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PMSA has a positive atmosphere I am able to learn as well as be myself. PMSA allows the students to work at a students own pace. The school offers so many options to get additional help when needed. The teachers are friendly and let you know you can reach out to them about anything even personal things. Since you have to be accepting into PMSA all the students are super focused. It’s really a great school.
I graduated from PMSA last year and looking back it is very bitter sweet. The atmosphere of the school was very.. "Ehh" It wasn't a normal high school so I feel like I never really got to achieve the real high school experience. There weren't any sports or didn't have a variety of clubs and electives. Looking back now I do appreciate the workload that they gave us, at the time it felt like a lot and was very stressing but that in a way helped prepare me for college. As a freshmen in college now I feel like the workload is much easier compared to PMSA.
Overall, I had a pretty decent experience with PMSA. I just graduated class of 2018 and I can say that for a relatively new school, it operated the best that it could. We didn't have very many clubs or even our own sports team, and often times a lot of emphasis was placed on the academics rather than the activities that could've brought my class together. However, we were able to rise above these "difficulties" and become a community that both worked and played hard.
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I like going to PMSA becausw it brings different cultures together. Also, the teachers are very experienced and want you to be prepared for college and your future. This school has many options such as AP, IB, and honor's classes. I like how the academics push me to do better as a student.
PMSA (Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy in short) is known for being the catalyst of success, which it lives up to be. The first two years, we are taught the essentials or the basics, just like in college. Then during our junior year, our faculty and teachers absolutely make sure that we have our heads in the game and focus because this year is what leads to our future, just as in college, we figure out what the rest of our life is going to consist of. But academics isn’t the only thing PMSA offers. It offers diversity, passion, protection, stability, but most importantly, its offers you a great future. Being in the top 10 schools in Cook County and being in the gold rankings of the nation ensures that it prepares all students for nothing but the best. It shows promise towards our future. By doing and offering all of this, the Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy ensures that it truly is the catalyst to success.
Proviso is a great school. It teaches class that are above average that keep up with my level of thinking. This school challenges you to think outside the box while not making you over stress. The kids at the school our great, everyone helps out each other. I never see any bullying. Overall proviso mathematics and science academy is a school I will recommend to big thinker.
cultureless poor hole but good academics. All they care about is their money but the school looks good on applications. In the middle of a not so safe area but you'll probably be okay. They're still Proviso... so horrible, but they do things to make themselves look good.......
My experience at Proviso Math and Science Academy has been amazing. I felt welcomed the minute I walked through the doors on the first day of freshman year. Everyone is so nice including the teachers, although sometimes it seems like they're piling work on top of work. But I have come to realize that they work us so assiduously to get us ready for our future.
I am a 2017 PMSA Alumni. Coming in I felt welcomed. The other students as well as the teachers and faculty members were helpful as possible. The environment was safe and I never felt threatened by attending the school. The school really prepared me for college. I am currently attending Jackson State University and am on the dean’s list. All the material I received in college is almost identical to the work I had at PMSA. I don’t regret attending this school at all.
I like most that it was FREE so my parents did not have to pay. And it was close to home. I think they should add some sports to the school so kids don't have to go to the other schools
What I liked about this school is that they try their hardest to keep you in the school. They clearly hate failing students, but they provide many different ways to help you get back up. I would love to see them talk to their teacher more about respect and patience. Some of the teachers don't have respect you assume from a teacher or patience. We came there to learn so if you are helping us and we mess up... you can't get frustrated and start yelling and walking out of class. If you don't have enough patience, I don't think you should be teaching.
It depends on the day, there are good days and bad days like I think any other school. but overall it is a very nice school
I love how rigorous the pace is here at PMSA. The faculty and staff are extremely supportive and helps in whatever way they can to make sure that the student can succeed. The one thing that I would change is having the Saturday School tutoring every Saturday instead of every other Saturday.
PMSA is a small community of students from surrounding neighborhoods that promotes its students to push themselves, however there is a lack of administration flexibility. Students are pushed to take advanced placement classes and can only drop them within the first week of attendance. However, the student community is friendly as well as the teachers and counselors, so finding a friend isn't hard here. Overall this school prioritizes academics and test scores and often fails to consider its students in decisions to which directly pertain to them.
proviso math and science academy should have more interesting clubs for students to be involved in. They have some but I know when I went there from 2012-2016 a lot of us wanted better clubs and classes to take like a regular highschool.
It was a good experience and they have really nice teachers who are willing to help students after class and before class. I believe the administration should really take into account the student ideas and concerns because they are the ones who have to be there everyday for four years.
This school is great if you are properly prepared. All teachers push their students to do their best and want them to succeed.
The academic courses were rigorous and really pushed you. They're were also a selection of clubs to attend if you wanted to become apart of the schools community more. PMSA could've worked on the teachers communication with the students and having a relationship where students could ask for help easier.
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The instructors are very good at what they do. However, in some cases the students themselves are unmotivated. This may result in a negative learning environment for others with minimal engagement.
The school has a very cultured environment with various opportunities available for those who attend, the only downfall that it lacks for it's students is the "highschool experience" that so many expect, the student population is rigid and constant, the student activities provided are very bland and almost seem forced. The schools main focus is academics and squeezing the most that it can out of its students and although we receive distinction for coming from an academy, once we graduate we will ultimately be thrown into the unknown world... but hey, at least we know Pythagorean Therom
Overall Proviso Math and Science Academy is a good school. Because the school is small you make incredible bonds with other students and teachers, which is one of the best things about the school. But also because the school is so small and it doesn't take in new students aside from freshmen you don't get to meet new people.
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