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Providence Classical Christian Academy is a college-preparatory school that incorporates student responsibility effectively. However, the school could improve dramatically by paying the teachers much more. If this were to happen, the teachers who deserve to be paid well for the earnest, hard work they do will be able to support themselves, and the teachers who do not put effort into their lectures or students can be fired. As the school is now, teachers who could make the students’ education better are not applying to work for Providence because of the extremely low wages, so the school scrambles together teachers who are not willing to put effort into their students, but are willing to do the least possible to receive their small paycheck.
Many teachers were understanding, others were not. There was also many "favorites" within the classes. The school events were dull. The school spirit fluctuated throughout the years. There was also many cliques, but overall the people are what made providence good. They become a family. The rules may not always make sense but the community within the school makes up for it. They state that they have "state of the art" classroom but they do not, they rent out a church building which is understandable and given the resources they have, they make it reasonable.
Providence has a VERY welcoming and supportive family community. Parents and students really look out for each other and teachers will help students perform excellently in their academics as well. The workload is quite heavy, but don't let it scare you. There are only 3 school days in a week, so homework is taken care of on those two extra days off and/or the 3-day weekends. The center of the school is building leaders for Christ, and it is an absolute privilege to attend and experience education at PCCA.
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The school has a very heavy school work load. Way more quizzes and test than on a college level. Special projects are numerous and some courses are comparable to upper level college courses. Most staff are very caring. College preparatory is the goal of the school but is harder due to more classe and heavier workloads. We question if the school isn't taking this too seriously. We see our children stressed beyond what they should be experiencing and have little time for anything other than their school involved activities.

Socially, the students compete on who is the brightest and it appears that whoever has the best projects is the superior. It's quite a competition.Verbal bullying is very present in this school, mainly amongst the males.

Those who fit in the social box will dominate those who don't. Individuality isn't celebrated, but much like public schools. The box is just different. Low inclusiveness to those who are different.
These individuals have sacrificed so much for our kids. We are so thankful.
There are many strong academic schools in our area, but we love that families choose Providence because they want a Christ-centered education where they can be part of their lives on a daily basis.
The school rents from two churches. Both buildings are brand new, and it means a great deal to our family that our kids are educated in a building that is the Lord's house. We can openly pray and talk about Christ in the buildings.
For the size of Providence, the Athletics is very competitive. My kids get to compete against 7A schools and have teammates that are D1 athletes, but our kids get to be in a great Christian atmosphere. I wouldn't trade this experience for my kids to say they are in the 7A.

They can play basketball, baseball, golf, cross country, track, and I hear they are adding tennis. My kids can also be part of orchestra, musical theatre, various clubs, student council, honor society, etc. Because the school isn't 5,000, they have the chance to do so much more.
Providence has been such a blessing to all of my children. My kids have told me of so many instances where new students have told them how they enjoy being at Providence more than the local charter and public schools because they can openly talk about their faith in Christ without being ridiculed or made fun of by peers.
We wouldn't choose this particular school again, and we have now left. We have experience in other UMS environments and in Christian schools, but this doesn't do either UMS or Christian education as well as it should. Given the other options in NW AR, even the public schools are a superior choice, particularly for gifted kids as the opportunities here are slim because of the busy-work and mainstreaming that they claim to avoid. Further, this school has too many problems with a combination of arrogance and naïveté that make it simply not worth it. This school was one of the reasons we looked forward to locating here, and now we wish we had stayed where we came from.
There aren't as many after school programs as at a traditional school, but that's just one of the things you give up in a UMS
Diversity is not the point here, and it isn't taught, either.
They teach to the mode, and they are devoted to busy work. There is no advantage here over public education; in fact, I think the teachers in public schools are more likely to individualize learning than this schools' teachers.
The teachers are incredible. They really care about their students, and that results in them really trying to teach well.
The only extracurriculars are sports: baseball, basketball, and track and field. I enjoy these, but not everyone wants to participate in athletics. There are no tutoring sessions right after school: all the teachers go home.
Facilities are great, technology is accessible to students, the guidance counselor is helpful.
Most students are from wealthy, Caucasian, Republican families. There are many different religions represented. This year, we had four foreign exchange students from Africa, Asia, and Europe, and this helped the diversity.
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Policies and administration are the one area that needs improvement. Teachers and staff are not on the same page about a lot of things. The major thing is dress code. We have a fairly strict dress code, and it is supposed to be enforced. While some teachers do enforce it, the vast majority let it slide, resulting in students widely not conforming to the dress code. As a whole, the administration could use improvement.
Providence is a really great school, really. The only thing is that since the Providence high school is in its relatively early stages, there are some kinks that need to be worked out with the office, communication, enforcing rules, etc.
The academics really are the best. The teachers are caring and knowledgeable, the curriculum is very challenging, and overall the school has a very academic pull.
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