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What I like about Prospect is that there are a lot of teachers who really care about their student's success and provide a very supportive environment for them. However, I think Prospect seriously lacks in after school clubs and activities and students could have more of an identity in school if there were more of those.
Going to Prospect changed my life for the better. This is where I really grew into myself, and figured out who I am and who I want to be. The administration had some ups and downs but the deans were quite resilient in the circumstances they had to face. Never was their anger misplaced or were overly harsh for no reason. Our counselors when I first arrived at Prospect were not as understanding as I know most students, as well as myself, would've wanted. Often it seemed as though keeping a student in a class they couldn't succeed in was more important than letting them out. However, I saw a change in this mentality as I neared the end of high school. Most of my teachers were kind people and I knew they were trying their best in every aspect they could. The math department is notoriously bad.
I like how everyone likes to help each other and how your counselors do anything in order to get your grades up. I just wish there was better food.
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I've been at Prospect High School for four years now, and I can say that one of the best things about Prospect High School is that it is very diverse, and people generally respect each other despite differences.
overall, my experience at Prospect High School was was pretty average. There isn't too much school spirit though. The only time people show the most spirit is during homecoming week, but the rest of the year no one really seems to care. However, the thing I appreciate most about prospect is the diversity. there is no ethnicity that makes up most of the schools population and there are no cliques. Most people know each other and get along well.
Has some amazing teachers with a few exceptions and all of the faculty wants the best for their students in the future and during their time at Prospect.
The school activities were really fun! The school has been making physical changes and improvements!
I enjoyed being with my friends and some teachers. I wished this school helped me out more and prepared me for college more.
Prospect is dedicated to making sure that their students are well rounded and educated in many things. In my time at Prospect, I have had the opportunity and been encouraged to participate everything I find interest in. For instance, I have been allowed to partake in both cheerleading and theatre simultaneously with maximum amounts of support from both teachers and administration.
I liked the autonomy that came with Prospects. I could work as fast as I wanted and was able to graduate six months earlier than planned. My teacher was absolutely fantastic.
The people at Prospect evoke drastically different feelings-they are either the best people you'll ever meet or the absolute worst. However, the school offers a wide range of extracurricular opportunities and the staff are more than accomodating if you have external conflicts that require assistance. Overall a good school, but could improve on the range of academic opportunities in the future, as the languages and electives are rather limited.
PHS has a varied selection of classes that offer new skills to students. An example is the Video Production classes, which are well stocked with the latest technology.
The Prospect Theatre Arts Department is a small family that puts on spectacular productions. The auditorium itself provides new learning opportunities for technicians and actors alike. Mr. M is also an amazing, experienced theatre arts teacher who gives a safe space for expression. However, the current principal doesn’t seem to make an effort to get to know the community of families in Prospect High School, and anti-Semitic tension found in classrooms isn’t getting resolved.
I was on the wrestling team at prospect and had some of the best times of my life on that team. Aside from my athletic expierience, however, the rest of my time was not so great. The guidance councilors were often never any help. The students considered them to be lazy because they took forever to help a student with the simplist things such as sending in there transcripts to colleges on time.
I enjoyed the variety of classes available and the strong school spirit. However, I felt that many of the teachers did not sufficiently support their students.
Prospect High School's environment is very welcoming and the students are friendly as well as the teachers but the campus feels like a prison. There is always a policeman by the exit of the school during lunch and the campus is gray. By the second semester, most teachers are tired of teaching and will do the bare minimum, not preparing their students for tests or exams. The food on campus was changed to be healthier but it all taste like cardboard and the vending machines were taken away after a few months.
The teachers and overall school community is very including and accpeting of everyone. With clubs and sports for all students to particepate in to great educational classes.
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Prospect High School is pretty decent. The academics can be challenging if one chooses to take AP classes, but then again, there is not a lot of AP selection compared to other schools. Over the past few years however, they began to add more challenging classes which is nice.
Also, Prospect High School recently added new buildings, but half of the air conditioners in the science building don't work. Nice.
The teachers and faculty overall gave me a good experience. While some teachers lacked in empathy and character, many of my teachers truly cared and tried to help me succeed in my academics. Also, some of the faculty spent quality time with me in my scary move to middle college.
Prospect High is a school that is very diverse and a really fun school to be in. Everyone is mostly friendly and you can get along with everyone easily, the staff is good as well.
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