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My experience at Providence St. Mel was wonderful. I was able to gain confidence in myself and improve my grades. As my grades began to improve slowly, I eventually earned honor roll status. My perseverance in sixth grade led me to make the honor roll every quarter of my high school career. Attending Providence St. Mel School was very different for me culturally since I grew up going to a school where I was the only African American in my class from 1st grade to 5th grade. Providence St. Mel is 99.9% African American, and when I first started at Providence St. Mel, I was very comfortable culturally. At Providence St. Mel, an urban private school, the major focus is preparing the students for college and their future careers and I benefit from their system because it has allowed me to prepare myself for my future. I am already ten steps ahead and well prepared and it is all because of Providence St. Mel. Changes that I would like to see are more African American teachers.
Providence St. Mel prepared me academically for the college workload. The amount of homework and test we had was almost the same curriculum as current universities. Providence St. Mel does have strict rules but it is to benefit you in the long run. Uniforms were required because in the real world some corporations may require a certain dress code. Overall I enjoyed my experience and recommend anyone to attend the school
There are good things about the school such as the curriculum, the class sizes, and the convenience for many people. PSM though, is much too expensive. My mother was a single mom, and with student aid, still had to pay almost $700 monthly, with another son is a different private school only making $40,000 a year. The staff is nowhere near as genuine as it was as when I was a freshman four years ago. Some of the staff is really racist, which is ironic when you're in an all black school in a urban neighborhood on the west side of Chicago, and there's a constant feeling of arrogance that goes around the board that the black students wouldn't make it if it were not for St Mel. This is false. Any color students can make it anywhere in this world with or without Providence-St Mel.
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I appreciate how staff at PSM really try their best to prepare the students for college. They ensure that we get acceptable grades as well as apply to the right colleges to continue our professional journey. However, some of the staff fail to fully understand students and misuse their authority. Instead of wanting a student to do better after a mistake, they cruelly punish students and make them out to be evil.
Providence St-Mel is a great school! I started as a kindergarten student, I will be graduating in 2019. I would not trade my school for absolutely anything! Everyone in that institution has shaped me academically, holistically and competitively. Thank you PSM.
It was an overall good school with wonderful academics. This school prepared me well for college, helping me with my study skills and much more. I would change all the unnecessary rules and fines. Also making things fair for all students and not just the "lifers". I would also advocate for more diversity.
Providence St. Mel trains their students to strive for excellence and pushes them to compete in the world and come out on top. If it's one thing that they value, it is academics, and ensuring that their students into college. The strict atmosphere that students are placed in forces them to prepare for the outside world where there aren't any rules, so they have to make decisions for themselves on how they are going to behave. If there was one thing that I would like to see changed within the school, it would be for the school to stop valuing image all of the time and try and hear and see things from the perspective of their students. Times are changing, so their rules and vision should change with the time in order to keep their legacy going and draw more people to the institution instead of pushing them away.
Providence St. Mel has a very rigorous academic program which prepares students for college. All of the teachers take their passion of teaching and show absolute care for their students individually.
Very strict school with very limited mindset. No room for creativity among students. Great teaching staff, however not very well liked by students. I once got removed from class for over half a day because I drew a figure from television on my wrist. I was pulled because I was suspected of gang activity. I was twelve.
The school is great liberal arts programs which will provide great experience on a serious level
The teachers truly care for the students and their academic future
My school experience is very challenging academically as well as socially .What I love about my school is the academic environment is positive.

I just wish my school was a little less structure to include a more social place to feel comfortable instead of being a real serious place .
We have a wide variety of extra curricular so. We have basketball, baseball, track and field, flag football, volleyball, poetry, debate club, and a news paper.
I've practically been here all my life. I haven't wanted to leave this school because I knew that the school was my only way to get to the point where I want and need to be in my life
The teachers at my school show us everyday that they care about us like we were their own. They take the time to actually sit with us and make sure we understand what we need to in order to succeed
It helped me a lot.
The teachers are always there and are our biggest support systems away from home.
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There are not as many extracurricular activities offer as there are in other schools but I feel like the ones that we actually do have are fantastic.
Our school is always clean. While I am inside the school I always feel safe.
I really like my school and the education that is provided for me.
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