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I have attended Prosper ISD schools, and my experience with them and with Prosper High School specifically have been very good. Prosper expects the best from their students, creating a competitive but kind environment.
Great quality education, excellent opportunities offered here. Would like to see change in the ‘open mindedness’ regarding minorities.
My experience has been great all 4 four years of high school. The education level is way higher and much more challenging from where I moved from. I love my teachers, they are always there for me and I can come to them for help. I would change the food.
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I love that everyone is so involved in the sports here and that everyone attends the events making them more fun. Most of the teachers also really care about their students and their future. They help prepare us for college and give us tips and resources. I wish that we would have an opportunity to have the same lunch with all our friends and have it not be divided up.
I enjoyed all of the different technology classes I could take, like computer science, animation, and graphic design. Unlike high schools I saw when I was in California, there are way more options to choose from with classes in general in Prosper High School.
I like the ability to connect with my teachers throguh open communication and flexible tutoring times. i would change the schedule for its very difficult for new stuents and incoming frshmen to figure out the school layout and find their classes which makes the whole high school experience even more stressful.
When we first moved to Texas, we moved to the North Dallas area so our kids could attend Prosper High School. We are so glad we did! There is a small town attitude with huge school spirit and pride! We even won the state cup for 5A last year!
Prosper High School is an ever-growing community of academically strong, involved students. Everyone in the district has school spirit for every team; from football to volleyball, marching band to theatre, there is always teachers, students, and administrators there to support the Prosper Eagles.
I am a senior at Prosper High School, and the school and community has changed immensely in many ways since I was a freshman. I have had a good high school career at this school. This school has given me priceless opportunities- I have started a club, was able to take Dual Credit courses, have great experiences in the health science field, and so much more. I love that Prosper is becoming much more diverse as well. The academics are great. I have always felt safe on campus. Facilities are very nice. There are opportunities for everyone at this school, which is one of my favorite things about PHS.
The school itself is amazing; large building with beautiful architecture and many additions that make the building great (aka a food court with actual restaurants, vending machines, a chromebook cart for each classroom). The school is well known for many things, including school spirit, a renowned speech and debate program, a newly revised theatre department, and many excelling sports teams. Classes are either on-level, Pre-AP, or AP. There is an opportunity to take an AP course in 9th grade - this is a wonderful choice on the school’s part and each student that successfully passes the exam feels a lot more prepared for college! My only concern is that there are too many students in the hallway; sometimes it takes almost the whole 6-minute passing period to get to my next class because of the sheer size of the gaggle of students in the hallway. You do find different routes, though, and everything else in this school is so fantastic that that just has to be overlooked.
Prosper High School is full of opportunity and greatness. The majority of the faculty strive to spread greatness to their students, permitting endless success and growth to those they reach. From a students perspective, the school is full of pride and spirit. Without a doubt, there is an endless amount of clubs and organizations to get involved in thus allowing a positive social life and experience throughout the 4 years you are here. I can only ask for a strengthened math department when teaching algebra due to its necessity in most college majors. In addition to this, PHS has certainly diversified throughout my four-year attendance, however, in comparison to the surrounding schools, it is one of the least diversified of the area. Regardless, the various programs, opportunities, spirit, and the intelligence that radiates throughout this school outweigh the bad - making Prosper High school truly great.
Prosper High School is an amzing place to learn. There ar not many people in a class, about 25, so you really have a personal relationship with your teachers. I moved last year and the highschool community is very friendly. The sports facilities are state of the art as well. Overall, the highschool is great.
Prosper High School has all the resources that students need in order to prepare for college. The school hosts monthly pep rallies to help engage students and teach them about the Prosper Spirit. There are many celebrations to support our sports teams each time they compete. Teachers at Prosper work extremely hard to help their students become successful both academically and outside the classroom. The food at the high school is amazing and includes Pizza hut, Chick Fill-a, and Panera bread. The Administration works tirelessly to ensure Prosper High School is safe for students and creates the ideal environment for kids to learn.
My prosper High School experience was an amazing 4 years of my life. every thing there is amazing. and i never want to graduate because it is such a good time at the school.
Prosper has a terrific high school. I attended Prosper High School all four years. I was very involved in different activities. I was the French Club President, a varsity cheerleader, and an athletic trainer. I made life long friends and even my met my husband.
It was a small high school and it had cliques. I liked all the options for lunch (burger king, salad bar, pizza hut,etc. ) and most of the people were friendly. The assemblies every week were fun. I didn't like the strict dress code.
The admin covers up problems to maintain their image instead of fixing issues. The main focus is sports & socioeconomic status. Teachers are terrified of parents due to threatening emails from parents of students who don't do well. There hasn't been blatant discrimination of students from certain minorities (religious and LGBT+), but it is still present. Most of the school come from well-off families of the Christian faith who affiliate with the Republican party. The dress code is very unfair. If you don't comply, you are forced to change into sweatpants and a large shirt, which can cause damage to self-esteem. Many students abuse drugs such as weed, otc medications, and vapes. The situation with vaping got so bad this year, bathroom doors got taken off. The school is overcrowded, & every class has 30 students or more. Most of the faculty are nice & helpful. The facilities are state of the art, & the AP & GT programs are great. The students & admin have ruined this once great school.
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I have been attending Prosper ISD schools for six years of my academic career. As I am about to enter my senior year at Prosper High School, I have been very involved in academics and UIL sports at the high school. I attend many AP classes that have done a great job preparing me for AP test and college level learning. I also play soccer for the high school and the athletic programs are the best. Students athletes must maintain all passing grades along with a clear behavior record. This holds true to all sport too. I am also involved in the Sports Medicine program which has been absolutely amazing experience and has definitely impacted what I will be majoring in in college. As for the staff and the administration, they are very good at making sure special cases of students are met. They try their best to accommodate for all students which can be extremely hard with the pace that Prosper is growing at.
Although this school is supposed to be one of the stricter ones, the admin and teachers are not consistent with the rules. Students can only get ahead if they come from a family with money. Student rank isn't accurate because parents can get their children's grades changed with threats. Prosper people are very snobby and selfish. There are so many kids in the school and all the bad kids are getting transferred once they are kicked out of their own highschool. Drugs are a problem.
Honestly the school itself is much better than most, the academics, facilities and food options are amazing. However, it's ridiculously over-crowded. When we got the new principal the school spirit kind of plummeted because administration made a lot of decisions that were very unpopular.
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