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We've had two children who attended Providence Academy from kindergarten through grade 12.
It prepared them both for college and even graduate school.
We would highly recommend this school.
Providence Academy has a great team of caring and highly skilled faculty and administrators. They are excellent at communicating what the purpose of the school is and the desire to assist parents in following God‘s call to make sure their children are trained up with a good education and prepared to impact their world. The leadership are good stewards of the finances entrusted to them - and they work hard to provide scholarships for those who might not be able to afford a quality, private Christian education. Sadly, not all children and teens whi are raised in Christian homes live out Christian moral principles just because they attend a private Christian school. That is to be expected, but when behavior problems do arise the leaders do attempt to deal with issues in an objective and biblical manner. I find them compassionate and ready to partner with parents and the journey of K – 12 education.
Providence has provided me a great education so far. It’s challenging but I also feel like my teachers care. I wish we had more support for the athletic programs and extracurricular clubs
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Providence Academy was the best decision I could have ever had made for me. This school instilled in me a life-long love of learning and a desire to always compete with my classmates. This is an academically rigorous school and requires much dedication and work, however, the benefits of the program and of growing up in a Christian environment can never be counted.
Providence Academy is a Christian school with excellent teachers who want to see their students succeed. The elementary section excels in improving reading and math skills of the students. The high school has a superior Latin program and Advanced Placement courses are offered in a variety of subjects. Additional AP courses are added each year. The clubs/activities available to students are diverse and include baseball team, mythology club, golf team, basketball, volleyball, soccer, chess team, robotics club, and many other options.
As you get closer to senior year, you have more course options. All of the classes are wonderful and you can take a lot away from them if you pay attention and do your homework. The workload isn't that bad, it's just a matter of getting it done.
Everyone is your guidance counselor. We don't have buses, so you either have to drive or carpool. The building is really clean, and they're adding onto the science and library wing this year.
Food is ordered from Arby's, Chick-fil-A, Barbaritos, Misaki's, Pizza Inn, and Fazoli's. Other than that, you bring your own lunch.
This school is the best way to be rooted in Christ through wonderful teachers, classes, classmates, and activities. All the classes have loving relationships with each other, and teachers are willing to be helpful at any time. The quality of education is astounding, and I would choose to start over all the way from Kindergarten if I had to.
There aren't any clubs, but you can usually find people who are interested in the same things as you. There are a few competitions for math enthusiasts, but not many. Usually the closest thing to a club is found when you participate in drama, creative writing, sports, art, or chorus.
We have cross country, soccer, baseball, basketball, and volleyball. All the facilities are great, and the whole school is very supportive of the teams. For guys who want to play football, there's a homeschool team one of the teachers started. Phys. Ed. is required until 9th grade, but after that the only real way to be physically active at school is to play sports.
we honestly have the most caring, intelligent, hard working teachers anywhere!!!!!!!
Most of the Teachers are the best and will help you in any way possible. the curriculum is hard and the work losd is heavy but it prepares you for college.
The parents are very involved! The building is newer so the everything is up to date. Lots of college prep courses. Updated technology and lots of access to tutoring!
Educationally very prepared! The school is small and a Christian School. Most schools are not like that so you will be faced with situations that you have not encountered before.
We order from local restaurants and it is great
The Teachers are Great! The polices are the same as other schools and are strictly enforced
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We have a club SGA. This club do many things for the student body such as movie nights, cookouts etc.... We have Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Track, and Volleyball.
We have a very safe school! We have an RN at the school at all times! The school has zero tolerance for bulling.
I have been at Providence Academy for 13 years. I began in kindergarden and graduated this year. The school teaches classical education and Biblical principals in all subjects. I believe i am more prepared for college because of the demanding workload I love the school and am so glad i was able to attend there.
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