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Providence Hall Elementary Charter School Reviews

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Due to the smaller classes, the ratio of teachers to students is small which allows for greater discussions and activities to take place.
Providence hall is a great school! They have amazing teachers and staff. Everyone is so friendly there. And at other schools you are just a number but not this one. Everyone knows your name and everyone is friends with everyone. And they show so much school spirit!
Overall it is an average school, but because it is so small it lacks in a lot of ways. Such as, sports, resources, diversity, dress code, the options for classes, the opportunities for kids academically.
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The teachers are extremely caring and they want their students to succeed in life and in school. The students are overall pretty friendly but there are always the students who aren't.
Providence Hall has been a very well rounded experience. Although it is a small school, the teachers are very helpful and actually care about their students learning. The International Baccalaureate program is challenging but is highly beneficial in terms of college readiness and credits.
Thus far, my life has been one full of travel. I have lived in many different countries, and have attended 5 different educational institutes. Of all these schools, my favorite to attend was Providence Hall High School. Not only does Providence Hall provide an outstanding level of education through its close association with the IB program, it also rears up its students with an exceptional school culture. The teachers are kind and care about the students needs, and all those in attendance are open and welcoming of others. I can confidently attest that Providence Hall has prepared me for higher schooling and beyond, both educationally and socially.
Providence Hall is a very good school. The teachers care about their students and work to teach them vital skills that can be used throughout their whole lives. The administration works hard to keep the school's environment great for learning and preparing the students for the next stages in life. Providence Hall has an average variety of classes for the size of the school but does give and excellent advanced academic program, called IB, that is very challenging and has a large work load but gives students amazing opportunities to grow and gain college readiness.
I love going here. All the staff are nice and really care for their students. But it sucks that we don’t have a football team.
It’s awesome. I love that it’s a smaller school and teachers and students can interact on a more personalized level. I really like being able to know all of my fellow students and feel a sense of belonging.
I really love the small class sizes of this school. I feel like the school is a family and that's why it's so perfect. The only thing I wish I could improve was that we have a larger variety of classes. A lot of our classes are IB or very science related but as someone who wants to go into communications, it's a little bit hard to get classes that interest me. The school life side of things is great, I just wish we had better class selection.
The DP Program is a wonderful program that is helping me be better prepared for college. The theater department is very engaging and has allowed me learn to explore my leadership skills.
I had a great experience at Providence. I stayed from middle school to graduation and I have always felt like I fit well. The International Baccalaureate program that they offer was extremely useful for what I wanted to do with my future. The teachers were also super helpful and I never felt afraid to ask questions. I also made so many close friends that I know will last a life time. I love Providence like a second home.
Providence Hall is a charter school where we have 4 class periods per day that last an hour and a half. School goes yearlong and takes a break during the summer from the beginning of June to the middle of August. At school we have to follow a certain dress code. We wear polos that can be black, grey, red, blue, or white, and pants that are black or khaki. The surrounding environment is very friendly.
It is a very good school. The teachers focus on each student individually. I like it because it is a smaller school so you know everybody and its not hard to get around. The teachers all care about how you are doing and if you are doing well in your class as well as other classes.
I am currently a freshman at providence hall high school. I am preparing to do the IB program there. I have made good friends and plan to continue going there until I graduate.
I love the academics and the way the classes are set up to where it is easier to focus on individual students instead of not knowing who needs help and those students not receiving help not getting help. I do wish we had more active clubs and a wider variety of classes however. When it comes to the teachers, most of them are well equipped and ready to help and teaches students. The counselors are also very helpful but sometimes seem a bit distant when it comes to talking to them instead of focusing on academics. I also wish our school had a wider variety in it's students. Overall though I have enjoyed this school and I love the opportunities it has given me that larger schools would not be able to offer.
I enjoy the social environment. It is easy to find friends and make groups. Teacher and staff are very friendly and helpful.
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This school is small which allows for more one on one help from the teachers, and you can get to know all the other students in your grade.
Providence Hall is a great school. It engages the students, and really pushes them. I played for the Soccer team and loved it. I made great friends who are going to last me a life time. The school pushes the students very hard academically. They encourage and support the students. The teachers are great, and work with the students all the time. They go out of their way to help in any way they can.
I attended this school from 4th till 9th grade. This was a great school for me because the Gad multiple levels of classes to fit my needs. The reason I gave it four stars was because I didn’t enjoy some of the teachers teaching styles.
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