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They are really strict on dress code more than education. The teachers rarely stay for more than one to two years. Most of the teachers give you work but dont really help you understand it. They do offer a lot of opportunities though via dual enrollment and apprenticeships. The work given is not very interactive its mostly online or paper work.
I loved Propel Andrew Street High. It was very educational. The students were always open to give their input, and were also able to make high decisions. We were able to compete in things other schools in our area had no chance to. The school was very focused on making sure students were prepared and independent. There was never a moment of being bored in Propel.
i have been inside of Propel for my whole school years. I started in kindergarten and have continued all the way up through my 12th grade year. I must say that the school is amazing and the teachers really care about the students and they all make sure that every student feels ready for whatever life brings to you.
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The school administration is good.
The experience at our school is great.
The clubs and all that are all fun to be involved in.
We all enjoy our games because its fun.
I'm not necessarily sure that my high school prepared the students for the real world.
The food at my high school wasn't always the best, but it was alright.
For the most part the health and safety policies at my high school were efficient and affective.
This school places a strong emphasis on extra curricular activities and have a wide variety of activities. So whatever you are interested in it is fairly easy to find a staff member and a few friends who share the same interests as yourself. People are typically pretty accepting of who each other are, despite race and sexual orientation. I had a great social high school experience here, my only concern is that the school is too small and it's not very culturally diverse.
Our school really accepts everyone they really don't care about stuff like that. the students we try to get to know them better and ask that person questions about them.
To me our health classes are like middle school classes. They talk about the same things every year. I feel in high school they should start talking about safe sex and avoid pregnancy and having students take child development so they can see how it feels to have a baby at a young age.
Our guidance counselor is the best she really care about all of the students education. She pushes us because she know we can do it and she will not take no for an answer. She gives her number out to students so she can contact them if there not in school she's really like a mother to the students but she will never baby us because we're to old for that.
I wish I school had more classes like other schools. I wish we had cosmetology class, cooking class, and child development class. I always wanted to bring home a fake baby that will teach a lot of students not to have kids. The most popular classes are dance, fitness, and art.
Most of the sports we have are mainly for the boys we have about two sports for girls and that's cheerleading and basketball. Our school spirit is mainly towards the boys basketball team everyone goes to their games.
Coming to Andrew Street has been an enjoyable transition for me. Prior to transferring, I attended Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, which I had been enrolled in since 7th grade. After 3 years of being on the computer everyday, I was dying to get back into the real school environment. My mom found out about Propel and enrolled me immediately. After I was accepted, I came for my new student orientation and was blown away by what I saw. All the students seemed like they really enjoyed coming to school. The teachers were nice and well organized. They offered a wide range of classes to chose from like Greek Mythology, Studio Technology, and The Sociology of Music. I was very impressed by the diversity in the school as well. It seemed as if everyone was one integrated family and that was really important for me. Now, I've been in Propel Andrew Street for 3 years and I'm graduating this year. I look back frequently and remembered all the opportunities I was given that I might not have been given if I had attended a public school. I'm grateful for Propel giving me the chances to better myself personally and academically.
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The students aren't allowed to wear colored collared shirts only blue, white and yellow. They also aren't allowed to wear hoodies and colorful shoes. They will try to enforce the policy but after a month everyone goes back to doing what they want to do and wear anything.
The school lunch is horrible the food is no where near healthy and it looks like something you would get in jail. I prefer you to bring your own lunch because we have microwaves so you can heat up the food you bring from home.
The teachers at our school try their very best to get all the students to have good grades. If they know your failing then they will tell use to come to their class rooms in the morning, lunch and after school to get help on what you don't understand.
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