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Great school for academics and the arts! Nice community of learner's. Caring staff, supportive of students learning needs. All students participate in sports.
I loved my time at PCD. I received a top notch education and found friends for life. The best part about PCD is that the school is structured to give students the chance to explore their interests and become young leaders. While at PCD I dabbled in 3D arts, the school band, and the tech crew for musical theater and was a co-captain of the cross country team. I also had the opportunity to explore the career path of political campaigns and sports journalism thanks to the Chaffee Forum and senior project internship program. As a young alumni, I still have a connection to the Country Day community and I do my best to give back to the place that gave me so much.
As a parent of a junior at Providence Country Day, I can not say enough positive things about the school. The teachers are amazing! They are always willing to go the extra mile and treat each student as an individual. The academics are phenomenal, offering challenging, interesting classes to students. The athletics are also great. The coaches work hard to promote positive sportsmanship and challenge the athletes to achieve to their full potential. The Fine Arts Department also offers fantastic opportunities in theater, art and music. I am often amazed by the talents of the students at PCD. If you are looking for a tremendous educational journey for your child, look no farther than Providence Country Day!!!
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PCD provided me with the best possible high school experience; the highest level high school education and teachers, incredible athletics and friends that will last a lifetime. when I reconnect with my friends from PCD we inevitably end up talking about how great PCD was and how those are some of the best memories we have.
Providence Country Day prepared me for collegiate and adult success. Being there fostered my growth in academics, athletics, and performing. While at PCD, I was able to balance a rigorous courseload while playing baseball and performing in musicals. Because of PCD, I never would have pursued college baseball or acapella
I went to PCD from 2007-2014. The school offers a great support system to help every student achieve their academic & personal goals. The majority of teachers are extremely knowledgeable in the subject they teach & often go out of their way to help students.

A downside to PCD is the lack school spirit. Besides the basketball team, nobody really attends the games unless they know a player personally. While I didn't realize it at the time, PCD taught me that the friends & people we surround ourselves with have a huge influence on our own actions.

I'm proud to call PCD my alma mater & am thankful for the lifelong friends I made.
I'm so glad I chose to come to PCD. This school has provided me with such a well rounded education and I feel ready to move on to college. The small class sizes really give you a lot of one on one time with your teachers who then start to understand you as a person, not just as every other person in the class.
I graduated from PCD in the mid-80's, and absolutely loved my experience. The faculty genuinely cared about my success and provided me everything I needed to be prepared for college. My athletics experience was equally extraordinary even though I was not much of an athlete when I got there (I ended up captaining two sports). I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have gone to PCD as I never would have ended up at Princeton if I hadn't gone to PCD. Four other family members attended PCD after me and had similar experiences. One is an extremely successful entrepreneur and two are PhDs. The last one is in college now. In short, I trust this school to deliver a quality environment and education.
I love this school with all my heart, but it’s got flaws. It’s a very small school which is great for the community vibes; everyone knows eachother. We have required athletics, which is a love hate, since it makes you try new things and teams become super close, but it also is very demanding and exhausting, especially when games leave students coming home at 8 or 9. We have very little diversity, but good political involvement. We also lack spirit, if you want fun pep rallies PCD isn’t the place. We’ve been going downhill for a few years but it’s still a good school that makes you ready for college, and I think new administration will get us back on track.
My school has guiding me to be the person I want to be. Providence Country Day School has lead me to so many opportunities throughout my years here. The students for the most part are studious, respectful, and compassionate. I have met interesting people, most of whom are my friends. The teachers genuinely care about their students and jobs, I have often been confused in math- my teachers are always willing to help me. Our sports teams are not the best, but we try to do our best and a school our size that is really all we can do. Though I am ready to leave I can genuinely say that I enjoyed my time here, and would recommend this school to any incoming high school student.
A fantastic school. Teachers are helpful, approachable and encouraging. PCD offers an amazing learning experience and encompasses a supportive community. PCD is strong in almost every aspect whether it be theater, math, history, science, etc. If you are looking to go to a small school, this is one of the best in Rhode Island.
Would not change anything at this point I am a proud parent and happy to be part of this community
I loved the Providence Country Day School. Coming from public elementary and middle schools, I was delighted to see a stark contrast in every aspect of PCD, a private high school. There, I finally felt accepted for being who I am and not judged for being what many teenagers (and many people in general) would consider "different." PCD not only embraced me and all my quirks and interests, but fueled them and gave them a platform to expand, thanks greatly in part to the very small size of PCD. I was encouraged to try knew things constantly, and I did! I joined sports teams, participated in theater and the arts, the jazz ensemble, the judicial committee, served as an ambassador, and as a member the Habitat for Humanity club. For me, it shattered the stereotypes and stigmas so deeply embedded in the idea of American high school. PCD is a gem among stones, and the only thing I would change about it is that I could not stay longer. (p.s. the food was great too!)
PCD is a very unique private school that give you a one in a lifetime experience. Everyone is a family and since the school is so small, every teacher and student knows everyone. There aren't typical social pressure like fitting in or becoming popular that people experience in other high schools. It's a special time that will shape the rest of your life for the better.
sometimes i am fascinated by how little support students can get from the school. senior year was a hurricane because the college counselor put no efforts in helping students. the school's admin system is a mess. Club involvement is non-existent and student council counts virtually no importance. Lunch sucks if you are a vegetarian. choices from salad bar are limited and the cafeteria constantly runs out of food. set these frustrations aside pcd does have great teachers. however please do bear in mind that pcd does not help to make teachers great; they are already knowledgeable human being before coming to pcd thus the school is should not be given this credit.
I have loved going to PCD! The teachers are super caring and engaged and the academics are great. The small size makes for a close knit community that allows for a ton of opportunities that wouldn't exist at a larger high school. I'm truly sad to have to leave. PCD is a very special place.
A small Independent school, great one on one attention, caring faculty, a community where everyone fits in! No one gets lost here, the classes are small enough to feel comfortable getiing involved.
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What I like about the Orovidence Country Day school is that are community is very close. From middle school to high school, you have a tight bond with not only your peers but your teachers as well. I also like how flexible our scheduling is. The only change would be more diversity.
The teachers at PCD are great. I did not give them a perfect score because, like all schools, not every teacher is on top of their game. I found all of my teachers to be intelligent and teach engaging lessons. Technology was seldom used in conjunction with lessons, but I found out after I graduated they got smartboards so that has probably changed. I found that most classes were easier than I remember them at my old school, but I did repeat a year so that may have helped. The best class the school offers is Mrs. Mennucci's AP art history.
The majority of extracurriculars have passionate members and do very well.
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