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School is school. I haven’t loved nor hated my time here. I mostly enjoy the arts programs here. If you are looking for a good and relatively cheap school for fine arts, come to Provo high. The ballroom team has been state champs for years and the band has placed top three at state for a while. The drama department is incredible and pulls off massive productions such as phantom of the opera. The dance company is pretty good too. Sports are alright and vary from year to year. We just moved into a new building this year. It is nice, but lacks character. All the rooms are very similar and lack character because the teachers aren’t allowed to put things on the walls. For a public school, it’s pretty good and after all, it’s only four years of your life.
My experience at Provo High was overall a decent experience. This is souly based on how comofortable I felt inside this school and having opprotunities to participate in school activities.
Provo High School is an amazing and outstanding place to be. I have attended the School for all of my four years of High School, and it has been a wonderful experience. We just got a brand new facility after being in the same location for close to a century, and it is now an even better place to be. Provo High School is an amazing and awesome school.
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The teachers heremare very experienced and care about your education, helping you to achieve your goals and are engaged in helping you learn through classroom instruction, hands on experiences, and projects that further your learning into certain subjects. The facility is very state of the art, and greatly helps the learning environment here. There are many resources for the students to use and help greatly to prepare students for college, including numerous Concurrent Enrollment, Distance Learning, and AP classes. The extra-curricular programs and clubs strive for inclusion, excellence, and integrity and help the students who participate become better citizens.
Even though Provo High just opened their new school. Their staff and traditions will always be with them. Love the bulldogs. Not perfect but good. Mostly everyone is friendly and respected each other.
Provo High had a friendly staff and was a great influence. They built teams and really pushed their students to excel. I personally would like to see improvements in several areas. Although they may build teams I would like to see more effort put into students who felt like they couldn’t excel. More positive push from teachers. Rather than deciding the student just couldn’t excel or didn’t want to excel I’d like to see them think of it as a leadership issue. An increase in influence from teachers to help the students exceed. I would like to see a more structured graduation process and the counseling behind it. It became an all to common story that counselors would not reach out to students about missing credits in earlier years. Many students failed, didn’t graduate or were stretched too thin when told only a couple month before graduation they were missing necessary credits for requirements to graduate.
Provo High is a good school overall, it offers a decent variety of classes that are (in some cases) taught by good teachers who keep students engaged in and excited about their learning. However, despite this wide array of optional classes offered to students, the requirements pressed by the district don't allow the average student to take all the classes they might want to take.
But the school is arguably good and has fantastic performing arts programs that are recognized on a state level. It is for that reason (the fine arts) that I recommend Provo High, however I have to warn that the school's academics may not be the best in the state.
Provo High prepared me academically for college! I could not of been more prepared for college! The teachers are amazing and the music programs are the best! I loved my high school experience. Go Bulldogs!
Fantastic environment with great students and cool teachers. Sometimes I'd hope that the education standard was a little higher.
Provo High School has one of the most diverse high school student bodies in Utah. The diversity adds to an inclusive environment as well as the character of our school. So many teachers are also amazing. You can feel that they care about students and the quality of the education they provide.
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Provo high is great, more involvement with different clubs would be awesome. They also need different diversity for the main faces of the school.
teachers just wanted the students to get out of sight, teachers that made sexual advances on me went unpunished, it is not a school, just a day care for older kids
Provo High has wonderful fine arts programs that I'd encourage all students to take advantage of. Although the facilities of the old building are very lacking, the new school is very up-to-date and will provide even better opportunities for students.
I really had a great time throughout my high school experience here at Provo High. I wish it wouldn't be over so quick but I really didn't have any major issues with anything or anyone.
Provo high has a positive environment for learning and as well as socially. The teachers pushed students to do their best both academically and as citizens of their community. I loved my time at Provo high.
I loved my experience at Provo High School because I got involved. I thought that the people I met while there impacted my life for the better. I do wish that others felt they could get more involved and had more invitations extended to them. Branching out was scary at first for me, but in the end it made my experience exponentially better.
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Provo High School has been around for generations. They have fantastic teachers who love their subject and their students. Peers get along well and the school has an overall happy atmosphere.
I really loved my time at Provo High! There were many great students there and it was a really fun environment. There was healthy competition between sports with other schools and lots of support and school spirit! The teachers there really cared about teaching students and connecting with them. I still keep in contact with a couple teachers from the school!
I love Provo High School very much! We are the most diverse school in Utah County with many ethnic groups, and we mesh very well together. We are unified in purpose and in school spirit, all due to amazing leaders and mentors. The student leadership in our school is all inclusive and they care deeply about the whole student body. I'm proud to call myself a bulldog and love the legacy our students are leaving on the world!
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