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It was a great academic experience. It definitely needs more cultural diversity. There is no traditional cafeteria that serves hot buffet lunch.
Providence, while great in terms of preparing students for college, is ultimately detrimental to the student's confidence and sense of self. The overwhelming emphasis is placed on Christian values and not on education.
I liked that it prepared me for college. I would like to see more diversity within the school. I would also like the school to try to relate more the students. I liked that the dress code is more toned down than other private schools. I also like that the food comes from different places around the area and is not gross cafeteria food.
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Though sometimes overly conservative in its demeanor, Providence manages to create a sincere sense of community and even family for its students, which I can say easily as someone who has been there from kindergarten to twelveth grade. The teachers and staff truly care for you, and the small class sizes allow you to grow close with your classmates. Unfortunately, Providence tends to be intolerant of diverse thinking as a whole (the extent of which varies between different teachers and staff) which can be a bit irritating at times. Overall, it is a loving and safe space to grow as an individual, so long as you learn to see the world outside of Providence's viewing lens alone.
One thing I really like about Providence is how all the teachers really care if you understand the curriculum, they don't just leave you behind. In fact, some of them will even come up to you to ask if you would like to stay after school to get more help. The only thing I would love to see is more diversity and more food choices.
I liked the students, the environment, and the teachers. The students made it a priority to help the students succeed and we had really good resources.
I loved the community at Providence. Everyone knew everyone and it was like having a built in support system. I also loved being part of the drama Department and many other clubs that brought me so many friends. In the future I would love to see more diversity in the school.
My experience as a student entering in the 4th grade was one of acceptance and the opportunity to easily make friends.
The teachers are genuinely interested in their students and I was always encouraged.
The learning is above grade level throughout the school and there are many options for sports and clubs.
Learning the bible is very important and the bible teachers are excellent.
The best thing about Providence Christian Academy is the teachers and faculty. Never before have I experienced teachers so invested in not only your academic achievements, but your mental health as well. These teachers truly care for you and do their best to prepare you for life in general not just school, and are always willing to listen or accommodate your needs. They are truly wonderful people. Not only that, but since it is a small school, it is a very tight knit and close community; we are a family! There are experiences I have had here that will stay with me forever, and I have the people to thank. It is truly an interesting and worthwhile experience, and opens your eyes when surrounded by people who are constantly striving to be real.
I really enjoy all the teachers. They truly care about your success. The students are all like a family and everyone can easily find their little family. Everyone knows everyone. Their are all sorts of clubs to get involved in which is one way to find your little family. It is a small school so it makes it easier to find your group. It is also easier to learn in a classroom with only 10 people rather than 30 or even more. The teachers can work with you individually. This school has been an amazing opportunity and experience and I highly recommend it.
its alright - -
Teachers and school is great! However, the students are another matter. They are extremely hypocritical and fake.
Attending providence has been one the best decisions of my life. The teachers are amazing, and they truly care about their students. I have created great relationships by attending Providence. I encourage students who are unsure if they want to attend Providence to take a leap of faith and enroll. I promise you won't regret it!
Providence is a well rounded school that I found very helpful to prepare me for my college career. Providence is a small privet school which allows the students to have a community like feeling. This makes it easy to have a personal relationship with teachers and coaches allowing a better learning environment. I enjoyed my time their and felt as if I had a solid foundation to stand on as I was transitioning to go to college, providence was very helpful in making sure I turned in and got all my information ready to apply and go to college. I would recommend this school to others because it's known for having strong academics, building great characters, and all around a genuinely happy place to be.
I have loved my experience at Providence Christian Academy. Coming to the school as a freshman, I felt very welcomed to join. The academics are incredible and as I head to college next year, I feel well prepared for what lies ahead. However, my favorite part of Providence has been the environment and intentional culture of the teachers and school. There is an evident difference in Providence compared to other high schools in Gwinnett county, and that attributes to the Christ-centered environment. I am ecstatic for what lies ahead for me at college, but will be sad to leave an incredible school like Providence.
Providence has a great staff, as they are personable, enthusiastic and committed to the education and development of their students.
Very high-quality education for high school kids. The teachers care so much for the kids and it's evident in the way they teach and offer extra help for kids who need it. Providence also offers many opportunities for kids who want to get involved in sports but may not have had the chance in a larger public school. There are a variety of clubs to get involved with as well. There are a few downsides: the school has no windows, which induces a feeling of institutionalization among the students. Also, the student body is very small and not very much diversity personality-wise
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My school was wonderful, I had been going there ever since the first grade and all the teachers really cared about me and wanted me to succeed. Whenever I have a doubt about a concept I always know I can ask my teachers for help. Not only do they want my education to be a success, but they also want my spiritual growth to flourish as well.
Some extracurricular interfere with each other and make it hard for you to participate in many at one time. There are usually small groups for most activities, but the ones there are the ones who really want to be there.
Most students are very kind, but there are a few problems that the school could be more effective in correcting.
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