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Prospects High (Alternative) Reviews

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I like the safety and resources, as well as the support the school counselor, Lisa Starr gave. I wished that there were more staff members like this. The ones there are very cruel to the students.
not a real school feeling yet will graduate early

admin tries hard but doesnt work well with students

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There aren't any sports teams because it is an alternative school but the students are allowed to pursue sports outside of school. However, there is always a good amount of school spirit.
The teachers at this school are amazing! Every single one that I've met has been extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. Grading is always fair and you receive the grade that you earn. They engage with the students and ultimately become like friends.
There aren't any extreme rules that have to be obeyed and students have a lot of freedom. In my opinion, about 95% of the staff is very helpful and a pleasure to be around.
I've never seen anyone bullying or being bullied. I never have seen any security there, so to me it wasnt as safe as other schools are in the area. I dont think i even seen a school nurse. I realize that it isnt a regular school but all of those things need to be considerd and should be at that school. Other then that the teachers were great, there are the reason I finshed school they helped me so much.
The principals are very involved as well as the guidence counsler. There very on you about the dress code they even apply the dress code top the parents. The office staff is amazing, very respectful. But none of then compare to the teachers who to me are absolutly perfect.
I wouldnt be where I am today without them.
The teachers there are great. They make sure you understand the material, they work with you when you need extra help. I have had more then one tacher help me at the same time. They take there timeto make sure you dont leave not understanding. If it werent for the teachers I had I wouldnt have graduated.
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