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Proviso West High School Reviews

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Proviso West is a good school to make memories with your peers but it lacks the initiative of the students and some teachers to really learn the material. The clubs are really good, they are able to keep the students busy and they have a passion for what they do in those clubs. Sports wise there is some equipment that is worn but the coaches and the students make do and find ways to continue practice for the betterment of the school
My experience with Proviso West is overall average. There is a great amount of energy from most of the proviso students. There is absolutely nothing to change about this school. With our new ELOS period, there are more opportunities to improve grades.
More involvement with students need more academic ways to earn scholarships. Need the teachers and facilities to care about the students and how far they want to reach their goals.
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I would like to see the movitation of Proviso West Students to change. I would like to see less violence in my school. In my opinion I wish that students would pursue more opportunities towards their future.
I Loved Majority of all my Teachers i had there out my four years of high school.I was in National Honor Society.I helped around the school alot.
My experiences that I had in Proviso West was that I learned a lot about things I never knew about. They try to make it a better environment for the kids and for their safety.
My experience at Proviso West was like a roller coaster. Except the fact that roller coasters are fun and Proviso West wasn’t fun. Education wise they could’ve done better.
I loved the diversity and the amazing teachers that were there to guide me! although the school does lack some resources, you learn to make the best of it and end up learning even more.
The school is not very good. I wish I didn't waste four years of my life here. The food there is terrible, the teachers don't always know how to teach, and the kids there are horrible. I don't know what is the reason for all of this, but this school needs to make a quick turn around fast. The track and band program is awesome and achieves a lot of awards.
Being a current graduating senior at Proviso West, I've had many good and bad experiences. From fights, to assemblies, to lockdowns, to pep rallies the school has it's days which every school has. The extracurricular activities are exceptional. The two sports, track and basketball, are the top sports in the school. The academics are ok. if you are a committed student as I am, your academics will always be great. Clubs are extraordinary and provide friendliness and positivity to everyone different and alike within the school. PW is very diverse, from Blacks, Mexicans, Whites, and others, we learn more about another's culture. Teachers are ok. There are teachers who care and some who do not. The principal is ok. She cares enough for the students to make them want to do better for themselves and not just for others. She can be a little rowdy at times but she's also changing the lives of all students enrolled one day at a time. The food sucks.
The staff at Proviso West aren’t welcoming. They are rude and really don’t take the kids emotions and feelings into consideration.
The only thing I really like about the school is that they help us apply for colleges and and scholarships and give us a bunch of tips on college. What I really wanna see changed about the school Is the food, it’s terrible. I also hate the fact that the school is very last minute.
My experience at proviso west has been okay, I've had a more bad experience than good. The only part of the school i like is the teachers and guidance counselor. Both really try to connect with the students and make sure the students stay on track to pass classes, graduate, and college ready.
I like the sports they put into the school, and also the extra clubs for people to meet and communicate. Funraiser were really good to get new uniforms for sports.
When i went to Proviso West High School, the school building is in pretty abysmal shape. The floors are peeling off, cause of the asbestos floor glue they used in the 50's when they were building the school. The staff in Proviso West are kind and very knowledgeable people. but some of the teachers can't teach, they just give up and give you the book and paper and pencil to hope for the best.
Proviso west highschool needs an incredible amount of improvements. The school itself has no a/c, administration i very rude and unprofessional, the students have NO school spirit because of lack of motivation. Also, the grading system has to be changed!
I like how everybody made us freshmen feel welcome when we first entered Proviso West. I would like to see more school spirit and better food.
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My experience of this school wasn't bad nor was it good. The administrators kept changing the rules every year and wasn't enforcing the rules until the last semester which was kind of frustrating. The food was always under-cooked and I frequently got sick from it. There was always fights in the hallways and sometimes the security guards would just watch and the consequence was always at minimum. The positive things about the school was that some teachers wouldn't give up on the students with potential and helped them succeed.
My experience at Proviso West was a good one. Their was a lot of diversity and involvement. Teachers were very involved with the students and impacted their lives in a good way. There should be a change in the food menu and safety. Their it’s too many fights and some discrimination.
The students and the way they treat their education, peers and teachers give Proviso West the poor reputation it has. Your experience here, I feel as if is based on who you chose to be around and who you allow to be around you.
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