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Although I have loved my time at Prosser High School, I wouldn't say that I am the least bit sad about leaving it after my four years attending. The facility and its teachers are run down, but the overall feel of school spirit is still there and shines through in our sports and club activities. The community is always very involved and aware of events going on and we may be small but we are mighty when we are united.
At Prosser High School, I have had some incredible teachers who created classes that I looked forward to every day. But I have also had teachers who don't seem to care very much about whether or not their students actually do well in their class and learn something. How well my classmates and I did and how much we learned depended on who the teacher was. Overall, I have had a very good experience at Prosser High School. But I would have liked to see more academic consistency throughout the school.
Prosser High School is a small school of only about 1,000 students. It's also very old. Everyone knows each other and drama spreads like a wildfire. The way people act there is simply toxic. Food is decent, because they do give you the option of nachos, burritos, and sandwiches on a daily basis. Moreover, some teachers are helpful, but now that I'm in college, I can see that they need more improvement.
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I loved how it was such a small school so everyone new everyone and all the assemblies always Included all the students.
Great teachers, they put their students before themselves and make do with what they have. I felt that I received a quality education, and that I wasn't cheated out of anything.
I'm attending Prosser High school. This school had leaks in the ceiling. That's why I would like to see a new school but, that wont be a problem anymore because were getting a new school. I enjoyed the assemblies at our school and how involved every student is in our school. Teachers and students find ways to help our community. Whether its from fundraisers to donations but, they always seem to find a way to help. The staff in our school are always motivated to help the students. The students are friendly with each other from what I've encountered. I enjoyed attending Prosser high school and I hope future generations will too.
My experience at this High school was great there was a lot of people willing to help you get ready for college. They had good programs for us seniors. Also they had so much great activities for the community that high schools have provided. Another thing is Prosser high school has tutoring for everyone they will help you.
Prosser High School is an old building, the oldest in Benton County. They have a new school in schedule to build, but it's long over due.
There's no personal space in this school because the school is over crowded. We have students from Paterson come in because they don't have a high school. So you often meet new people as the years go on. They community can also be very friendly.
The arts program is not looked at enough. There has been times where kids have reacted surprised at the fact that there is a matching band. There's one theatre class and nearly nobody knows what it is about. The theater club only received attention the second night of a preformance, and often the preformances are excellent. A yearbook class is pushed to the back of the school for one period and is not really recognized. Many people don't understand what yearbook is or what yearbook does. The main point is that the art program is not the biggest priority.
I enjoyed the teachers that i was given. They are trully thre to help the students learn. the downside to this school is the facilites. The school is extreamly old and is in diere need of a new school.
My experience at Prosser High School, wasn't the greatest, sports seems to be the main focus. I didn't really get the help I needed, during my freshman, sophomore, and junior year. My senior I had a lot of great teachers, who pushed me and stayed after school hours, to get to be able to walk the stage with my classmates. I feel as though the school shows favoritism to students who do sports, as to students who are in club activities, or aren't involved in any way. Teachers need to have a better connection with students, in order to help them with struggles they have in certain subjects
What I enjoyed about Prosser High School is that you a getting a quality education. Although the school falls apart as we learn it is still a great school that provides a well rounded experience of classes. Prosser High School offers a limited About of AP Classes, but that is okay because they offer them. There is a variety of classes however there are more vocational classes then anything.
What I like about Prosser High is how we are very big on tradition. I also like how some teachers make you feel so great about yourself and really make you learn something in there classes. But what Prosser could change is their dress code it is absolutely ridiculous and it is very annoying how they are constantly sending students down to either change their clothing or go home. We also need to get a new school because it is so old it's falling apart. But overall It has some good and bad to it.
the teachers are great. But there isn't a big variety of classes to take. The workload is average depending on the classes you take, but its usually very manageable.
Since this school is very small, some of the students don't go down the right path. But there are amazing students who are intuitive with learning and are excited about going to class.
Although, there are many clubs; not many students actively go to club meetings. The most popular club is FFA.
Prosser is a small community, that comes with a great staff. Being a mustang comes with great pride, Prosser is great because of the high quality teachers and students willing to learn.
The teacher's are of the highest quality. They will do whatever it takes to help a student if they also make the effort to learn the material.
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The athletic department is great compared to the majority of the schools environment
Prosser High School has a great set of staff and teacher as well as a great curriculum however the technology and constant maintenance Needed to the school is overwhelming as well as disappointing for an 80 year old school
The link crew group help the freshmen feel more secure about high school and make sure they know they have people who care
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