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There are a lot of amazing programs at Providence, such as the Technology Focus and Media. Recently the facilities for these programs were upgraded so I was lucky to have them my last year. Overall, my favorite parts about this school where the Arts and Athletics programs. They have a lot of talented faculty whom I was lucky to learn from!
We have been very happy with Providence High School and wish that we had started there sooner. Providence has gone over and beyond to ensure the success of our child and we will be forever grateful.
For me, Providence has become like a home. I have become very comfortable here with the overall environment. However, I believe that certain things need to be changed ASAP.
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I am currently a freshmen, and overall I've had an awesome experience. The staff and students are all very helpful and kind, and try to do what is best for each student and his or her future. Even though it is a catholic school, it accepts all types of religion and doesn't force others into the life of a catholic. The sports department is also really cool. One issue I do have is the lack of diversity. The school is mostly made up of white people, and there are only a few hispanics such as myself. In total, there are probably only 3-5 black students, which sucks. Other than that, this school is one of the best.
Providence is absolutely the best high school I have ever been to! The students are very well disciplined and have the tendency to learn and appreciate their teachers with the respect that is very important there. Everything from the staff to the extra curricular activities are top notch and maintained very well. Amazing school!
More than half of my class went to CSUN or a CC. They do not care where you go and do not motivate you to apply anywhere good. I was a 3.8 student with numerous extracurriculars and a volunterring experiences under my belt and they told me UCLA was a pipe dream and to not even bother. This was really discouraging and ended up at a private college that offered me a good scholarship, but it was only because my one of my teachers had recomended me to apply despite what the counselor said. The only good teachers are Mr. Bird (who should be a college biology professor because this HS teaching position does not do his incredible teaching justice) and Mr. Kubasak and Mr. Rufus (the most patient math teachers in the world).
Personally I have loved my experiences at Providence. The teachers are extremely helpful and are available often for free one on one tutoring. Academically I have found this school to be challenging and feel that it amply prepared me for college. The entire campus is closed and all visitors are required to be buzzed in. While club activities are very limited, the officers find ways around restrictions to organize fun and inclusive events for members.
One hundred words isn't enough to cover how I feel about my school. This school has an amazing support system from staff, parents and my fellow students. My high school experience has been uplifting and has given me a joy to perform in the Theater Arts department.
When I was a student at Providence I loved that there was no age divide. Upperclassmen and Underclassmen were all friends and due to the small class sizes you got to know every one of your peers and faculty on a deeper level. The extracurriculars were a huge success and wildly popular which was a benefit because there was no additional divide of "theatre geeks" and sports players. I was part of the Media Focus Program and got to spend four years of high school focusing on something I enjoyed doing which made learner that much more enjoyable.
Good balance between academics, visual performing arts, and athletics
Not a fan of the administration though
I attended Providence for four years. I enjoyed playing volleyball, however wish the school was more sports orientated as opposed to "all about the arts." All of the teachers are amazing. Not only are they extremely good at their jobs, they spend additional outside time to ensure every student understands the class material. Lastly, the school prepares students for the future and everything it entails.
I love Providence! It is such an amazing school! Everybody is so friendly and the teachers are very helpful!
Only school in America governed by a health care system. Great lunch from the hospital. Starbucks next to campus.
I have never felt unsafe while on campus. The faculty and staff always ensure that the school is safe of any potential hazards. There is a no bullying policy which is enforced strictly. There are fire drills and earthquake drills at least once a month.
This school allows students to show their full potential. Students have the ability to choose whether they want to be successful or unsuccessful, although teachers help students avoid failure some students work towards it. This school creates students that work to understand each other. It creates students that empower each other and allows for personal growth.
The teachers are very understanding and give their time to students. Although some students do not appreciate the hard work teachers put into class agendas, and being creative in a way to help better teach students.
The school often times conducts safety drills and has designated safety crew students and staff. The school is also next door to the St. Joseph hospital which has also coordinated with the school to conduct a drill. The school also brings guest speakers in to speak to the entire student body who have spoken about topics such as bullying, the environment, self acceptance, and how to stay motivated. These drills and speeches help students feel more safe and motivate them in school.
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Every student has equal opportunity to create a new club and propose the idea to the Dean of Students. Club periods are exciting to students because it allows each student the opportunity to spend time working on what they are passionate about, whether it may be their cooking skills, helping wild animals, improving self image, discussing political issues or reading books. Students have the ability to spend time creatively through activities they enjoy together.
Every situation is taken very seriously.
Most of the clubs here require a fair amount of dedication outside school.
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