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The food is goods. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks. Not many blacks.
I have been going to Providence Academy since Pre-K. The school has a very good education and teachers that are always willing to help. The expenses are a lot but its worth it for the education. People can be very inviting to new students, but it all depends on the grade. The grade population is very small compared to an average public high school. My grade is about 80 students. Overall, the experience is good and the education(and the food) are worth it.
It prepared you academically, but closed you mind in all other regards. They believe that they kept your mind open but in reality only taught their own agenda. I wish that they would resolve this because it has the potential to be a really fantastic institution. The teachers care and are top notch, the food is great and so are the facilities. Student life and diversity will always need work but as long as the views that are still taught at Providence prevail, I do not think there is going to be a change.
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As an alum, Providence provided me with the very best to prepare me, not only for my education post high school, but as a young aspiring individual. I'm very grateful to the teachers, faculty, and staff.
Coming from a current student DO NOT waste your money here. I warn you the administration will not care for your child they simply see them as walking cash. Unless you plan on donating 20k a year your children WILL NOT be treated equally. This is especially evident at providence where there has been multiple situations that the school sucks up to the parents that donate weather it be grades or getting other kids in trouble or complaining about how that kid is annoying. Nearly half the school day is wasted over electives and religion forced on your kid. The biggest complaint about this school is how they force religion on your child. Every week there is mass and the majority of the student body hate it. In all this school is a mess kissing up to the donors to using 3 up periods a day on religion or automatic study hall. I would not recommend this school to anyone the administration are filled with money hungry people who will be nice with you to pocket your down payment
Providence Academy offers exquisite academics that prepare one for college starting in kindergarten.
I loved my experience at Providence academy. I find that I am way more prepared for college than other kids who did not go to a college prep school.
After working at a number of highly rated schools, there is no question in my mind that PA is the best Independent School in Minnesota.
This school is extremely conservative and unlike any other school in the area. The do not in any way welcome diversity. It is a school stuck in the 1950s.
This is a wonderful school full of teachers that care and students that work hard. On top of that they actually teach values that help your kid become a better person on the inside. Providence has grown so much and now has more help for all types of learners. Thank God for this place!
Providence Academy was a wonderful and rigorous academic experience. Every class was challenging, and yet the teachers were always very eager and available to help you do your best and truly understand the information. I think that Providence prepared me better for college than any other institution could have. It taught me how to prioritize and balance my time between great extra- curricular activities, such as competitive athletics, theater, choir, various clubs, etc. offered and my academics.
I love PA! It has helped me greatly in my preparation for college, and allowed me to flourish as a student.
Providence Academy helped my son focus for a college experience. He transferred from a public h.s. and was not doing well, and not receiving much help with his studies. Providence was difficult at first, with much more homework and classroom demands. But, as he transitioned, he became a much better student, was happy to contribute in classroom discussions, and appreciated the Catholic experience. As a parent, I am happy with my son's experience at Providence Academy, and enjoy being around his lifelong friends made while attending Providence.
The school does have minorities and definitely more than Blake and Breck. The administration and some teachers have very little respect for minority parents. My daughter experienced bullying from a white parent, her teachers and administration because of her skin color ( and she's only 5). We plan to move to Blake or Breck where she will be respected.
There is something for everyone and if your student is involved in something that doesn't start right after school, they can stay in the after-school program for free, until the activity begins.
I have had three students with different ability levels graduate from Providence Academy. Providence is not just a school it is a loving and caring community. The way the school has grown the most, is in accommodating learners that may struggle or have different learning styles. The administration is very approachable and listens to the students and parents. Our daughter attended a very competitive college after Providence, where the students were asked to write essays to register for seminars taught by their most famous teachers. Being a Providence graduate, she was accepted to all she applied for because of her unique ideas, uncommon in our cookie-cutter society. Thanks Providence Academy!
The clubs are activities are a lot of fun and there is something for everyone.
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Our family has ended up moving quite often for job opportunities. The teachers at this school are the best we have ever experienced by far. They genuinely care for the students and are constantly available. One of our kids finds learning a little more difficult and has ADD. The teachers have helped him so much that he is really succeeding. The great thing about ADD kids is they like to be active. The teachers at Providence have real-world activities that he enjoys and help him get involved in the conversations. We couldn't be more assured that our kids have the best teachers.
the nurse and security guards are my homies they do a great job
absolutely incredible i have never seen a school like this
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