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My children have attended Providence Classical School for the past few years. We love the teachers here - they care about more than just my child's grade and behavior management. My husband and I always say we wish we could have gone to school here and learned classically.
Providence is a school that goes above and beyond not only to teach facts or skills but to form whole human beings. The teachers here love what they do and they love their students. The culture and atmosphere are very encouraging. Because Christ is at the center of all that goes on in and out of the classroom, excellence and grace exist in balance. Students do their work with true wonder and wisdom at God in any class. Whether that be mathematics, sciences, humanities, or arts, students learn how to give glory to God by impacting their cultures in light of God's multi-faceted Truth.
Providence has been the perfect fit for our family. Our girls are thriving in small classes with amazing teachers who live the Lord and love our kids!
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I love Providence, it is an amazing school and the teachers really care about you. Overall it’s the best school to be.
We are so grateful that the Lord led our family to Providence. Our children are receiving an excellent, Christ-centered education using the classical model.
They say all the right things, but I don't see it lived out. It all sounds wonderful, but the reality is not nearly all they claim it to be.
2016-2017 School year was excellent. My 2 daughters excelled in math, reading, and science. They enjoyed the extracurricular activities, the togetherness and were able to keep up with the academic tempo set by the instructors. This school is a Christ-centered school where history, science and math are presented in biblical perspective. There's an issue of leadership as the headmaster has changed from time to time and only last for short stints. But the commitment of the faculty and staff are uncanny. The teachers pray for their students success and challenges all students to meet or beat their expected potential. Parental involvement is excellent and supportive. We are small in number but like David with stones & a slingshot, we are able to champion the giant.
When we found Providence it exceeded our expectations as a school for our kids. Moving to a new state and coming from a classical school, we thought we knew what to expect in continuing our children's classical education but Providence blew us away. The curriculum is rigorous but falls completely within a child's natural bend for learning. Our children have been loved, encouraged, developed and strengthened in so many ways. The teachers love their jobs and the school and it definitely shows in the classroom experience. I love sending our kids to school each day knowing they are part of a wonderful community of people who not only care about my kids' education but care for them as individuals.
Enrolling our children in PCS has been the best decision we have made for our family! We could not be more pleased with the Christ centered atmosphere, academic rigor as well as the beauty and richness that comes with a truly classical Christian education. We thoughtfully and prayerfully chose PCS as our partner in shepherding our children down the path God has for them. Children only have one childhood and one window of time within which we have to decide the educational foundation we will provide- a decision that will shape them for a lifetime. We chose wisely : )
We are grateful to have found a school that is coming alongside us as parents to teach our children what it means to be virtuous, to be well-educated, and to live and work for a higher purpose.
The education that my two kids received at Providence Classical School taught them to think critically, speak winsomely, and gave them a genuine love of learning. They were both well prepared for college and have both been successful. We were extremely pleased with the rigorous curriculum and small teacher/student ratio. For those families who value education and the love of learning, Providence is the place to be!
Providence has not only provided an excellent education for my 3 children for the last 10 years, it has also taught them how to think. Critical thinking skills and the ability to learn any new material presented to them are vital to my children's success in life. Additionally, their classes are taught through the lens of scripture so that students see God at work in every aspect of learning. Service and putting others first are emphasized at Providence. I can highly recommed Providence and the classical Christian model from pre-school all the way through high school from personal experience.
There's always problems with peer pressure, but this isn't the kind with drugs and alcohol. This is just plain fitting in.
It has a small teacher/student ratio, so the quality of teaching is very high. The amount of paper writing is pretty intense, but it's great prep for college!
The basketball games typically draw a larger crowd than the volleyball games, but both are very fun to watch!
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