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The school has its faults yes, but it strives for a better community and is an overall great place to be a student.
High school has been pretty well. I'm a senior and throughout the years I've enjoyed all the teachers and the majority of the people in it. Our school has great school spirit, which is always a good thing. I don't think there is much that should be changed. It's all around a good school.
A high school experience is what one makes of it. Here at PHS, the students have it off better than they think. Our staff is not very consistent, but the ones who do stay become friends and mentors for life. The academics are based on how dedicated a student is to the school and how motivated students are to their grades. This is obvious, but sometimes with the lack of good teachers, students have to teach themselves many lessons. Our sports were much better in the past, but the pep of the senior class brings even the worse losses to life. It is all about the attitude.
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Prophetstown High School is an average school with average academics. In most cases, I would say the majority of students are below average on knowledge and grades. There is a constant rotation of new teachers so don't plan on getting to know any of them. None of the teachers are interested in your lives or your plans after high school. For the most part, nobody cares what you do after you leave there. It's a predominantly white, lower class school. Low on funding, decent lunches, not too many programs, considering defunding more programs, and considering making a full time co-op with Erie High School. This school's status is not going up any time soon.
I have never attended school in another district. Students are very close to one another because most have been together since preschool. My favorite experience was cross country. I would not choose this school I would like a school with a few more opportunities but did appreciate the closeness of the community.
It is a small community and attracting and maintaining teachers is a struggle. There are times less than ideal applicants are selected for positions simply because there are no other options. There are also many newly graduated teachers that will gain a couple years experience and them move on. The school also has several supportive experienced teachers as well.
There is never the same teacher teaching a class. Also, the teachers never even stay at our school...and neither do the principles.
Prophetstown is a very laid back school about everything. However, when someone tries disturbing the peace, everything goes downhill.
There aren't too many academic extracurriculars. We have a scholastic bowl team, but rarely is there many people on it.
It's hard to judge a staff that is changing constantly. In the past four years I have been there, there has been at least ten new faculty members including three principles.
The school at Prophetstown High School is shared with all of the other school's in the district. So if someone is hurt at the high school, she may not even be there and vice versa.
Prophetstown High School is a very welcoming high school. It is easy to be yourself, and as long as you have school spirit and you try in your classes, you will love your experience at this school.
This school has and had some really good teachers in my years here. The teachers of the few advanced classes offered help prepare you for college. My school offers dual credit online classes for free. Everyone knows everyone so that is both good and bad. I would probably not choose this school again because they messed up my schedule and I am trying to learn as much as I can so I am prepared for college.
If I had to do high school all over again, I would definitely choose Prophetstown High School again! The school is located in a little country town in the midwest. Everybody knows everybody and you can always be confident that there is a helping hand nearby if you need it. There is so many genuine people at PHS and I wouldn't want to spend my high school career anywhere else!
Typically the principal only gets involved to eliminate the punishments that the teacher has allready set in place after complaints from the student.
I have been a member of the swim team starting in first grade. I have never had a faculity member attend a meet or someone, that was not my friend, support my sport, or even consider swimming a sport.
Food is so so...hit or miss and most often the good food does not come in big enough portions.
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I feel the school could have prepared me a little better. We were offered dual credit courses which I took advantage of and that was a big help.
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