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It's a nice school, but the cliches are unbelievable. For the most part the teachers are great. Some of the students lack common sense, but what can you really expect or high schoolers.
Providence is a school where teachers care about you. Students are close and when you graduate, you are still connected. Fine Arts program is awesome, as well as sports program. I was well prepared as a freshman.
Compared to the majority of schools in the Duval County area, Providence is one of the top schools to attend. Why, you ask? From a general perspective, Providence balances Academics, Sports, Arts, religion, and extra curricular activities all very well. From school musicals, to track sports (a competitive track and field area was just recently was installed), to swim team (still need a swimming pool), chapel leadership, plenty of AP’s to choose from, and many opportunities for school trips and even missions trips, Providence has it all (except a swimming pool and tennis courts which sadly will be installed after I leave). Although nothing will ever be perfect, I’d say the atmosphere at the school is usually very uplifting and maintains moral excellence in many areas. Faculty and staff love their students by engaging in their teaching, and, even the worst of students at Providence would rank quite Hugh academically if attending other schools in the Duval Area. GO STALLIONS!
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Providence School provided a caring and warm environment in which the teachers were genuine and wanted the students to succeed. The education I received adequately prepared me for college.
There really isn't anything I would necessarily change about the school. I would recommend Providence as a top school of choice in the Jacksonville,Fl area.
While my time at Providence, the teachers certainly went out of their way to make sure their students succeed. While I was attending, however, there was no principal or headmaster for a little over half a year during my freshman or sophomore year which caused quite some concern. Luckily, everything ended up getting sorted out by the time I had graduated.
Being in providence i came into the school my 7th grade year, and will proceed to finish the year as a senior. The school does teach everyone very hard, and the teachers can have a one on one relationship with you if wanted. I do believe that the education gained from this school supersedes any school that i have been in all my life. the teachers care about each student and will devote their time to help the student grow.
Providence is a good school to prepare you for college. The teachers push us to work harder and think time management. Throughout my years at Providence it has been well. The people are nice and the teachers are really flexible with all situations. Many students go off to college prepared for what is to come.
I came to Providence during the 2nd semester of my Junior year of high school. Coming from a school where academics is not a priority, Providence was very challenging for me. At first, my grades were not very good, but then with the help of my teachers, I began to perform well in the classroom. I am so glad I transferred to Providence, and now I feel ready as ever to take on college.
Providence is a great environment when parents/students are seeking a Christian learning environment. The teachers, academics, athletics and student body are among the greatest among private schools in Jacksonville, Fl. Students gain real world experience while also learning in a Christian environment.
This website niche was easy to sign up for and very useful. I am more than pleased with the website's easy to navigate and simple to understand format. The website gives you the ability to filter out useless scholarships and even filter in specific scholarships prefered personally by you!
Providence provides a great, Christian based learning environment that not only helps Christians grow but, helps bring others welcomingly into the faith. The academics at Providence are challenging and mostly college level. Most teachers at Providence are fantastic however, the math department only has around 3 helpful and friendly teachers while the rest are selective in who they like and will teach in class. The Arts program is widely regarded as hosting fantastic musicals and other events that attract many to see them. The Athletics at Providence are fantastic but, the school itself only cares about Football and Basketball while other teams have to almost prove themselves to the administration even though they have and continue to do so. All in all, Providence is a great school but, needs some big changes.
Almost everyone joins a club and participates in it
All of the students are friendly and I love that
Teachers are very genuine and care about everyone
They have always been very proactive in notifying me if my daughter was ill.
There are a lot of clubs. My daughter likes the McKenzie Club.
You walk in and are greeted by Mr. Larry, at security. He's so friendly...and they have police officers on duty. A lot of them have kids that attend, so they are very invested in school safety.
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So many opportunities here. The fine arts program is top notch and the athletic program is simply amazing. We really enjoy attending the games. A lot of school spirit here.
We have loved Providence since the day our daughter started in preschool. There is no other school like it in Jacksonville. Strong academics, a great athletic program and my daughter loves the choir program. For the price, it is by far the best value in a private school.
The teachers here are very knowledgeable, loving and overall amazing. My daughter asked one of the 8th grade teachers for help after school and this wasn't even her teacher yet, she's in 6th grade. He stopped and explained the concept to her even though she would not be in his class for two more years.
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