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Prosser Career Academy is an amazing high school that offers a variety of programs that will guided students in certain paths as they go through life. These programs help prepare students be successful and prepared for long term careers. Prosser also has many after school activities such as sports and clubs that will prepare these students if they want to continue pursuing these activities after high school into college and life.
Prosser is a great school if you are a hard-working and open-minded student. The IB program is great for college readiness and preparing students for the future. Many students here are starting clubs. Recently, Prosser received $12 million to go towards the CTE program so the shops will be really good for those seeking career readiness in culinary, automotive, gaming, air conditioning, digital media etc
I attended Prosser at point much change went on. CPS budget cuts lead to teachers being laid off. ACT switched to SAT. Librarian laid off so the library was open like only a quarter of the time I was there. Due to the surrounding neighborhood many student attending don’t care about their education.
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Prosser is a very well rounded high school and the teachers are a great help to the students. I can always go to all of my teachers for help when I need it and all of the staff members are very friendly.
Attending Prosser Career Academy, you are surrounded with a bunch of different and open-minded people. I love how thoughtful and driven the teachers are, considering how they push students to do better. I like the activities and clubs that are here. Honestly, I wouldn't change anything.
I really like that it has honor, AP, and IB programs. Lots of after school activities. If you join these programs you may have to do community hours.
So far, throughout my three years of being at prosser. It's been quite a rollercoaster. My freshmen and sophomore year I kinda slacked off a bit but the teachers as well as my friends sophomore pushed me further than I ever thought I could go. I'm currently a junior in highschool with straight A's and I intend to keep it that way the rest of the year.
Prosser is a very good school which prepares students for future careers and college. One thing that is very special about this school and makes it different from others is that it has classes like auto technician and carpentry which provides them with field experience for future job opportunities without taking them out of their comfort zone and making them stressful because they are only there for experience and are not being forced to be perfect at it. This school also have many teachers who show patience and are willing to work with students until they understand the topic they are being taught. Overall the school does need improvements in facilities but are outstanding in everything that they do for the students and prepare them for their future.
overall, good high school. All the teachers are very friednly. There is a lot opportunities to take at Prosser. Its good with academics and teachers wont ignore students if they are struggling with their classes.
What I like about Prosser Career Academy is that it strives towards excellence and provides many resources for students. I like that at Prosser Career Academy there is a lot clubs and activities for students and that the school is very productive with many events and clubs. What I wish could change would be the cafeteria lunch and also the way students behave.
Prosser is a decent school. The people there are friendly and welcoming. Like any other highschool there are bound to be fights and battles amongst other students. It’s a place i enjoy attending on a daily basis. I dont hate school or Prosser specifically. I just feel like the whole CPS public school system can be better all around. Theres too many rules that hold students back from reaching their full potential due to strict rules we are required to follow. Prosser is so exception except they tend to follow the rules more strictly in order to make sure the students are safe and well taken care of.
Prosser like any highschool is distinguished by its staff, students, and modules of the building, but thoughout living a life as a teen it can be tough, but the counselors will always make it their priority that your happiness is at first.
I really enjoyed going to school at Prosser. It is a diverse school with great teachers and staff. The teachers want you to succeed.
I like that Prosser is a small school. Some of the teachers and staff are very involved with the students. The security at the school take their jobs very seriously and promote a safe environment. Prosser has a wide variety of clubs and sports that are easy to join.
It was a good experience, nothing I would personally change. It was very diverse, good class sizes and many opportunities to help prepare students for the future. They have very good counselors who guide students and great teachers.
Prosser Career Academy is a place where you can really get involved due to sports and clubs. You can also engage and have a one on one relation with your teachers. The counselors are always there to make sure you are on track. They have different programs that help students achieve success academically. Their programs are the IB programs, CTE and One Goal. They also offer the ROTC program that a lot of students take advantage of. It's not very diverse when it comes to students but the teachers do come from different backgrounds. The student capacity is around 800 students.
Prosser career academy is a great school with many good students who all care about each other and make learning fun and interesting.
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Prosser is a great school,the teachers actually care about you and they help with school problems and even Home problems.My teachers are like family. The only thing I would change about my school is how out dated it is.
Walking into high school is just such a good feeling. When I came to Prosser I loved how kind everyone was and how they tried to get to know you. Its like once you get in the school and get to know most of the staff members its like you have a distant family whom you see everyday. Being at Prosser I learn that you cant trust everybody which is also like a life lesson. You meet so many new people that you wanna open yourself up so that the can open their self up. People are really sneaky. Over my 4 years much has changed Prosser became a Level 1 school. We even got new teachers. The one thing I dislike about the school is that they make the IB program seem like its all that when it really isnt. There is not much I know of at prosser that I feel need to be changed bt over all I like its a good school.
Prosser was a great school. The kids are smart there. The staff wasn't helpful as much . I would reccommend students to go here instead of foreman high school.
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