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Providence Catholic High School Reviews

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Providence was an amazing experience. I learned so much about my relationship with God and also received a wonderful education from the school that prepared me to tackle college life.
Everyone is so nice and friendly and everyone that goes here wants to do good in academics so it pushes others to also push themselves too. We also send 100% of our kids on to college which is amazing so that shows how much we care about academics
I like that in Providence, it is possible to be involved in the community, but diversity is a concern, in which, not many non-whites do not have friends.
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The academics are incredible! I have learned so much over the past four years, and the courses really do help you prepare for college. Also, it truly feels like we are all part of one big family. We take care of one another and lend a helping hand when needed.
One thing I absolutely love about Providence is the family atmosphere. People genuinely care about each other. One difficulty with this school is the diverse teaching styles. Many classes are taught in a unique way. The grading system is ore difficult than public schools which does apply a heavier load of stress among students who strive for good grades. For example, in order to receive an A one must get a 93 or higher.
I loved attending Providence because it provided me with the tools I needed to us in order to be ready for college. My favorite memories are from the cafeteria because of how amazing the food was and how I was able to enjoy it with all of my friends. I felt the grading scale was a little unfair to the students because it did not benefit them at all, in actuality it hurt them. A student at a public school has a lot more flexibility with grades in comparison to someone who went to Providence.
Over the time I have spent at Providence, I have met many inspirational and wonderful teachers. These teachers have pushed me past my limits and helped me realize my purpose in life is to follow in their footsteps one day with an education career.
The level of preparedness for college was excellent. The atmosphere was friendly and staff was good.
My children both had very great experiences at Providence Catholic. I had one student in the honors program and one student that took regular classes. Both children were equally challenged and both received a wonderful education. The teachers are amazing and always ready and willing to provide the individual attention and care when needed. Most of all, my children grew in their faith and developed a deeper relationship with God.
Providence Catholic High School is a wonderful school. They provide a nurturing environment where students are challenged academically and motivated to make the world a better place.
My three sons, all of different academic ability, received an excellent college prep education. All three received some type of college scholarship. The faith and spiritually here are second to none. A true family atmosphere.
Providence goes above and beyond for each and every student. Between the administrators, teachers, staff and even maintenance there is a unbelievable family atmosphere. The academics and sports is second to none!
My experiences at Providence Catholic have been extraordinary. As a parent of four graduates and a professional educator for over forty years, I have come to appreciate how Providence has integrated the education of the whole person (spiritually, academically, and athletically). My children are better people having attended Providence. For that I am forever grateful.
As an alumnus of the school, I enjoyed all 4 years at Providence Catholic High School. Providence is not just a high school, it is a family. If you want to see your son or daughter succeed and have an active role in their education, then this is the school for you. Combining the faith, academics, and athletics. Providence Catholic is the most well-rounded school in the State of Illinois. Proud to be an alum!!!
I loved going to Providence Catholic High School for the last four years. I have participated in many clubs and sports that have made my high school experience so great. The teachers and faculty truly care about your success in life which makes the school so great.
Providence genuinely cares about its students, families, teachers and the community. They teach us to be well rounded students with an awareness of the world around us. By the time I am a senior I know I will be very well prepared for college, and all of the difficult choices that my future after high school holds!
I am a current student at Providence and I love it there. There is nothing I would want to change at this moment in time.
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I love that there are many opportunities to get involved. Many teachers are willing to help you no matter what. The masses here are amazing and truly bring in the family atmosphere. It is good for people who are not even Catholic. The sports do very well. Also the scholastic bowl and other clubs and activities are fun and do well in events. The new addition to the back is going to be very nice and will help bring in more students, even if the construction is a pain right now, it will all pay off in the end.
I think this school prefers to cater to the privileged and alumni families. The teachers are not all bad but there are a few to include department heads who do not seem to care at all about students or their situations.
I enjoyed my time at Providence Catholic. I graduated with over a 4.0 GPA and felt like my teachers prepared me for college. When it came to AP classes, I passed all seven tests that I took and went into college with 24 credits. I enjoyed spending time with my peers at Providence as well. Whether I was cheering on the sports teams with my friends, or participating in our monthly all-school masses, I enjoyed the close-knit community. Over the course of my time at Providence, our sports teams won a total of six state championships. I was lucky enough to be on two of those teams, both for baseball. Overall, I value my experience at Providence, and I would recommend it to my children in the future.
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