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I was originally planning on homeschooling my children, but then my husband got a job at Providence Academy and I realized that I could never provide the education for my children that they could here! The students that go through this school come out so well rounded in both their faith and their studies that they are ready to go conquer the world and lead the next generation! I am so happy we found this school!
Providence provides a treasure that most schools disregard: teaching students how to think and reason. The school's curriculum builds upon itself, as do most classical curricula, where students will learn about ancient, medieval, modern, and American history/literature in grades 1-4, then again in grades 5-8, and then again in the high school. This method makes it so students are able to retain more information later in their schooling since the younger kids have minds 'like sponges' and the older kids are much more focused on reasoning, argumentation, and delving deeper into these branches of the humanities. The theology, philosophy, and mathematics curricula are top-notch and stretch the students to ask difficult questions and form logical arguments.
Our teachers are excellent. They are qualified for the job and all have great communication skills and knowledge of their subjects or grade level taught. The high school has a great diversity of different teaching styles. My chidren love and respect their teachers, and the teachers have the utmost respect for each student.
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We have the fire department visit school each fall. We don't have a school nurse or any bullying services per say. Everything is handled on an individual basis. Children are overall come from caring homes, not many issues here.
Not a lot to offer being it's a small school. Track and Cross Country are offered. Schola choir before school, drama musical in the spring. Classics Festival in Spring, Social events quarterly. Student Council in high school. Geography bee and spelling bee. After school care available.
Providence Academy is a private classical education school serving Prek to 12. The children learn Greek, Latin, read classic literature and of course all the others subjects too. It is a great school that really challenges the students to strive higher and higher.
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