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Not a horrible high school but needs to catch up on offering more APs and hiring more motivated teachers. Horrible air conditioning and constant construction. Overall though everything could be worse
Prospect is an awesome school that gives their students the opportunity to take part in what they love. Whether it be choosing classes or joining clubs, students can always find something that they are interested in and want to be a part of at Prospect. There is a great support system and Prospect is starting to focus more on the mental health of students than they did in the past. The school spirit is awesome and many students go to games to cheer on their peers in football, basketball, soccer, etc. Prospect prepares students well for college/life after high school and offer many resources for those seeking help with that process.
Prospect is a good school in terms of the core school subjects (math, English, etc.,) but there isn’t many classes that are engineering or technology based.
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This seems pretty much as good as high school gets. The teachers for the most part are very supportive and while there are always improvements that could be made I consider myself very lucky to be a Prospect student.
A student should never feel out of place at Prospect High School. Teachers are not only there to educate students but also to encourage them to share ideas and see those ideas come to fruition through essays, projects, clubs, and activities.
I loved Prospect High School! Throughout my past four years as a student there, I was given countless opportunities to thrive and succeed. The academics are rigorous and challenging, but manageable and enriching with the help of the beyond-qualified teachers. Prospect gave me a safe, supportive place to grow personally and intellectually. I feel fully prepared to move on to college, thanks to the incredible resources and knowledge I have been given.
I am doing this review in order to apply to a scholarship.

Prospect has given me the resources to be able to succeed, and the environment at Prospect has allowed me to make life-changing memories and to find new interests, as well as compete at a high standard in athletics.
Most of my teachers were/are very helpful in regards to getting me ready for college. I have also had a lot of teachers that I really liked. I have also had pretty good experiences with playing sports. The coaches are really nice and so are the people on the team. I think some of our facilities could be improved and we aren't a very diverse school.
Overall, it’s a good school. There are teachers in which one could gain trust when help is needed. There’s numerous clubs based on interests. There’s spirts like cross country, cheerleading, football, etc., in which it require rigueorus training. There’s teachers that could help if one needs it. If a student isn’t comfortable in asking for help, there are student tutors during lunch hours that are available to help. The only issue I have with the school is that the pool water is cold.
I like how there are many clubs and activities to do here, and if there isn’t one you like you can always start a new club! However, I would like to see more diversity and connectedness in the classrooms.
I had a great time at Prospect. I played soccer for 3 years on the Varsity team. I also was involved in attending on sporting events like Football and Basketball. Prospect did a great job preparing me for College. I took 6 AP classes and 3 Dual Credit College courses. I had a lot of resources for college. Everyone is generally very helpful and easy to talk to.
Prospect High School is an excellent school, filled with helpful, friendly, and qualified teachers. Prospect has loads of school spirit and focuses on treating all their students with respect and kindness.
PHS has good staff who will help you whenever you are struggling. Prospect’s student section has a big turn out st football games. Prospect offers a lot of different clubs and activities so that
everyone has something to do.
Prospect High School stands out as an institution among others in the area. The diverse level of academic courses and rigour provide students with a challenge to learn, and the faculty is always there for the students' advantage. Prospect High School constantly rewards my greatest goals and desires with the opportunities to succeed, and the encouragement to make the strongest impact.
I liked the diversity within the school. Many ethnic groups and cultures which makes the Prospect High School we know today.
Awesome education, great after-school activities, good sports, and athletics. Award-winning. Parking lot needs improvement.
Not very much diversity.
Prospect is a really good school in terms of academics and preparing for college. It’s sports aren’t the best but my experience with the people here has been nothing but good.
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Prospect is a great school that is preparing me for college well and presents me with opportunities for colleges or jobs after I graduate. The teachers are great and are an amazing resource to students. Overall Prospect is an amazing school that I am more than happy to attend.
It's Called the White Castle for a reason. Lacks diversity (79% are white). Teachers and faculty are truly one of a kind, you can't find that dedication and passion for teaching anywhere else. Bianchi = GOAT
I loved the music program at Prospect High School and the academic program got me more than ready for my college experience. Additionally, there were a ton of great elective courses available for me to take at Prospect. The one course in particular that I heavily enjoyed was advanced strength and conditioning. This course taught me how to weight lift with proper form and has gotten me into being physically active over the last 5 years with different stgth programs.
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