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The teachers didn't care if I understood the material or not,if I was out for a day and asked for makeup work they didn't have it prepared,people who played sports were put on a pedestal above kids who didn't play sports,there wasn't alot of clubs I was actually interested in,if you were late too many times you got sent to ISS which just made you be out of class even more.Overall it's not a good school and I wouldn't want my kid going there.
The biggest change I would make would for them to create more college readiness workshops/discussions. Suggest more college credit courses and community colleges over AP Courses and 4 year institutions.
I had a good experience in my four years at Providence Grove High School. The teachers and staff really do care about the students they teach and push us to excel. The whole staff does a good job of upkeep in the facilities and we have some of the better athletic teams around. Over all PGHS is a good place to learn.
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The school is located in a rural North Carolina community. Recently we lost a valued member of our student body and the other students and staff were supportive and respectful as we grieved and healed together.
The staff that is employed at Providence Grove High School is well-qualified in that it genuinely cares about the education of the students and works hard to ensure that students have what they need to exceed in life. In spite of that, the school has issues with having enough money to provide the certain students with a proper and fulfilling education. A large disappointment is that the majority of the AP science classes (AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, and AP Environmental Science) are rotated throughout the years so that only one is available one year and a different class is available the next. This makes it difficult for students interested in the STEM field to broaden their minds during the four years they have in high school. All in all, the Providence Grove staff try their best to make a difference in the lives of their students, but money problems tend to set these students back rather than propel them forward into the future.
I have been in Providence Grove for 4 years and this school is amazing. All of the staff work hard to teach their students and making sure that their students are successful and getting ready for college. What I want to see change is that each student cared enough about what they do and I was just wanting some motivation in this school. Also, we need more school spirit than we have before.
The selection of AP classes helped me prepare for college. The counseling staff is very helpful in the college process.
This school has given me opportunities to grow and helped me when I needed it. They work hard to give students multiple ways to grow together as a community. While on the Varsity Cheer Squad, I was able to create a family with my teammates
Providence Grove is a good place to make all new friends with many different personalities and backgrounds. You can find people of different races, social statuses, and personality types hanging out together. It's wonderful to see all these different types of people coming together in school, and Providence makes it easy to do so without feeling targeted.
Providence Grove High School offers an overall pleasant learning and social experience for its students. Although there are a few hiccups here and there, mostly among the administration, the faculty makes up for those mistakes through their very amiable and agreeable demeanors. Most teachers are qualified for the positions they hold and do well with their jobs, teaching and nurturing students in effective, creative ways, appealing to all different types of learners. Providence Grove also provides its students with a handful of on-site learning opportunities, mostly in the Business and History departments, as well as several clubs catering to a plethora of interests.
Providence Grove is a strange mix of exceedingly good and exceedingly bad, with very little in between. On the good side, I have learned and retained more here than at any other school, I believe partially because of the teachers. I have had a few teachers who seemed under trained, but the majority have been exceptional. The school tries its best to help students prepare for the future as well, offering many helpful seminars and meetings about college and future thinking. There are some very negative aspects, though many are not the school's fault. The resources available are in desperate need of some updates, including books and technology. The club and extracurricular scene at PGHS is very poor, with only a few clubs of any actual interest that have enough members to operate. This may be a contributing factor in the absolute lack of school spirit present, which really shines through at big events like pep rallies.
My experience at Providence Grove High School was not the best overall. There were parts of my high school career where I liked school but other than that I didn't like the school one bit. The teachers didn't prepare me for college, they just wanted you to do the homework and leave.
I enjoyed my years at Providence Grove, the teachers have helped me become who I am today. The learning experience was phenomenal and very exciting throughout the years.
There is a club for every student it is just that the student has to be interested in being in a club, for some students it has to be popular. Also students can start their own clubs if there is a want, one student started a spiritual club. There is HOSA, FFA, Prom, Year Book, Beta Club to name a few.
I think the teachers are great. They try to help the students the best they can. Some teachers may need to change their teaching habits. But overall the teachers are great at what they teach.
There is a police officer there and 2 of the teachers there are nurses that teach the CNA program. So I feel the school is very save. There is an intervention house for the kids that needs more attention. There are about 4 police offers and a first response team there at the games.
I love Providence Grove. The teachers are great at being supportive with the students when they have games during the day and the student needs to be out. They seem to want the best for the student but they don't just give the student the grade, the student has to work for it.
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I think the health programs at my school are very in depth and led by some of the best teachers out there.
Administration is always very supportive of clubs ideas.
I think every student has reasons that they don't like certain things at their school but I've realized after seeing other schools how lucky I am to attend Providence Grove.
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