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I have been at PRA since kindergarten and haven’t has the best experiences. I’m currently in middle school and my brother is in 5th grade. The first few years it was great, but by the time 5th grade came around, I started struggling. It was difficult for me to find the help I needed at the school, and when I did it just wasn’t enough. I’m a smart student in honours classes but often struggle in my math. I understand the material, I just can’t do it very well, I often seek out help only to be more confused. I wouldn’t recommend this school if you have any learning difficulties, as one of my closest friends has been scolded by teachers for this. You also have to teach yourself a lot, which is a good skill, but having it shoved on you like this isn’t the way to go about it.
Prospect Ridge Academy has a strong academic focus, and most of the teachers exemplify this, especially the History Department and the Literature departments. Every Thursday we have a time known as 'peak' time and some of the lessons are useful, but others are not valuable because we have been told the same information for all of our lives. We also participate in clubs for half of this time. And clubs are okay, but there are limited options and some of the teachers are taking over the student leadership.
The dress code is good becuase of the changes Thomas Dilts made, but it is only addressed to certain people. Overall the environment is friendly, the people you met are nice and care about you. It is easy to find your place at this school.
This is a great school in terms of academics and college-prep, but you won't necessarily get the classic "high school experience." That being said, I have loved going here, and the teachers are nothing short of incredible.
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Prospect Ridge Academy was a great school overall. My only issue with the school was the strict administration.
I love the fact that PRA is so small, as it gives the feeling of a family. Everyone has each other's backs and can talk to anyone. However, the work can be challenging and sometimes too much, especially if you are taking all honors classes.
Very college prep, and a great environment. So many passionate teachers. The school does require a bit of academic drive in order to succeed.
I love Prospect Ridge Academy because it provides superior academics and prepares you very well for college. Most of the teachers are supportive and the majority of students are inclusive, kind, and friendly. My only problem with this school is the ridiculously harsh dress code and the excessive pressure put on students regarding college and graduating. However, the kind and supportive environment has put me on a track to succeed.
As someone who has been going to this school since the beginning, I can say with confidence it has grown a lot. Many of the students here are dedicated to academics, but we also aren't bad at sports (many of our teams advanced to state this year). Also, because so many of us are invested in academics, I have never witnessed any bullying due to people being "nerds." However, we have had some serious problems regarding racism.
The teachers here are a little hit or miss, you could get a really good or a really bad teacher, however, we seem to have strong English and science teachers, and not so great math teachers.
Seniors also have to do a capstone project, which is a great experience, even though it is really stressful. The support for that gets better and better each year. There is also a focus on getting into college, and we have a couple resident adults to help us with the college process.
Prospect Ridge is very good for students who can teach themselves in an effective way. The teachers are only there to make sure that you're on track and will teach yourself everything you need to learn. Don't go here if you're not interested in math and science. There are also super unhealthy options available at the cafeteria. The students are very involved with themselves and their own friend groups, and no one else.
PRA has excellent academics, supportive staff, and a close-knit community. People help each other up and it has always been a friendly place.
I am a middle school student at prospect ridge academy, It is a pretty good school. I like most of the staff (i have been there since kinder garden). There are a few things that I would change about the school; the wording of the dress code (and also modify it just a bit to be less strict) and the website. The dress code can be very hard to understand, and when I ask a teacher if something is allowed, they tell me that they aren't sure and to double check with the principle
Prospect Ridge Academy is a fairly new charter school. I attended it from its opening year in 2011, my 6th-grade year, to 2018, graduating as the first class. I adored the staff, students, and the overall environment. Due to its smaller size, I was able to form genuine relationships with my teachers; I'm currently in my second semester at Baylor University, but I still go back to visit all of my high school teachers. The academics were incredibly strong and the school harbored some insanely smart kids. I loved my experience at Prospect Ridge Academy, and credit it with my academics successes today.
The school is a very good school. The teachers know what they are talking about and are very active in the students ability to learn. They are all willing to do what they can to help you achieve success. The school also has good access to the internet. The school also encourages athleticism and want to produce well rounded students in all areas of academics. There are also plenty of AP classes for those who want a challenge led by great teachers.
PRA has excellent academics and culture, but it is not very diverse at all. The drawbacks of a small school are also prevalent through relatively smal class selection and club choices.
Exceptional college prep education. Safe environment with great teachers. We have been at the school for seven years and have been very happy with our experience. My kids were able to play multiple sports and be part of the school plays which probably would not have happened at a larger school.
I love Prospect Ridge Academy! It has great teachers and academics; the staff is able to create a personal relationship with the students.
Academics are challenging and as a relatively new school, they are growing in creating a community in activities they offer. The counselling department is still not quite as involved with all students and some students tend to get pushed aside and not get the help especially regarding college planning because they are not "drama" kids who are in the office every other day.
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I love Prospect Ridge Academy, not only for their academics but for their staff. They are a collage based school and push you to your highest point. The teachers are always willing to help anybody out, and the seem like they actually enjoy coming to school everyday. If I could change one thing about the school, I would like to see more of an option for electives to take.
I moved to Prospect Ridge my senior year and it was the best academic decision I have made so far. They really prepare you for college and help you in the application processes. The teachers willing spend their time to help you properly learn and teach you how to think critically. Overall, it’s a great school and I’m proud to be a miner!
Prospect Ridge Academy is a college prep school. For me this has seemed to not take effect until senior year for me. Some teachers are great and always will to help you, on the other hand there are some teachers that are the complete opposite. This is the 5th year of the high school being open which does cause it to have poor school culture and the facilities are not yet complete. I believe that as the school ages the culture will improve as well as the facilities. The administration at this school is currently not the best fit for this school. Prospect Ridge Academy has potential to be a great school but is not quite there yet.
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