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Many teachers are very good instructors and truly engage and connect with the students. Providence has a very diverse culture which is great.
Its an okay place with no resources. The people are nice but the teachers are kind of biased and quit al ot
Overall my experience at Providence has been very well. This campus is very welcoming when it comes to newcomers. Every day you can receive a smile on your face because many of the administration and students are very caring if you need to talk or if you need help with work. Each teacher helps you get ahead and if you put your mind to it they will help you advance. Yes, this school is an all-girls school, but in that environment, it is harder to get distracted and there is less drama. I have been there since 6th grade and I am now a senior. I've been apart of great teams and clubs. There are a few things that we have to offer alongside our brother school across the street and that is Band, Engineering, and JROTC in which I am in.
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It's a great environment to work in. Going to this school is like being in school with sisters and best friends that I will always have. I would refer this school to all girls who are looking for an education at an all girls school. the teachers do their best to help each and every one of their students individually. The councilor gives us everything we need to prepare and be ready for college.
I’ve been attending Providence since 7th grade! I am a senior now, class of 2020! Great school, but I think Providence deserves a lot more enrollment. There is so much to be offered! My favorite part about Providence is the Fine Arts Department! Providence is most popularly known for the amazing Fine Arts department! I’m heavily active in Choir and the Theatre Department and Visual Arts Department is very popular, too. Dance is also very good! If any girl is interested in the Performing Arts, PROVIDENCE is the right Catholic School for you!
The sense of community at Providence is amazing. It really feels like all the girls enjoy each other's company and encourage others to grow and learn. The performing arts department is amazing and diverse, with a nationally recognised dance team, a stunning show choir, two great theatre productions per year, and countless classes in nearly all disciplines. If you want a nourishing place for your daughter to grow and expand her limits, Providence is the place for you.
I am a graduate of Providence. I love the school and a total of eight successful women in my family are products of the school. The faculty and staff are genuinely interested in advancing young women in life through faith based education and helping them become strong Providence women.
Providence Catholic School is one of two all Catholic girls schools in San Antonio and is a place where girls grow into young women of faith, justice, integrity and excellence. My sisters and I graduated as well as my daughters. It’s a place we call home. ❤️
Providence and the Sisters of Divine Providence have offered a relevant and rigorous education to young women for over 65 years. Providence has a high qualified and dedicated teaching staff who empowers young women to be their best and find their voice as leaders.
Best decision we made as a family. Tuition paid back in college scholarships. Daughter was prepared and breezed through college and now has a wonderful job she is happy in and contributing to society.
Absolutely love everything about the school. Community. Academics. The passion and commitment from administration to ensure students have a voice and are valued.
Wonderful environment that prepared my daughter with more than education. She has a solid character, she is confident, and she is beyond prepared for college. Added bonus of several college scholarships was nice too.
Absolutely the best all girls school in San Antonio. Providence is not just a place to receive an education. It’s a community...a sisterhood. The girls graduate with a solid foundation to prepare them for life. Providence teaches girls that they have a voice and are empowered. The faculty and staff teach character and instill valuable life lessons. The dance program, broadcasting class, and art studio are a few of the unique areas of the school. When girls graduate from Providence, they leave as better humans who are prepared and confident. It is a special place where sisters come together for life.
I am a graduate of Providence. I was very fortunate that I had the opportunity to attend, as my older sister was attending another Catholic high school, as my family (including myself) assumed I would have gone there too. I credit my success as a woman, wife, mother, and business professional to Providence. The faculty was both engaging as educators and also endearing as second family members. I was able to explore a wealth of interests and helped found the dance troupe, despite the school having such a small student population. As an alumna and parent of a prospective/future Provet, I’m excited to see what Providence continues to grow on, especially with more alumnae and community engagement than ever before.
I went to providence from 6th-12th grade and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I gained so much knowledge and confidence from being in an all girls environment that I have excelled throughout college. I was beyond prepared for the challenges that college professors gave me. I am so grateful for the caring staff that molded into an amazing student.
I enjoyed the family atmosphere and my fellow Provets the most. The small classes and college preparatory school instruction can’t be beat.
Attending Providence was an incredible experience for me. The “sisterhood” environment was empowering, the classes were inspiring, and the presence of the CDP sisters was strong. The school definitely prepared me for college and beyond. I will always be so grateful for having the opportunity to attend Providence and develop the friendships I hold dear to this day.
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I transferred to Providence in 10th Grade from a large public school. I had never been in a Private/Catholic school setting. I transferred because my parents wanted me to be in a rigorous environment that would prepare me for college. I expected a "shock period", but to my surprise, as my former VP used to tell me, it took me about 5 minutes to fit in and feel at home. I had always been an honor student; however, what I gained at Providence was more than just the academic rigor we were looking for. Providence fostered an environment that allowed me to express myself, speak my opinions, explore my faith, pursue my interests and try new things. As an adult, I am so grateful for the sacrifice my parents made to provide me with a Providence education. In today's world, I can confidently say I am still standing on the values instilled in me at Providence, while committed to continuously learning and becoming the best version of me.
Everything about this school is incredible. It is one of the best kept secrets in San Antonio!! As a proud alumna, I was more than prepared for college and post-graduate school. Additionally, the relationships I gained while at Providence have remained over the years and have fostered both personal and professional growth. I can’t say enough about this fantastic school.
The art department is fantastic! When I started I had no idea how to do anything. I couldn’t sing, act, dance or draw, but after almost five years I grew as an artist and a person. The Providence art department gave me a family and a place I could call home.
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