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Providence Cristo Rey High School Reviews

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What I liked about Providence Cristo Rey was that it was small class sizes and everyone knew you. Being apart of this school made me happy. It doesn't take long to get to classes, the time management is pretty good, and students & staff are pretty nice.
My experience at Providence is fun because the school is very diverse and they also have a Corporate Work Study program where all students go out to a company for one day week to work towards their tuition.
I would have given 5 stars if the front office staff were a bit more organized and had not given me a scare. My daughter was gone to orientation for her internship & someone forgot to mark her down so they called me telling me she was missing. Scared the life out of me. Thank goodness for cell phones. She quickly let me know she was where she was supposed to be.
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Providence Cristo Rey high school is a small school that allows teachers to provide more individual focus on the students. The school also offers a work study program that allows them to receive office experinece at a really young age that also pays for the tuition.
Being at Providence Cristo Rey and having the once and a life time experience that most high school students can't have was a blessing. I learned how the real world is and what it takes to get what you want. I liked everything about that school because it helped me alot with my attitude and people skills. I especially liked the coorperate work study program because we worked with alot of companies as in Eli Lilly, YMCA, BKD, and etc. One thing I may change about that school would be the uniforms, everything else was incredible.
At Providence Cristo Rey High School they are all about the kids, and creating a working environment for all. Providence Cristo Rey his a charter Catholic High School, and has many advantages. We go to school 4 days of the week and work at coporate work study sites one day a week, to get work experience.
My experience was pretty good there. The teachers were pretty nice, some of them anyways. the food wasn't to fancy. Not many options for food at lunch time. The school spirit wasn't the best when i attended but it may have changed by now. The school was still fairly new when i attended so that has a lot to do with it.
Great school with dedicated teachers. Corporate work-study offers students a unique experience. The class sizes are small so you can have a better learning experience.
I am impressed with PCRHS "unique" Corporate Work Study Program. I love the small class room sizes, strong academic curriculum, supportive teachers, administrators and support staff. Perfect fit for my daughter whom has excelled academically while attending PCRHS all four years!
Providence Cristo Rey High School is a great school for students who want to have a successful future in the world. I like the school very much, especially the corporate work study program they have there. It lets the students experience real life companies that we might be interested in and actually helps us gain skills that a regular high school may not carry.
I enjoy the corporate work study program where each student is allowed to work in a corporate setting for one day a week. The faculty and staff are very motivated and determined to get each student to and through college. I also love how the school celebrates all cultures and ethnicities. This is my second year and I am enjoying every aspect.
Providence really challenged me. The school put me in classes that really helped and pushed me to learn more and more. I truly love the family environmental because we are so small.
I liked that i could get one on one help from my teachers. It was a very small school but people really did care about my college future and how i was doing academically and socially.
It is alright, the teachings are good and everything is understandable. What makes the school good is that the school is collage preparatory.
This is my fourth year attending Providence Cristo Rey High School and I absolutely love it. Everyone in the building are so amiable.
Not really what I wanted in the school but starting a corporate job my freshman year to my senior year was great.
Majority of my teachers include other students ideas and help when needed even if you don't ask. One of my teachers emailed on her wedding day all the way until it was time to walk down th aisle.
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My experience at this school is great. It had as good work study program, wonderful teachers, small classes and great athletics. I'm glad my mom chose me to go to this school. I would recommend this school to anybody.
Th teachers at this school really do care about us students and will do anything to help us succeed. But i don't like how the school gets new teachers every 2 years. Its not very stable for the kids. But besides that the teachers are awesome. Wonderful teaching styles and really supports the No Child Left Behind Act.
Robotics is my favorite. It articulates and stretches our brain function and teachers us about teamwork. It's hard to describe why it's my favorite because there is so much to stay. But I will say, we work so well together we have won city 3 years in a row. It is lead by a teacher at Providence and that alone helps build a teacher student relationship. But working in close corners with diverse grade leveled students leads to greater and better student to student relationships.
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