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Student and parent involvement is huge at this school. Plenty of sport opportunities available. Easy access to teachers. School lines in the morning and afternoon are very fast, efficient, and safe. School lunches get ordered in. One negative about lunch at the school is that no microwave is provided so you are limited in what you can pack for your child.
Very disappointed not accredited.Has a false sense of positive because upper or middle class Caucasian students.
My family made the switch to Providence Christian School at the beginning of my seventh grade year. I still thank my parents today for deciding to move me because my experience has been nothing short of fantastic. The teacher/student relationship we have at Providence is something I wish every student could have in America. Every teacher is committed to making sure each student strives for greatness, as well as furthering their relationship with the Lord. The only concern I have with the school is the lack of diversity. I feel like our administration should be giving more insight into the fact that, that is an area we lack in.
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My experience at Providence Christian School has been nothing short of amazing. The teachers break down material so well. I am a rising senior and I have been attending since 1st grade. I recommend Providence to parents who are looking for a humble community of friends, faculty, along with preparing your kids for college.
After attending Providence for the last 12 years, I feel prepared for life, not just college. Providence has teachers that really care about making sure you succeed and do not hesitate to help you. Every staff member truly works to invest their time, knowledge, and wisdom into your life whenever you need. Providence has helped me find my voice; I can now stand firm in my beliefs and defend them well. I am the confident individual I am today because of Providence.
Providence Christian School is great! It is a family. I will miss it when I go to college.The teachers and administration truly care about each student and want them to succeed. It is safe and fun. the academics are wonderful. I feel I am more than ready for college.
Love the caring teachers and Christian atmosphere. My daughter loves all the opportunities of mission work at the school,Harbor Church and at Living Waters missionary sites.
It is an outstanding school to attend throughout your elementary, middle, or high school days. They encourage you daily spiritually, mentally, and any other way! Our teachers care not only about our education, but they also care about us in our everyday lives. It is nice to have a good relationship with your teachers because then you can feel more comfortable asking questions in class. We have a very welcoming environment, and I couldn't be more grateful.
Providence Christian School is the greatest school ever established. Providence not only has the highest quality education in the Wiregrass area, but it also has the most beautiful campus and the most incredible, caring staff. Providence's campus is clean, well-kept, and possesses all the necessary components for excellence in academics and sports. Every teacher on the Providence staff genuinely cares for the students physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The teachers take pride in the materials they teach and always make sure each student comprehends what they are being taught. Providence incorporates Christ into every aspect of school and encourages students to strive to the live the life God calls us to.
We have awesome groundskeepers that keep Providence in tip top shape. I feel very safe in my school, unless there is a storm. There isnt really anywhere to go if there is one, other than cram all the rhotoric students in the bathroom.
I do not participate in many extracurriculars other than athletics.
I would not want to go anywhere else. i do not think there is another school in a 100 mile radius that could give me a better education. I fell that I am well prepared for the future and that is all I could ask for.
My teachers are amazing people and are great at their job.
Really good all around organizations and sports.
Very, very good. We have AED stations all around the school and have a nurse as well. Top notch.
I adore my school and all that it stands for and supports. Without it, I believe I would be in a very different place today, both in my physical and spiritual life. If I had to do the last twelve years of my life over again, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else without a shadow of a doubt. I love it.
I love my teachers. Many of them I have had for two or more years. They have shaped me into the person I am today and I will always be grateful for that. They incorporate our faith into our studies without seeming invasive or boring. They have taught me how to think and learn in a way that I will be able to carry into everything I choose to do or pursue.
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My time at Providence Christian School was well worth my time. I felt like I grew as a teenager and learned a lot about my faith as a christian.
Our school takes safety seriously. We have locked door policies and practice drills for intruders.
This school is awesome. My teachers have impacted my life in great ways.
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