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This school is the best kept secret in town! The teachers and very caring and understanding and the students create a great welcoming environment! I love being a student here and look forward to the future of the school.
Our experience at Providence has been awesome. The class size is small so students get more individualized attention from the teachers. The teachers are excellent because they want to help their students excel academically. Students are well prepared for college. Perhaps Student Council members should be elected based on their credentials and abilities rather than popularity. This would give more students the opportunity to be part of Student COU
Providence catholic high school is not a place I'd recommend to anyone, the school is strict to the point that if you were to sneeze you would need a signed permission slip. In no way does the school allow the students to be themselves. often times a student will be put down for expressing themselves. They are barely shown respect, and treated like a sad dogs in a cage, never allowed to leave.

The teachers and most students are very biased, showing favoritism all the time. Teachers are constantly in a bad state of mind towards the non favorite students. The school itself shows no sign of encouraging individual growth, or rights within the students

Keep in mind this is a review of the relationships the school makes, which is very unprofessional for a "catholic school"
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I liked the friendships and the opportunities created at the school but the administration and overall education was average.
Providence Catholic School has provided a welcoming and encouraging environment that has allowed me to excel in my studies and flourish as a confident young woman. Their staff is very caring and attentive to the needs of the students. I proudly call myself a provet and can say that I am honored to be attending Providence.
Providence Catholic School was where I found my home when I first enrolled in the seventh grade. There I have not only academically challenged myself for both high school and college but I also made many memories and got the chance to experience and gain many opportunities that I never knew were possible if it had not been for Providence and all it has to offer. I had originally planned to stay there for a year or 2 but after experiencing it firsthand I fell in love and would not have chosen any other place to spend my middle school and high school years at.
My experience at Provide Catholic School was bittersweet. I made life-lasting friendships and experiences. The academics were excellent but unfortunately the administration did not work well. The administration did not care about the students' needs and only cared about bringing more people to the school. Students and staff were miserable.
I love how the school is one big family. I love how there aren’t that many students in a classroom because it allows a more one on one with the teacher. I wish our school was given more funding so that our textbooks were updated and so that we could update parts of our school.
I really love this school! The community here is great and all of the teachers are very helpful and care about the students!
I enjoyed my time at providence, the courses challenged me and let me grow as a person. The teachers were amazing and taught me important life skills in and outside of the classroom. I would like to see more girls attend Providence because it is a fantastic school.
It was middle school and high school. It could have easily been better. I had a decent time while attending, but I know that I could have had several more opportunities elsewhere. Nevertheless, I took advantage of opportunities I had, and was prepared enough for college.
The academics are solid from middle school to HS. The school's resources/facilities keep getting upgraded which is cool. The clubs & extra-curricular activities are great like the dance team, French club, etc. They're all about college prep but I wish they'd show or help the students learn about the different career paths they could take- like computer science, 3D animation, graphic design, digital video, communication, etc. I mention this because if the students don't know about all the career options they have while in high school, some of them will have a hard time figuring out what they want to do in life, which makes picking a college pretty hard. Overall, the teachers are great, so are the English, art, creative writing & language classes. Great friendships & memories are developed here. It's a great learning experience & learning environment.
I absolutely love the community here. Once you step in, you are filled with a sense of welcome. Everyone is encouraging to each other. The teachers see you as people, not just numbers.
Great instructors. Fabulous college counselor. Responsive administrators. Caring Community. Each year the graduating class of anout 60 girls receives $9-10 million dollars in scholarships.
What I very much enjoyed about this school was the strong sisterhood and academics. Although some of the work I received depending on the class was just unnecessary busy work. However, the administration sucks. The admin. never allows students to express themselves, and was extremely strict about the smallest, most insignificant things you could possibly imagine. I do love this school, but the administration made me want to leave sometimes. This school will help you find out who you are as a person, and you will 100% make life-long friends. (but seriously, watch out for that administration)
I have been happy with my daughter attending this school. She has enjoyed the clubs and activities, the location and the school culture. I have enjoyed the family activities they offer and the support she gets in preparing for college.
I love my school! It has brought me great opportunities and has allowed me to discover myself. Providence is making great and wonderful young women.
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The community is great and very close-knit, however the administration is less to be desired. Our faculty turnover is so high and administration doesn't even try know their own students.
I personally feel very safe at my school and I feel that my fellow classmates do as well.
All of the extracurricular activities take a huge part in every student at Providence. Each and every club benefits us in the long run by gaining leadership skills. Our sponsors are part of the administration and do their very best in helping mold us into powerful women!
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