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Providence Career Technical Academy gave many opportunities and health benefits to the students of the school.
I like that it is a vocational school so there's a lot of hands on for jobs you might potientally want in the future. I just wish they'd change the schedule a bit more because you're in tech more than in class.
as a student at PCTA, my experience here was good. this schools gives many great opportunities and helps get into any trade your focused on. in my case, im in electrical and as one of the two girls in the class full of guys, it has been good. i don't get special treatment just because im a girl and I feel like that's good due to the fact if I do go into the electrical field, i know what to expect. i feel like my electrical teachers have prepared me to enter the real world as soon as i graduate and im very pleased i picked PCTA.
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My overall experience with Providence Career Technical is that it is a unique school. Unlike any high school, Providence Career Technical has tech areas to get you ready for your future career. Tech areas like culinary arts, construction, plumbing, and even cosmetology. The tech areas become endless! A school with so much to learn, and also students with special personalities. This school is extremely diverse with the students and overall a great place to be
What I like about PCTA is my teacher. He is the reason to why I am motivated. What I would like to see changed is the students, most students do not take their education seriously.
I love that it is a vocational school, the career and technology classes are great. I was in the Culinary Arts program all four years during my high school career and the students in the culinary department run a café. It isn't something you see in every vocational school. Great experience.
This school offers good quality security. A student would rarely feel unsafe due to the inability of strangers being able to get in through any exits. So I would say this school can keep parents children safe but also the children have to follow the safety rules so that they aren't risking any possible harm to the school.
Many students can achieve a lot of recognition through the clubs and organizations, after-school activities, and administration support. With the recognition they are open to other opportunity's that will help them throughout their incoming years.
What made my experience at this school great was being able to get involved with sports. As an athlete I was able to learn discipline and responsibility, which is what I need at the college level so it was good to be an athlete at the school. A favorite experience I had with this school was being able to go to North Carolina for a Track & Field race that me and my team had a spot in.
They are caring of students and make sure they get the help they need. I had a few who incorporated jokes with the lesson so that students were able to remember the lesson easily.
The health and safety is getting better each year. As of right now the safety is alright, there has been some slips but nothing too serious and for health I think its really good. The lunches are bomb (especially when the food trucks come!)
There arent really that much clubs in our school. Its usually based on skills and tech shops. This upcoming yeah im probably going to make some clubs up and give as much support as I can
I believe this statement is different for EVERYONE here. In my case, I have really enjoyed my stay here at PCTA. So much opportunities to experience (usually once in a lifetime).
There are teachers in my school who are so driven to better the lives of us students and go above and beyond to make us successful (shout out to Mrs Maynard!) but then their is also those teachers (not alot) who think they are better than everyone else and dont really care about students. If you fail, you fail.
Health is okay a lot of students do get injured in tech areas a lot
The extracurricular opportunities I would say would be all the AP classes, they start assigning sophomores these classes to get a heads up
The rules change daily they're so out of order and unorganized and I just hate it theres always substitutes and I barely learned algebra 2 this year
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They have many clubs and sports but we don't have our own sports teams and it sometimes unorganized
Some teacher are better than others and some are just not as invested into their jobs as others.
My school mainly focuses on the technical parts of the school, rather than education.
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