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The elementary is okay. It’s once you get to the middle/ high school that it starts to deteriorate. They need more teachers with a degree in their specific teaching field. They have an elitist attitude and think that classical education is the best type of education for EVERYONE. It’s great for some people. But, if your child is interested in STEM, PLEASE consider other options. They will not be prepared for college. If you’re looking for a diverse environment where your child learns to get along with people who think differently (like the real world) then please also look elsewhere. Christian education does NOT have to be classical and don’t ever let them convince you of that. In addition, the size is too small. They don’t have any sports and there are limited extracurricular options. Their largest graduating class only had 12 PEOPLE! Keep in mind they’ve been around for 20 years!!
Very rewarding and highly productive. Very supportive and nurturing environment to succeed. Highly challenging but the staff made is superb in every possible way. Every day there was new possibilities that, I could achieve.
The curriculum is full of classical literature, and all learning is based on a foundation of Christianity, which I loved. The class size is very small, allowing more one on one time between students and teachers. This school really helped me become a better student, and a better person too.
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PCS Williamsburg, VA is an excellent school with a great atmosphere for learning, friendship, and service.
We love the caring community, excellent academics, and positive atmosphere at PCS! Our kids have never come home saying they had a bad day at school - what a gift!
Providence has been a huge blessing for our family. We didn't have a good handle on private schools when we first moved to Williamsburg but we are so glad to have found such an amazing school. It's an academically strong school with a dual focus on instilling wisdom and virtue. We also love the drama and music programs and fun after-school clubs!
This school does an excellent job of preparing students to LIVE TRUTH in any aspect of their lives. Students learn how to critically think about all topics in order to prepare them to be able establish their own opinions and to have a conversation that defends those opinions.
I love sending my children to a school where their academic needs are met, but more importantly their soul is nurtured and cared about. The values my children learn at PCS are wonderful and will last them their whole life. They are respected, and they learn to respect others.
PCS has been the best move we’ve made with our son. He is excelling much more than he did in public school. It is a great fit! The teachers and administration are patient, caring, understanding and very nurturing.
All of my kids' teachers have done a wonderful job nurturing them both academically and spiritually. I appreciate that they set high expectations for them and help them attain them. The administration provides excellent leadership that permeates the school. My family has thoroughly enjoyed being an active part of the PCS community!
PCS provides an academic and spiritual environment where student thrive. The staff is awesome and sincerely cares about the heart of every student. Their entire experience focuses on the development of the student in a small class environment where teachers serve as mentors as much as educators. The classical curriculum is an excellent model for unlocking creativity and excellence. I couldn’t imagine our children at another school!
I think the method of using the trivium as the guide for how to relay information and understanding to the students is great.
Healthy learning environment centered around education, caring, and community. The staff, parents, and students support each other to ensure everyone feels included and part of a larger family.
I can never say enough good things about Providence. The teachers and staff are genuinely happy and the children are loved and valued.
Providence is amazing. My kids have thrived here, and we love it. My only current issue is classroom behavior management in my daughter 3rd grade class
Have your cake and eat it too! You don’t have to choose EITHER academic rigor OR a Christian education; PCS offers a Christ-centered AND academically rigorous Classical education.

My wife and I could not be happier with our decision to send our kids to PCS. The Classical education they’re receiving is phenomenal. Such a blessing to have this school in Williamsburg!
Wonderful teachers and staff! Kids thrive here, and are developed as a whole student. Parents really support the school as well. Great overall atmosphere!
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We are a relatively new PCS family but our son has been warmly welcomed by his teachers, the administration and his entire class. He actually looks forward to going to school each day and is learning a lot. We are so glad that we chose PCS and have no doubt that he will be able to achieve the goals he has for himself after high school.
Best school environment, best Principal and Teachers . My kids are safe and surounded by christian friens and staff .
Providence Classical School is a parent primary Christian school whose teachers and staff are concerned about the whole child and family. They are supportive and challenging at the same time. Both of my children have received an excellent education at PCS where they not only know how to learn but are excited to learn. They can discern what is wise, beautiful, and truthfilled and can also communicate these truths creatively and with logical thought through the written and spoken word as well as through the arts.
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