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Prospect Hill Academy Charter School Reviews

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I liked that the teachers cared about your education. I also liked that the school was more focused on the academic aspect of it all. The school even though it had its flaws with the campus not being nice and fancy. The school was full of great people who want to see you succeed.
My overall experience with Prospect Hill Academy Charter School is that when it comes to academics and preparing you for college it exceeds all others. PHA strives to ensure all of its students are prepared for college and make sure they succeed in college. Since it's a very small school we have small classes sizes of 15-20 students per class and we aren't just a face in a crowd.
PHA is good on the academics. I recommend this school for any parent who wants their child to be ready for college.
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I am an alum who went to PHA for 9 years. PHA has such a supportive community and an amazing College Prep Program, the counselors are some of the best. However I think that PHA can improve its athletics that are offered and facilities as well with more funding.
Prospect Hill Academy used to be such an amazing school! With the new administration that has been hired that have zero knowledge about a diverse community. The new faculty has been handling all situations incorrectly and very unprofessionally. This school once used to be something to be proud about, now as a student, I feel ashamed.
I attended Prospect Hill Academy Charter School since kindergarten until I graduated. It prepared well enough to be ready to tackle any obstacle in college. I was fortunate enough to develop close-knit relationships with teachers that have helped me be successful in my studies and develop as a well-rounded person overall. My experience at PHA was truly memorable and they continue to stay in contact with me even after graduation, helping me through college.
Prospect Hill Academy Charter School is the place to be if you want to be surrounded by people from all walks of life and by those who are eager to see you succeed. In the beginning if my high school experience at Prospect Hill Academy, I felt lost. But over the years, I began to find myself through the small charter school that consists of both peers and faculty members who want the best for you not only in high school, but for the many years after that. With our strong school spirit, we don't have the necessary facilities to make Prospect Hill Academy the best it can be. These facilities include a gym and an auditorium. With a gym, students will have more of a drive to be active in the school's sports teams. With an auditorium, we'd have more opportunities to come together as a school and celebrate our greatness with one another in a space that is ours.
I loved my time in Prospect Hill. Everyone knows each other and it feels like all the teachers and students are your family. The academics are amazing too. This school definitely prepared me for college.
I am an uprising senior at Prospect Hill Academy. My experience at my school has prepared me to understand what success in college entails. My school presents many opportunities for students with school clubs and local programs promoting career training. In my Junior year 22 students and I participated in our annual Junior Journey program, a trip to Guatemala on a service trip teaching students of San Pedro English. I appreciate Prospect Hill implementing restorative practices in our classes and throughout the school's community. Restorative circles in Advisory allowed students and I to voice our opinions on current events. Restorative Justice has created an engaging learning environment for my peers to enhance more research and share it with others. As president of my Senior Class, I enjoy our students voicing notions in our school. All in all, my experience at Prospect Hill Academy has been exceptional and worth lasting from academics to community bonding.
This is a good school in terms of getting your child ready for college. The college counselors there are a great help from the college essay to FAFSA.
Currently I am a junior and I have enjoyed my years at PHA. I have been here from Kindergarten and met some of my best friends, as long as some of the weirdest. PHA is one of those schools where you want to get out of it so badly, but when you leave you'll want to do it all again. PHA is and will always be a great school to attend that ensures your child will be pushed beyond their limits.
I've attended Prospect Hill Academy Charter School since I was 5 years old and they helped me grow so much as a student and person. They're an amazing charter school with teachers and administrators who really care about the children and their well being. Jed Lippard was also the BEST head of school a child or school could ever ask for.
What I liked about Prospect Hill Academy is that it was a small school so everyone knew each other and was friends with each. We were also able to have more support and one on one time with my teachers which made it easier for me to be successful in my all of my classes. One thing I want to see different is to see students being more engaged in the club activities that the school has. I feel as if the clubs we have are not intriguing the students. We need to come up with activities/clubs that will engage the students and spark their interest.
The teachers were very attentive and payed attention the the successes of their students. Clubs and activities were very limited and academics were sometimes poor but overall, they tried their best to prepare all students for college life.
The curriculum is excellent. I know for a fact that my children are learning and they'll be ready to attend any college to want and can afford.
It could be better. Many companies in the area offer help which contributes to the success of this school extracurricular activities. We have one in particular The Possible Project which is a center that teaches high school student to start and run their own business. Both my daughter participate and they are both very successful running their beauty business.
Again, charter school have very limited resources therefore many teacher don't stay for a long time. The ones that do, have a good relationship with students and parents. One thing I love about this school is that they are very proactive in communicating with parent regardless of bad or good new. If my students had misbehaved I will get a call, text or email an the same goes when my student has done something amazing. Students and teachers are equaled recognized.
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Charters have very limited resources however I do believe they are doing a good job providing students with lectures and bring outside professional to help and school the student in the areas of health including personal safety, health and security.
College Readiness is the school strongest point.
School always cooking up new ways to develop additional extracurricular activities
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