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I came into Proviso East as Junior who came from a privates school.That being said, my experience here has been one remarkable and eye-opening. Before I came here I heard many rumors about how dangerous and horrible it was here,and the academics was less than subpar.However, I made a promise to myself to do everything I could to get involved and stay ahead- and that's exactly what I did. My first year there was a great one.I joined several clubs and had amazing teachers.I also met the principal, Dr.Hardy, on my very first day and he was very supportive and seemed thrilled to be there.My experience has taught me not to judge something before I try it and to also keep a positive mindset because I never know what I'm going to get out of it. To future students, don't listen to others when they tell you the school is horrible and that you are going to have a terrible time here. It's up for you to decide what type of experience you're going to have, and that's for anywhere you go in life.
Proviso East has pros and cons. Pros are that there are many programs that students can join, the staff are nice and friendly people, the teachers are optimistic to teach, it's a great environment to learn, and it has great college readiness. Cons are the students are not optimistic to learn at all, the testing scores are average, and they make the environment and safety of the school risky.
I like that it was all one family at East. No one would ever be left out and treated like they were not welcome in the doors of East. Whenever I needed help someone was always there for me. Even though the school is very helpful, they also expect you to be responsible for your own actions and success. I will miss Proviso East because of everything they have helped me through and I would suggest for many others to go there, it will be a great experience.
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My experience at Proviso East High School was full of great learning experience and friendship. The school has very great opportunities for students to advance in education or future occupational choices.
There is a lot of stuff that could be improved throughout the school. Between the staff members, and disorganization, not to mention lack of course work and one-on-one time with teachers, could drastically impact several students. However, there is amazing opportunities and ideas that can help provide a better experience in the school.
Proviso East is undergoing a positive change , thanks to the staff and principal we've had since 2015. Our school is one of the only from our district that now offers a competency based curriculum, and is offering to add more Advanced placement classes . Teachers and staff have a great relationship with students ,thanks not only to their commitment to prepare us for the future but for their motivation and thrive to see us succeed and helping us change the negative stereotype the media and others have painted us to be ,by acknowledging our triumphs and seeing the good within us and allowing us to have a voice that is heard and taken into consideration for our school.
Proviso East is an average high school, meaning it’s not the best but it’s not the worst. Most of the time is fun going although there are times when it’s really borinh and exhausting. What I like about this school is their clubs and sports which include drama club, robotics club and sports such as Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, etc. I feel like there can be a lot of improvement done to Proviso East. I think they should really push some of the teachers to teach their students because some of the teachers don’t teach, they’ll get mad if you ask them questions or ask to use the bathroom when it’s needed. Not all of the teachers are like that though, most of the teachers are fun and caring and want their students to succeed.
Great experience overall, enjoyed my 4Years of school will miss a lot of my friend as well as teachers. Hopefully I would get the same experience in college once I'm there interacting with my peers as well as the teachers.
Proviso East High School is a very artistic school. People may think that we are low on academics because if what say. I think that Proviso east students and staff can teach you a lot. I think that we need to work on being ready for the real life situations. We have great teachers that will get you ready for college. Our althetic department is very nice in so many ways.
What I like about Proviso East is that our principle is trying his best to get us to be successful. Something that should change is the students attitudes and the food.
Just learning something new everyday
My teachers were very nice and cool and I had a lot of respect for them
I had the best four high school years of my life.

I participated in a lot of school activities and made many friends.
I had amazing teachers and because of them I am a better person.
Activities at this school are amazing. There is a wide variety of things you can do that are fun and enjoyable.
If I had the chance to go back to this school, I would. It was fun and a great learning environment
Majority of the teachers at this school are great. Throughout the four years at my school I've had great relationships with my teachers.
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Security is alright could be better.
Could be better if more students got involved. It would also be better if there were more activities to choose from.
The parents don't care. They only care when it's too late.
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