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Prospect Mountain High School was a decent school, though it often didn't step beyond it's necessary function. For some, this is ideal. It is a relatively clean and safe environment. Some teachers were better than others, but there was a general feeling of support. There were numerous extracurricular activities available, and students were pushed to join things that they would enjoy. In regards to college selection, there was an evident push for everyone to go to college and preferably to a four-year institution, which doesn't work for everyone. Personalizing that process would be ideal for future generations, to allow people to pursue what truly interests them and to avoid pushing people into a situation they aren't ready for that they then have to pay for.
I love prospects teachers, they are all amazing and want to see you succeed. There are many options for everyone in the after school clubs, like robotics, outing club, and theater. The education is amazing but I think that high school really holds your hand and lets go at graduation. There are too many teachers who will walk you through everything and make sure you have a perfect grade, which for some people, is too easy and they need a challenge like me.
The administration plays to their favorites, as does the teachers with children as students. There are some awesome teachers there, but also some awful ones.
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I like the teachers and the amount of classes they have and different subjects the offer. The VLACS, running start and E-start courses help too. The counselors also are very helpful in taking the time to answer questions and help with academics, scheduling, and planning for the future. The food is good also, lots of choices.
Great school, great staff, great education! I loved my 4 years here and it really prepared me for college and what to expect!
Prospect is a very safe place where the teachers support you and help you through your college experience.
I love this small high school out in the woods. The teachers and students are prideful in what we do along with the ever lasting support. I want to say everyone is going to be lasting best friends, but it'd high school so here you'll have a few ever lasting friends. I couldn't ask for a better experience.
The teachers get to know their students so well, and it makes it easier to feel comfortable getting help. Despite being a small school, there are plenty of opportunities for extra-curricular activities. Generally the student body gets along well together as a whole--there's very little fighting or aggression in the school environment, making it a safe and happy place to be.
My high school experience has been great so far. I have an excellent relationship with all of my teachers, and have felt like I have always been apart of the school. I also feel like I am always challenged in my classes and that they are preparing me for college. There is a great selection of honor and AP level classes, and a lot of my friends feel the same about being college ready. The school does a lot of really great things and is always involved.
I was new here my senior year and it was a very easy transition because of the amazing music department, and the wonderful teachers. The students were also very welcoming for the most part.
Prospect Mountain High School is a fun and safe environment. They take their mission statement seriously, every staff member is dedicated to personalize education in order to maximize every student’s success!
I have enjoyed my years at PMHS. Most of the staff is very compassionate and willing to work with you.
PMHS is fantastic in terms of its academic programs and facilities, but many of the students don't realize how lucky they are to have this school.
I like how involved some teachers are, but there are some that are just mean and target some students because they dont like them. Overall it's a good school but I still wish we had a football team
The sports programs at Prospect have always been competitive, especially the boys varsity soccer team, and it's been fun participating in that. The facilities are fairly new and nice, most teachers are easy to work with, and the guidance department is extremely helpful in preparing the students for college.
Prospect Mountain, while a small school, is a school that really cares about its students. The teachers are engaged, fun, and care a lot about the students. They offer the chance to personalize your education, guiding students to learn how to achieve on their own, but are there to help every step of the way.
What I liked about Prospect Mountain High School was the student life, and support. You get support from so many different sources. Coaches, teachers, friends, administrators, counselors, etc. If you had a problem so many people were fully prepared to help you through it and I really liked that. I also like how, because it's such a small school, each class is so close. My class of 2017 particularly, we're all friends. It doesn't matter if we like each other or not we can hangout and talk to any single one and be comfortable and that's such a good environment I was so lucky to have.
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Prospect was a great school and helped to foster me into the fiery font of ambition that I am today as well as helping me onto the path of success with such dreams. The teachers are largely good as is the culture of the school and its academics.
The school didn't seem too special when I graduated, but then going to college and hearing others experiences, I realized I had a really good deal. The teachers and the education were both superior and supportive to those of my college classmates. You can't fault the school for it's lack of diversity, considering that we're ina 98% white state and they housed only the combination of two little towns in New Hampshire.
Prospect Mountain has a great slew of leaders who are open to new ideas, the teachers are good, and the environment is very safe while also offering liberty. You don't have people breathing down your neck about the rules and making the environment uncomfortable, but there is also no tolerance for anything serious, like fighting. Overall, the school is great and I would definitely go here if I had to do high school over again.
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