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Providence Classical School Reviews

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It's the best education in Williamsburg, Virginia. Providence Classical School is a very small christian school with an amazing faculty and student body.
I love my school, and I have learned so much.
I love my school. I love the small class sizes and the close relationships between students, faculty, and teachers. We're all just one big family. The teachers really care about the success of each student.
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The curriculum at Providence is based off of the classical model of teaching. Students start in kindergarten and move through the three stages of learning called the trivium which are grammar (elementary school), dialectic (middle school), and rhetoric (high school). The curriculum is in general pretty good except everyone in your grade pretty much takes the same classes. There is not much diversity in the classes or scheduling. You take the same classes everyday of the week (and it becomes very boring). The academics are pretty challenging and the workload can get heavy sometimes.
Teachers and staff are very kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. The principle is very involved and loves the kids and takes time to get to know every one of them personally. The small size of the school allows for a more intimate learning environment. Students are held up to high standards, however the policies in general are pretty reasonable.
Because Providence is a small school, it does not have the typical health services of a public school. For example, teachers and other staff act as school nurses. The school is very safe. We have never had any threats or issues compromising the safety of the students. Bullying is taken very seriously and is therefore not a problem.
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