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PMSA is a very nice school. It's full of teachers that truly care about each student's ability to succeed in life and try to prepare them for college and/or adulthood. There isn't much bullying, if any, at the school either so students will feel safe there.
While I love all my former classmates who have done amazing things since graduating from PMSA, there were a lot of things that I didn't like and overall I felt unprepared for college. To start, when I first started at PMSA, there were no AP classes, and when there were some offered (starting my junior year), they were all in classes that would not help me in my future academic career. Another thing that was unique, but not ideal, was that if you wanted to play sports, you had to play at your "home school" because they don't have athletics at PMSA. So because I lived closest to Proviso West, that is where I played sports. It was a great experience, but definitely not normal and negatively affected school pride. I will mention though that Spirit Week was always really fun, even though we didn't have sports. The students that go here are amazing, I just hope it's run better than when I was there.
The academics are impeccable, they offer many different courses and electives to take, and I would like to say the teachers give a lot of homework but it's easier because they know how to teach and explain concepts. They are very helpful when it comes to trying to understand . I would like to see a change in the food. They serve the same things everyday.
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The school is pretty safe. Though it does lack significant after school activities, but little clubs there are, are not that well funded.
Attending PMSA was a choice I was glad to have made rather than attending PWHS. While PMSA is difficult and rigorous with academics, it helped prepare me for college. However, PMSA could try to think more about the actual students instead of focusing on being a top school.
The school really pushes you to work hard but it does pile on work. I believe this school gets you ready for college especially the work load. The people there are usually nice and there are rarely rarely any fights or big arguments. The enviroment is safe. A lot of students help each other which is really nice.
This school is very good at preparing you for work when you get into college. It pushes you to work hard and challenge yourself, especially with certain courses you are able to take. The environment is generally nice and you can feel safe.
I've had a good overall experience attending this high school. Classes are challenging but I feel that I've learned a lot and that I am prepared for college.
I have thoroughly enjoyed all 4 years that i have gone to school there and the only thing I wish we had was actual sports, sports fields and an actual full gymnasium.
Proviso Math and Science Academy is overall a very good school. I am so glad attended this school, because it has shaped me into the person I am today. The curriculum can be challenging, but the main point is to challenge us students so that we are mentally prepared for college. Which I believe I am to be. Many people like to blame the school for being lame, but just like college, you make your own experiences. PMSA is challenging but the best.
Its good for preparing you academically, but as far as having a "high school experience" it doesn't do that very well because it mostly focused on academics.
My experience is great so far the teachers are so helpful and are not bother by any questions you have. The student are so funny and very relatable. Everyone has friends so you’re never alone.
Amazing teachers and great education. The high school gives an amazing experience and is in all forms safe.
I think PMSA is a good school overall but some teachers expect to much. The middle school I came from was a bad school and barely taught us the things we needed to know so when I got to PMSA it was very difficult. You have to be really determined and you will get through it.
PMSA has a positive atmosphere I am able to learn as well as be myself. PMSA allows the students to work at a students own pace. The school offers so many options to get additional help when needed. The teachers are friendly and let you know you can reach out to them about anything even personal things. Since you have to be accepting into PMSA all the students are super focused. It’s really a great school.
I graduated from PMSA last year and looking back it is very bitter sweet. The atmosphere of the school was very.. "Ehh" It wasn't a normal high school so I feel like I never really got to achieve the real high school experience. There weren't any sports or didn't have a variety of clubs and electives. Looking back now I do appreciate the workload that they gave us, at the time it felt like a lot and was very stressing but that in a way helped prepare me for college. As a freshmen in college now I feel like the workload is much easier compared to PMSA.
Overall, I had a pretty decent experience with PMSA. I just graduated class of 2018 and I can say that for a relatively new school, it operated the best that it could. We didn't have very many clubs or even our own sports team, and often times a lot of emphasis was placed on the academics rather than the activities that could've brought my class together. However, we were able to rise above these "difficulties" and become a community that both worked and played hard.
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I like going to PMSA becausw it brings different cultures together. Also, the teachers are very experienced and want you to be prepared for college and your future. This school has many options such as AP, IB, and honor's classes. I like how the academics push me to do better as a student.
PMSA (Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy in short) is known for being the catalyst of success, which it lives up to be. The first two years, we are taught the essentials or the basics, just like in college. Then during our junior year, our faculty and teachers absolutely make sure that we have our heads in the game and focus because this year is what leads to our future, just as in college, we figure out what the rest of our life is going to consist of. But academics isn’t the only thing PMSA offers. It offers diversity, passion, protection, stability, but most importantly, its offers you a great future. Being in the top 10 schools in Cook County and being in the gold rankings of the nation ensures that it prepares all students for nothing but the best. It shows promise towards our future. By doing and offering all of this, the Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy ensures that it truly is the catalyst to success.
Proviso is a great school. It teaches class that are above average that keep up with my level of thinking. This school challenges you to think outside the box while not making you over stress. The kids at the school our great, everyone helps out each other. I never see any bullying. Overall proviso mathematics and science academy is a school I will recommend to big thinker.
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