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Protestant Reformed & Heritage Christian Schools Reviews

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I have a very good experience with Heritage Christian High School. The classes that are offered are challenging but will prepare students for college if it's in thier future. The teachers are very willing to help students who struggle or have questions. It is a very good environment between the students. Our school offers extracurricular activities such as sports and robotics. This is a great way for students to show their talents outside of their schoolwork. Overall, our Christian high school is a wonderful school and I am very happy with it.
This school is very safe. I do not ever feel unsafe. All precautions are taken when there are possible threats in the area.
I love student council. It's s great way for the kids to have their voice heard and be able to contribute to the daily activities in the school.
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This school is unique because of its Christian atmosphere where the teachers and students alike respect eachother for their like faith and beliefs. I'd go so this school again because of the good education they give as well as the care they gave to individual students alike.
The teachers over all go the extra mile for the kids especially when they are struggling. The take the time to get to know their students and respect them which earns respect both ways. Their relationship with the students shows in and out of the classroom and it's great!
This school is very unique. It's a high school of less than 50 kids all together, and 5 teachers. The teachers know all the students personally and help us with all of our needs individually, which is great. But the problem with a small school is that you're stuck with the same people for four years and know everyone's secrets and personal life. We do get along quite well though. This school is run by parents, not the government, and tuition is very high. It is a private school, and all of us are Protestant Reformed Christians. We are taught everything based off those beliefs. One downside of the school is that it is very difficult. Also, because it is so small, some important classes aren't taught, such as home economics. Overall, it is a good school and I'm glad my parents sent me there.
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