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Providence prepares you very well for college. The teachers do assign a lot of og work but it is work that will help prepare you for work as a college student. But with their main focus being academics we do not do as many fun activities as other schools and we do not have study halls like other schools. The atmosphere there can be stressful but the administration and student leadership have been improving the stress level with much more activities and programs. The arts programs are wonderful and the clubs are very active. The student government is wonderful as well.
I like how things are ran throughout the day. I would like to change how long classes are. Most of the teachers are good but some are could do a better job.
Providence High School is known around the area for having excellent academics as well as the highest ACT and SAT scores. To most people, this seems like a valuable experience for their children. However, as a student, I can testify that Providence is the worst experience a child can ever go through. I will not deny the exceptional education that I have received but I will testify to the unimaginable pressure students at Providence face. The teachers are working to change this atmosphere because the students have trouble facing the next day or even the next class. When I hear about other people's high school experience I wonder what would happen if we switched schools for a week. Would they beg me to switch back early? Would they never speak badly about their school again? I will never know. The only thing I can hope for is that Providence prepared me for college. I am confident that it did since this is the only prospect of education that the administration cares to acknowledge.
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The environment at Providence High School is extremely challenging, however I have been able to persevere academically and get through one of the toughest times in my life. Often times when students at our school take finals we all think that they are easy due to the difficulty of our in class tests. When I compare my grades and the work that I am doing at Providence High School to my friends who attend other high schools their grades can be higher and they have less homework to complete. My reaction to hearing from my friends about their experience at their school as compared to mine I am sometimes jealous at the amount of free time they have. I do understand that Providence High School is working to prepare me for college and even graduate school. I feel that I am prepared to do college level work. I consider Providence High School as the place where I have been prepared to face bigger challenges and not ever consider that I can't or won't be successful.
I think it's a great school academically and it offers a large variety of classes and clubs so there really is something for everybody. There's a stronger competitive nature here than I've ever seen in my previous schools. I feel like the students here tend to overwork themselves as far as course load goes and that's a norm. The administration does try to do as much as they can to be accessible to students, which I think is pretty nice.
Providence High School was good school to gain an education, but as for social life in Providence it was not fun at all. The football games was the only really fun part of providence. Also the people there were the best there either, but if you meet the right one, you will have a decent time.
I overall enjoyed my time at Providence High School. I found myself the right group and did not take classes that would toll on overload of schoolwork.
Had a lot of academic rigor, especially in Advanced Placement courses. Has a diverse student body, where you can really find people who match qualities you wish to associate with.
Lacks terribly in diversity. A large majority of the teachers look at the students as just numbers and test scores but the ones that don’t are amazing. The kids are pushed too hard. There have been multiple suicides at the school. Most children are depressed. There is no school spirit. There are lots of cliques and if you are a person of color you either have to conform to the way they do things or be an outcast.
I have had great teachers who truly care about me and my life outside of school. I believe that I have been fully prepared for college because of the work I have completed at PHS.
I like that Providence challenges you throughout your time there because it sets you up for success in the future if you learn how to approach those types of challenges. The people and teachers are all great people with open personalities which is a huge plus in my book. The math department there is a little shaky with all the new teachers but I think they will get things straightened out.
Providence High School has an extremely competitive atmosphere, and it is strongly encouraged by the principal and teachers to strive for academic excellence. Although this quality is vital for a successful learning environment, the majority of the student body feels overly pressured to perform on a level close to perfection and often times will resort to unhealthy lifestyles in an attempt to keep up. As a rising senior, I have experienced this all first hand, but at least I well eqipped for college.
Although this school is academically rigorous and high scoring, the environment is very unhealthy and the students are miserable. I transferred here as a high school junior and it was one of the hardest experiences of my life. The teachers are almost unnecessarily harsh, and the "work until you're exhausted, and then work even harder" mindset that seems to be instilled into the students has led to multiple mental health crises, all in the single semester that I have been a student.
I definitely got an amazing education at Providence, and I am so thankful for the experiences and opportunities I've had at Providence. That said, the competitive atmosphere and pressure to be the best can take a toll on the mental health of many students. It is a great environment for learning and growing, but not all students can take the extreme pressure and hours of homework this culture encourages. The school is trying to take steps to fix this following the recent tragedies. Students do leave Providence more than prepared for college, or whatever their next step is.
Let me start off by stating do not let the ratings dilute your opinions on the school. Providence High School is a very challenging school and will constantly make you question life itself. Day to day classes yield stress filled lectures and activities with excessive homework amounts. The school is filled with basic flavorless people and teachers. However, if you manage to survive all four years at Providence High School, college will be an absolute breeze. As a college student, I can say I show up to class from a late night out with little to no studying and can still maintain above a 3.9 without really trying. The constant pressure from Providence makes other everyday tasks and assignments light. So if you want to attend Providence for the academics then you're at the right institution. Now if you want to attend Providence for a fun and relaxed high school experience, I promise you this is not the place for you. Hope I could help.
Providence High School is a fairly nice enough place to spend four years' worth of education. Most of the teachers are know and are passionate about what they teach, although of course, like many other schools, not all of the teachers are. The administration is manageable enough. Academics are great - almost unparalleled in the school district, and they definitely prepare students for college; however, sometimes they over-prepare and push the students a bit too hard, stressing the students out too much with a fairly large workload. The school grounds themselves are nice and fairly well-kept, as are the buildings and classrooms. There are a wide variety of clubs, sports, and activities for students to participate in, and there is something for everybody. The same goes for classes - there is a good selection of electives to take. Overall, it is not a bad school to be at; in fact, it can be quite enjoyable sometimes.
I am in the marching band which has made my experience wonderful because I was able to have a reliable friend group so that I would have good support network. My classes are challenging and I learn something new everyday. One thing I would change is how competitive my school is. It seems like everyone always wants to be number one and it makes students lives miserable in the end.
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The overall feel of the school is negative as most kids complain about how hard it is and how much work is given when really they're just lazy. I have had a great experience with all the teachers I've had, and although at times it was a little rocky trying to balance the work I received (Keep in mind I took five APs, so a lot of work was expected), I found some of the best friends and teachers I could have hoped for. That being said though, the principle was rarely seen in person. She's practically a meme and shows no willingness to interact with students and their families. For instance, when I first came to the school from out of state, my parents tried to test me out of freshman classes as I had already taken them (credit didn't transfer). They emailed her numerous times, tried to call her, and she refused to answer. She wouldn't even meet with them to discuss the issue. However, overall the school isn't too bad, and the majority of the people are wonderful.
Providence High School is a very good school to go to or send your child to. Alumni will tell you that this school definitely prepares you for college, with its rigorous courses and desire to see its students succeed. It is well-kept, issues are addressed and dealt with with an admirable level of transparency. The teachers are skilled and students feel safe here. One of the best schools you can attend in North Carolina!
I have recently joined this school in October of this year and I am a senior. All the students here put in a lot of effort to do their best. The teachers work equally hard to teach their students the hard concepts. They give a lot of homework that can be time-consuming which can be frustrating. It is one of the things we students here at Providence complain about.
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