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I love how the staff are always willing to help students in and out of the classroom. I know they will always be there for me. Another thing I like about Pryor High school is there dedication to make a students learning environment top notch.
Pryor high school has some of the best teachers and equipment in the district. Environment is nice, but sometimes the bathroom sinks tend to not work. Just got a new cafeteria and commons area.
Stereotypical mid-west school, no outstanding violence or delinquency, with moderate efficiency in teaching abilities with the teachers and fairly controlled student body. The athletics department is outstanding, with girls softball and basketball going to state competitions, but Football is not as highly ranked.
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Pryor High School has a good curriculum and, mostly, helpful teachers. The counselors are great mentors and attend to most needs that you address, including college-related questions. Diversity at Pryor is not very inclusive, but that is to be expected in a small town in Oklahoma. Could definitely improve on the cafeteria food (although I have noticed an improvement since last year), for the food is not fit for those with dietary restrictions.
Everyone is very nice, teachers are very helpful, and it feels like one big family. I have had alot of great experience and memories made with this school. I do not want to leave. I will miss the school and everyone there. I hope my sister likes it there as much as I did. I would recommend Pryor Public Schools to anyone. We have a great leadership program that creates great and wonderful leaders.
My experience of being a part of Pryor High School these past few years have been extremely memorable. The teachers are always willing to help you with your school work, applying for colleges and anything that you come to them for. The teachers are more than happy to help you with anything. I would love for my school to improve on having more school spirit, but for me, I love having school spirit, dressing up and being involved in activities as much as I can. Overall, Pryor High School is a school that I would recommend to anyone, I loved it here.
What I like about Pryor High School is that no student is ever really alone. The teachers and other students will welcome you in to their group or their classroom. If someone sees you sitting alone the majority of the time someone goes to you and tries to start a conversation to make you feel more comfortable.
The teachers were great and the classes were helpful but the bullies were hardly punished and actuly veiw as the golden kids
I was In Pryor High School for 3 Years. I loved The FEW teachers and staff that were actually involved with the students, and actually cared for their futures. What I’d like to see change would be more teachers/counselors not just caring about sports but also other matter that go on at the school. To actually be there for to help students more with whatever they need.
My experience there was good. I enjoyed all of my teachers and classes. If I could have been in the ag building all day I would have. The administration was very good about staying aware of graduation requirements and preparing paper work to send to colleges. I think the current construction is a difficult issue to work around, but once it is done the safety of faculty and students will be better, as well as the quality of classrooms.
As a student at Pryor High School, I have experienced an educational change as well as a life change. With highly valued educators and excellent learning conditions, I believe I have earned what is needed for the next step in my life. Pryor High School offers many credits and electives others schools do not and I can say they have helped benefit me greatly. Throughout my three years, I have learned how to be a proactive student as well as a respectable one through Steven Covey's Seven Habits, an educational system that creates highly effective people through principles of fairness, integrity, honesty, and human dignity. Although Pryor High School has many pros of attending it, the only con is the constant construction being done to the building. The loud noises often make the learning environment hard to cope with.
All the students and staff were really welcoming to me being a new student my junior year. I was a new student before in 7th grade and I was not near as welcomed by those students from the other school. All the teachers were very helpful and really want to see you succeed and make your dream come true and will do anything to help you get on your path to success.
Overall, Pryor is a decent school. Sports seem to be the top priority most of the time. Academics should be taken a little more seriously. Character is forced harshly on students and students hardly take it seriously. I think it would be a good program if it wasn't shoved into the students' face. Pryor does have many clubs to choose from, some of importance and some that are pointless.
The atmosphere of the high school is an interesting one. Almost all of the faculty is super amazing and supportive and loving, but the students don’t seem to realize how amazing Pryor could be. We’re also very fortunate to have Google funding us.
I moved to Pryor High School my Sophomore year. I was on the wrong path at the beginning because of my choices at my previous school. I was rebellious and didn't want to learn anything. I have to say that my experience at Pryor High School made me a better person today. When I first arrived here I wasn't sure where I would fit in because it was nothing like my old school. Then after a few months of being there I realized that I don't need to fit in. All I needed was to make good grades and to become a better person than I was before. Now I'm on the right track ready to learn and succeed in my journey throughout college. I'm ready to be a responsible adult and most importantly I am ready to be a successful adult.
I honestly enjoyed high school for the most part. I enjoyed most of the classes i had. The best class that is was in was Mrs. McClure's trigonometry class my junior year.
As a 2016 Graduate of Pryor High School, I can say my experience there was nothing short of perfect. Something that separates Pryor High from other high school’s is our motives and what we stand for. When you walk through the doors, you aren’t there for just math, science, and language. But our curriculum includes teaching character as well. As a NAtional School of character we are certified in ,“The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” ,by Stephen Covey, when we graduate. This program is 1000 dollars and Pryor students are awarded it free. Not only did I learn character, but leadership as well. Our school, from athletics to academics, is all student lead. We even have a student marketing team, which I was apart of, that partnered with the mutimillion dollar industrial park in our hometown.

I am thankful that my high school cared not only about me, but the other 600 kids in the building, enough to make sure we left Pryor Oklahoma as good human beings
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Pryor has provided me with a place to work with my talents and grow my leadership. I would love to see future students continue to grow the riot squad and theater programs. (The two programs close to my heart)
My first two years at Pryor High School have been nothing but great. They have many clubs and organizations to be in that really help me be involved in the school and the community. All my teachers have been amazing and most of my classes have been very challenging.
Very nice school with not too many kids. Basically no diversity but helpful faculty and teachers. The food isn't very good at all but it's healthy.
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