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When I came to Prospect High is was an alright school, the class selection was good and the school environment is also fun and a lot of positive energy. Over the years however I've seen the school change for the better and see more classes provided and the staff really pushing students for college readiness. As much as I complain about all the requirements the school sets up, I'm glad we have then since it really helps a lot of students become eligible for college. Most of the staff members really do care for their students and really do show that they want to best for us. A lot of the classes really do challenge students but in a good way and really pushes students for their best.
It was an average school all around. There was enough funding for sports and for basic classroom needs but it often felt like resources were lacking to improve the experience of students from historically underrepresented communities.
Prospect has been a comfortable, safe, forward-thinking, inclusive environment for the students. Even through some administrative change-ups, the benefits outweigh the downfalls and the positive attitude is apparent in the role models on staff and in volunteers. The facility has improved, though the construction takes a while, the environment is kept safe.
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Prospect is a decent public high school. There are a lot of fun sports to play and clubs to join, and with the classes if you work hard it shouldn't be too bad.
The school a positive, safe environment with many things to get involved with. But, some of the teachers are not high quality and this detracts from course quality in some subjects.
Prospect High School has treated me very well so far. Everywhere you walk you see the diversity all throughout the school. Most teachers teach very well but there are a few who could improve. So far I have been kind of prepared before taking tests but again, some teachers do not prepare you. I love the school community and am very proud to be a panther.
School culture and participation in school events are really important to me and make high school a lot better, but it seems like there wasn’t a big emphasis on it. It could’ve been a lot better because it has been in the past.
Only a couple decent classes based on the teachers and little school spirit. But if you make the most out of it, it can be fun.
Prospect was a good place to spend four years though there is always room for improvement. Until very recently they did not have enough seating for lunch and students would very often have to sit on the curb to eat. They do not have a huge diversity of electives due to budget restrictions which made it hard to really get exposure to a variety of fields. They recently put up fences for safety purposes but the gym does not have AC. The teachers are great and hard working and they are highly acclaimed in academics. Overall it was a good experience.
It was okay, average teachers, some really good teachers. Just okay campus life, not a whole ton of diversity. Just okay administrators, not the best counselors.
Only a few of the faculty truly and genuinely care about the students' futures and well beings. Facilities are mainly outdated and in need of lots of renovation. The number of impactful faculty can be counted on one hand.
Prospect is a school that is on the smaller side compared schools.The teachers here care about your success and just this year they are making a lot of improvements due to our new principal.For awhile , We had no place to sit during lunches or great water fountains but now we do. The new principal had definitely changed the atmosphere on campus but in my time here before that not much was changed about what they give to students.
Offer more help to students in how to apply to colleges, receive financial aid, look for scholarships. They should also offer help for students who decide to not take the college route, such as credit cards, loans, car payments, and how to buy a house.
Some of the staff is very unwelcoming and doesn’t seem to care at all. But fortunately majority of the staff and teachers and passionate about what the teach. The school and district needs to fund the arts more since that section is always ignored and teachers have to rely on student donations to do some projects. The food is okay, but the popcorn is very good. Overall is a pretty basic high school
My experience at Prospect High School has been very memorable. The administration is wonderful, personally I thought the science teachers were excellent and were very knowledgeable on what they were teaching. The math department could use some improvement. I was involved in sports (swimming) and has a great experience. The team truly felt like a family. What I like most about Prospect is how diverse it is. There are people from many different places and backgrounds. We also had many fun social events, some that were unique just to Prospect, such as morning roar and color chaos. The school is also currently having a lot of construction and remodeling, so the campus will soon be upgraded and with more buildings and resources.
What I like about Prospect is that there are a lot of teachers who really care about their student's success and provide a very supportive environment for them. However, I think Prospect seriously lacks in after school clubs and activities and students could have more of an identity in school if there were more of those.
Going to Prospect changed my life for the better. This is where I really grew into myself, and figured out who I am and who I want to be. The administration had some ups and downs but the deans were quite resilient in the circumstances they had to face. Never was their anger misplaced or were overly harsh for no reason. Our counselors when I first arrived at Prospect were not as understanding as I know most students, as well as myself, would've wanted. Often it seemed as though keeping a student in a class they couldn't succeed in was more important than letting them out. However, I saw a change in this mentality as I neared the end of high school. Most of my teachers were kind people and I knew they were trying their best in every aspect they could. The math department is notoriously bad.
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I like how everyone likes to help each other and how your counselors do anything in order to get your grades up. I just wish there was better food.
I've been at Prospect High School for four years now, and I can say that one of the best things about Prospect High School is that it is very diverse, and people generally respect each other despite differences.
overall, my experience at Prospect High School was was pretty average. There isn't too much school spirit though. The only time people show the most spirit is during homecoming week, but the rest of the year no one really seems to care. However, the thing I appreciate most about prospect is the diversity. there is no ethnicity that makes up most of the schools population and there are no cliques. Most people know each other and get along well.
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