn't understand the needs of the population in terms of after school. This is the only school within the district that does not house an aftershock hook program. Administration is not helpful and neither is the parent coordinator. The teachers on the other hand are WONDERFUL, however they have limitations due the administration. It's very sad because we have great teachers whom love the students dearly.
We only have 1 school safety officer and in a school of 1,000 students it's just possible for that person to be in more than 1 place at a time. Fire drills and other emergency situations where the child ten have to be locked in or able to vacate the building are great. There could be more done in terms of having another school safety officer.
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