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My school has guiding me to be the person I want to be. Providence Country Day School has lead me to so many opportunities throughout my years here. The students for the most part are studious, respectful, and compassionate. I have met interesting people, most of whom are my friends. The teachers genuinely care about their students and jobs, I have often been confused in math- my teachers are always willing to help me. Our sports teams are not the best, but we try to do our best and a school our size that is really all we can do. Though I am ready to leave I can genuinely say that I enjoyed my time here, and would recommend this school to any incoming high school student.
A fantastic school. Teachers are helpful, approachable and encouraging. PCD offers an amazing learning experience and encompasses a supportive community. PCD is strong in almost every aspect whether it be theater, math, history, science, etc. If you are looking to go to a small school, this is one of the best in Rhode Island.
Would not change anything at this point I am a proud parent and happy to be part of this community
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I loved the Providence Country Day School. Coming from public elementary and middle schools, I was delighted to see a stark contrast in every aspect of PCD, a private high school. There, I finally felt accepted for being who I am and not judged for being what many teenagers (and many people in general) would consider "different." PCD not only embraced me and all my quirks and interests, but fueled them and gave them a platform to expand, thanks greatly in part to the very small size of PCD. I was encouraged to try knew things constantly, and I did! I joined sports teams, participated in theater and the arts, the jazz ensemble, the judicial committee, served as an ambassador, and as a member the Habitat for Humanity club. For me, it shattered the stereotypes and stigmas so deeply embedded in the idea of American high school. PCD is a gem among stones, and the only thing I would change about it is that I could not stay longer. (p.s. the food was great too!)
PCD is a very unique private school that give you a one in a lifetime experience. Everyone is a family and since the school is so small, every teacher and student knows everyone. There aren't typical social pressure like fitting in or becoming popular that people experience in other high schools. It's a special time that will shape the rest of your life for the better.
sometimes i am fascinated by how little support students can get from the school. senior year was a hurricane because the college counselor put no efforts in helping students. the school's admin system is a mess. Club involvement is non-existent and student council counts virtually no importance. Lunch sucks if you are a vegetarian. choices from salad bar are limited and the cafeteria constantly runs out of food. set these frustrations aside pcd does have great teachers. however please do bear in mind that pcd does not help to make teachers great; they are already knowledgeable human being before coming to pcd thus the school is should not be given this credit.
I have loved going to PCD! The teachers are super caring and engaged and the academics are great. The small size makes for a close knit community that allows for a ton of opportunities that wouldn't exist at a larger high school. I'm truly sad to have to leave. PCD is a very special place.
A small Independent school, great one on one attention, caring faculty, a community where everyone fits in! No one gets lost here, the classes are small enough to feel comfortable getiing involved.
What I like about the Orovidence Country Day school is that are community is very close. From middle school to high school, you have a tight bond with not only your peers but your teachers as well. I also like how flexible our scheduling is. The only change would be more diversity.
The teachers at PCD are great. I did not give them a perfect score because, like all schools, not every teacher is on top of their game. I found all of my teachers to be intelligent and teach engaging lessons. Technology was seldom used in conjunction with lessons, but I found out after I graduated they got smartboards so that has probably changed. I found that most classes were easier than I remember them at my old school, but I did repeat a year so that may have helped. The best class the school offers is Mrs. Mennucci's AP art history.
The majority of extracurriculars have passionate members and do very well.
The teachers and location are amazing but the class of student is, in some classes, subpar
All the teachers at PCD definitely give their all. There are no bad apples in this bunch.
The school nurse is always there for you. The school cafeteria could be cleaner. I have not heard of any cases of bullying but there are some racial issues that go on under the radar.
Most students here are required to fill a sports requirement. Doing 2 sports a year will fit that requirement. Most of the boys get it done in the first 2 years, but it will take some of the girls all four years to complete the requirement.
The school is very small and friendly. After four years however, one wants to go away and meet other people.
Most of the teachers know what they are doing. There are a few who are inconsistent with their teaching methods.
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The admission process is great
There are many options for whatever you are feeling that day!
Since this is a small school teachers are able to identify issues and because of that not many issues happen. Of course there are things that go under the radar but it hasn't happened at school yet.
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