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one of the hardest schools in the state. will prepare you for college better then any other high school in america
Providence Day school really focused on creating a student that would not just be ready for the next four years of college, but much farther beyond that. With challenging courses and workloads, students learned to manage time and establish hard working skills. The resources are beyond a normal high school and the teachers go above and beyond to help each individual student with their specific needs.
Providence Day School is a great private school. The academics are great, and definitely prepared me for college, and there are lot of resources to take advantage of. However, it feels as if you aren't a model perfect student (a great athlete who is good in academics) then you fall through the cracks. I did a lot when I went to school there, but I felt like it didn't really matter and I was hardly ever noticed.
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I am having a good experience at PD. The teachers are excellent and I'm always being challenged to learn more and produce better work in class. The campus has everything that we need and the food is awesome!
Providence Day is a wonderful school. I left this school with all the tools needed to excel in college. From the teachers to the staff members, Providence Day is one big family and it was truly a blessing to be a part of this family.
Providence Day School has excellent teachers and administration. The culture of the school promotes a strong passion for learning.
When I moved to PD freshman year, I had no trouble finding friends. While everyone finds their own group of friends, people can be exclusive. The average student is smart, privileged, athletic, and involved. The academic culture encourages students to take difficult classes, seek help from teachers/tutors, and work hard. There are plenty of resources for students, the best of which is the amazing teachers, but it's up to students to seek them out. Also, I've yet to meet a student that isn't involved in an extracurricular. The most popular extracurriculars are sports, theater, Students of Service, and different affinity groups. The football/basketball culture is fun, but can be annoying as administration favors them.

There's some diversity here, but there's still a long way to go in making every student feel comfortable here. Most students, including myself, are pretty privileged, and I often hear people complaining about "first world problems."
I attended Providence Day school from 6th grade until 12th grade and I wouldn't trade that for the world. The teachers were always readily available and eager to help and the recourses are unmatchable. The campus is beautiful and the perfect size, and the food is the best school food I've eaten to this day. It's better than my school food in college which is hard to adjust to. I would recommend PD to anyone and everyone and I would do my experience over again in a minute. Thank you to PD for giving me a wonderful education and the best friends of my life!
PDS provides an excellent education. I went to one of the best universities in my field and was far better prepared than most of my peers for the work. The teachers are all experts in their fields and half my teachers my senior year held doctorates. The Global Studies program also brings opportunities to the table that few if any other schools can offer.
I like the atmosphere and the schedules! The school has a lively atmosphere that most schools don't. Timings are very convenient and the day goes by awfully fast. The school knows how to mix education and fun and do a good job of maintaining peace on school grounds.
Diversity is a touch low, but it is better than any other private school in the area. The food is unmatched, and the athletics are the best in the NCSIA. I have enjoyed my experience here greatly.

Academically, the school has a great elective offering and the most advanced math courses (e.g. Calculus 3, Differential Equations, etc.) of any high school I have heard of in Charlotte.
Overall, Providence Day School does an amazing job of preparing their students for college. The classes are very rigourous, which has definitely helped me learned to manage my time and multitask. Academics can be as hard and strong as you'd like, depending on the courses you choose. The downside to Providence Day, is because of this stress coming from school, it can often be very academic focused. I wished there was more of an emphasis on the overall wellbeing of the student. They try to support the whole student, but it often feels as if other areas of my life are put on the back burner for school. In the end, this will help when college gets stressful, but academics are definitely the priority at Providence Day School.
Overall the academics here are amazing while social life maybe difficult and a challenge for teens my age the education is why I am here
I began attending Providence Day School in the 6th grade and recently graduated. The teachers are so passionate about the material they teach and are willing to work individually with students to help them grasp different concepts. My experiences over my six years at PD helped shape who I am today and definetly prepared me for college.
I enjoyed going to Providence Day. I was there for all of middle school and the first two years of high school (or upper school as they called it). The school had a lot of resources and the teachers were readily available and eager to help. I still keep in contact with some of my teachers to this day! Their library was amazing and you could request books that weren't there. The food was good, but a little expensive. Of course I loved the campus, it was big enough that you wouldn't run into all the little kids, but just small enough so that you could get to all your classes within 3-4 minutes. Of course I've heard that there's going to be major construction, so who knows what the campus will look like in 5 years. The headmaster is really funny, at least during my tenure there. He was British and always there to greet the younger kids in the morning no matter rain or shine. As a whole I want to say, I'm glad I went to school at PDS.
The teachers all have higher education. They are allowed flexibility in teaching the students. Most have great relationships with the students. The teachers truly want each student to succeed.
Providence Day has off duty policemen that work at the school. The faculty watches for inappropriate behavior from the students and takes action when needed. They want every child to feel safe at school. Strong believer in taking responsibility for your own actions. If there is a sickness spreading at school, they are quick to send emails to let the parents know so they can be on the look out with their child. We have the Thor weather system which sounds when lightning is in the area and keeps the children in their classrooms until it is safe to change classes. Any visitors on campus must check in at the office. The back gate is locked during school hours. I feel the school does the appropriate measures to keep the students safe.
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Providence Day has many Extracurricular activities. They have all the sports activities you could think of playing. They have Drama club, Art Club, Foreign Language Clubs, Technology, Math Clubs, Science Clubs,Chess Club, really anything you can think of they have it. PDS also has adopted an under privilege school in the area and teachers/students/parents help with supplies for the students, offer activities for summer school and also during the school year, We help spruce up the school inside and out with sweat equity from teachers/students/parents. The school has outreach programs that each grade level participates in such as Loaves and Fishes, Habitat for Humanity, Crisis Center etc. Providence Day really tries to engage the students in worldly experiences and help each child grow in many ways.
Providence Day School was a great overall experience. They truly care about all the students, both educational and emotional well being. My son really enjoyed the yearly destination trips each year. It was a great bonding experience with fellow classmates as well as a wonderful learning experience. I think the concern and attention the teachers show each student is wonderful. The teachers and students forge great relationships and deep respect for each other. I would have my son attend Providence Day School again. Great School!
Teachers are reliable to be there whenever you need them - whether that be at lunch, after school, or before school. Teachers are also very diligent at responding to emails and keeping student updated
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