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Teachers genuinely love their students. High school classes are challenging and deep. PCA strengthens logic and rhetoric skills in students to allow them to become independent thinkers and comfortable speakers. There is a genuine love for Christ and others.
Providence is a home we are all a family. We share each others burdens, walk through life together, and grow in our relationships with Christ. The teachers truly seek your success and strive to give you the tools for a lifetime of learning. The community is like no other and no matter where I go to college I know that I will always have PCA to come back to and call home.
My experience as a Providence Christian Academy Lion has been impeccable. This school has helped me solidify my beliefs, cultivate my interests, and enhance my potential in all that I do. Although PCA has had some growing pains, it continues to produce students that shine through its caring teachers and faculty. Nevertheless, PCA is a great school, but more importantly a great family. As a student who is about to close out my time as a Lion, I would encourage any prospective families to seriously consider PCA for their children! Our teachers are passionate, our campus is unique, and our student body is always eager to add hard working students!

Go Lions!
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I cannot begin to even describe the joy that comes from attending Providence Christian Academy. I have been going to PCA for 11 years and most people cannot say they have joy going to school everyday. PCA challenges their students to be the best they can be, and to above all else, bring glory to God. One of the greatest things about PCA is the staff. Every single staff member cares about each student and will stop whatever they are currently doing to assist another student's needs. The academics push students to have a desire to learn more and not just "get by", so to speak, with doing the bare minimum. Everyday, I am surrounded by people who love me and want what is best for me. They are preparing me to go out into the world and make a difference. There is not much I would change about PCA. If anything, I would change our building because our school is growing in so many ways that we are almost running out of room! I would not trade my time at PCA for anything.
The teachers are fantastic, but the extracurricular activities and social diversity are lacking because of the small nature of the school.
My experience at Provence Christian Academy has been wonderful. Its a great environment and the teachers truly care about your education and are always there to help you when needed.
The school is physically safe, but there's a decent amount of behind the scenes and indirect bullying that administration doesn't know about. Administration doesn't address bullying all that well when it IS brought to their attention.
There are only a few sports to get involved in, and the only ones anyone cares about are volleyball and basketball. The music and arts program is pretty small.
The academics and teachers are fantastic! The only thing I did not like was the lack of diversity in the student body.
These teachers truly care about the students and their futures. They work hard to help everyone actually learn, not just memorize facts, and pour spiritually into every student.
Dude. Clean and Safe. Wonderful environment for all students. Everyone is there to help you.
The extracurriculars are not extensive, but the school is always willing to work with students to expand their opportunities.
Having attended the school since 4th grade, I have been blessed to experience some of the Grammar stage and all of the Logic and Rhetoric stages of the academics at PCA. That style of education is what makes PCA unique. The material we learn doesn't just get harder as we get older, it builds on what we have learned in previous years, and helps us to expand our viewpoints. I honestly wish I could have attended this school from the beginning, and know that I am blessed to have the opportunity to attend such a wonderful school as this.
Our teachers are the best in the business. I couldn't ask for a better education as a High School Senior. I am challenged by the questions being asked, and am encouraged to explore all points of view before determining exactly what I believe. It is a blessing and encouragement to be taught by people who not only love to teach, but love to learn as well, and are willing to learn right alongside us.
There are no safety issues at my school; there has never been anything to worry about.
The school is a fa mile built on christianity and I love everything about it.
The teachers at my school go above and beyond most.
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Not many private schools in this area, so it's ok. Pre-k through early middle school is strong. Consider other options for high school
This school follows the Classical Education model of teaching beginning in the first grade through the 12th grade.
It is a very challenging academic curriculum that teaches students how to think for themselves through literature, logic, and rhetoric. Most ofter the students here at PCA hit far above the national averages on the standardized tests
administered to students throughout the country.
The teachers at PCA love to teach. They care about their students and their well being, spiritually, mentally, and physically. The teachers are the best at their subjects and they know how the help kids learn. Our teacher follow the Classical Education model of learning.
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