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Providence Heights Alpha School Reviews

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I have been at Alpha for over 6 years and I have loved every minute of it.
Students are kind, thoughtful and well behaved. Teachers are dedicated, caring and loving. Administrators are top notch leaders. Support staff are hard working and customer-friendly. Parents are generous and supportive. It's an absolutely fabulous place that has everything you would want in a school!
We looked at many schools before choosing Alpha and 3 years later we couldn’t be more pleased with our child’s experience at this school. This is a nurturing environment where children are encouraged to develop spiritually, to support each other and to be kind and responsible members of a community. The academic and sports opportunities are excellent and the families are very involved in the life of the school. We are very happy to be part of the Alpha family!
Rigorous academics, where every grade is earned. Excellent communication with the teachers. I sent my other two kids to another school in our neighborhood, but Alpha's standards are much higher and the lessons are really in depth. I am confident she will be really well-prepared entering high school.
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My two children have attended Alpha since Kindergarten. We love it! The small class size encourages participation and engagement. The academics are wonderful. Perhaps even more importantly, Alpha promotes a supportive learning environment, with an emphasis on kind, thoughtful behavior. Each of my children's classes is a tight-knit, fun loving group of kids who genuinely care for each other. It's terrific to watch them interact. I highly recommend Alpha to all parents.
After 9 wonderful years, both of my children are high schoolers! We arrived at Alpha as a Kindergarten family. This school is education as it should be. Rigorous but fun. Balance between traditional and new with hands on applications across the board. My son is a freshman next year and placed into honors and AP classes and even skipped over the first year of Math. My kids are happy, confident, engaged, self motivated, spiritual, kind, and prepared. Thanks to this ama big family of great teachers and leadership. A beautiful place to grow up.
As the end of our first year at Alpha comes to a close, we couldn’t be happier with our decision to transfer! Even at the end of the year, my kids are excited to go to school and are interested in what they are learning.