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Prospect Charter School Reviews

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Prospect Charter School is an excellent k-12 school. They have great faculty and the students are friendly. Athletics are going through some hard times so I would like to see more athletics come into the school.
It really is a great school.
The Teacher care for each student, and do their best to prepare us for the world outside the class room.
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Sports or the only after school activities offered.
This school is my home, the teachers care for each student. We all become a family, and share our inside jokes. It is a good place to spend four years of anyone's life.
Prospect is average, with little to no real social scene.
We are all about sports, and school spirit.
We mostly just watch each others back, but fight like siblings.
Food is some-what healthy, but it is really gross.
They offer classes that are required with few extra course options.
Most of Staff cares, and do their best to make school a place to be.
Buildings are small, some need roof repairs. There is limited room for students in class rooms.
I enjoyed my years at Prospect immensely. I have 13 years of memories and good times. My class of seniors are all the best of friends with each other and our experience with high school sports made us even stronger. I am grateful for prospect for giving me these experiences with my group of friends; I will never forget the great times we have had.
The cafeteria food is average. Healthy ,but, sometimes tastless and unsatisfying. Our food choices are limited due to buget cut backs. The students are aloud to pick from two different vegtebles, a mix fruit, and white or chocolate milk. It's not bad but it's not great either.
I love my teachers at Prospect. All of the teachers are very interactive with the students an super helpful with anything that a student might be struggling with; whether it's help with school work are you just need someone to talk to.
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