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Propel Charter School - Braddock Hills Reviews

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Propel is an outstanding school. It needs some improvement with parent involvement and communication.
This school is a very good school, the teachers are real good they help you with a lot and helps you get pass a lot. The school doesn't like you to fail and wouldn't let you fail, they will push you a lot to get stuff done.
the teachers are very nice and are very helpful to the students and security make sure the students are safe
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I've been at Propel since my freshman year and I think it is an exceptional educational institution. The teaching staff has been amazing for me and I feel like I have been academically challenged to enhance my skills. The only thing that holds me back from giving them a five star rating is the school lunches, which is far from ideal.
It's mediocre overall, if you're looking for a place to send your child for high school, look harder elsewhere.
In Propel I get a very dofferer education than I would at my public school. In Propel I got help from one of my teachers to get an amazing paid intership over the summer. I don't believe public schools are this involved. Propel is also not test obsessed making us anxious they still prepare us without us knowing.
The teachers are recalling involved with their students. If you need extra help they are willing to give it. The class room sizes are smaller so it’s easy to learn.
I love Propel Charter School- Braddock Hills because they have made my knowledge of topic expand like never before. Our acedmic levels are exellent in my veiwpoint.
This school provides you with everything you need. The teachers and staff are very helpful. I would like to see more sports and activities.
My experience at Propel have been awesome. what I like mostly about Propel is the teachers. they have been great teachers. what ever I need someone to talk they are away there for me. what I will like to change abut Propel is the school lunch. The school is not good at all me and my friends call it the jail food. And I will like to change some of rule. the rule too crazy to follower.
The teachers at Propel Braddock Hills are really engaged with the students. They push the students to do their best. They believe in everyone.
My experience at Propel Braddock Hills High School has not been like I planned. I thought we would have the greatest teachers and principles but yet we were faced with a bunch of replacements. What really made my school year the worst was the new PRIDE system they decided to grade students 25% of their behavior which really decreased a lot of the students GPA. In Propel BHHS there is not a variety of sports, we had ultimate Frisbee but that was it. The lunch there was disgusting and a majority of the students didn't eat there.
I would like to see more of a teacher friendly environment and a more happier community between the children that go to the school
It gets progressively worst every year. School is not the same it was 2 years ago, let alone 4, and teachers come and leave. Hard to make connections.
I really like how Propel prepares us for the college life. All throughout high school, Propel likes to start preparing us for college. I also enjoy how Propel starts providing us with ways to get scholarships from the start of high school. One thing I would change about Propel would have to be the amount of time they give us to work on real-life situations, such as learning to do taxes and such. Overall I think Propel is a great school.
Very good faculty and staff, teachers are talented and engaged actively with students. Very diverse student body from urban community. Many interesting technical electives for multiple grade levels. Only disadvantages are a lack of sports programs, generic lunch food, and lackluster student clubs. Technology is incorporated very well into classes, with students able to keep up with their grades and assignments through the 'Skyward' LMS.
I think the environment is great to a small school but my individual guidance was lacking
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I would have given them a Great rating if more attention was given by the counseling staff to help me with taking the right classes for college entry and scholarships
My favourite experience at the school is the trimesterly school olympics that we do.
Many of the teachers give engaging lessons. Some of the teachers can not control their classroom. Although their is nothing I would complain about.
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