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Progress Village Christian Academy Reviews

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This school is horrible and getto. Don't enroll your kids here. Scammers.. They are just using kids for the school readiness. A disgrace to the black community. Teacher come to work looking like stripers so unprofessional. Two thumbs down
The administration is very professional, their policies are great especially the 0 tolerance rule. They also make sure parents know if their child hasn't behaved with a simple call to one or both parents. Their open door is awesome the staff makes sure the parents are satisfied with any q/a. The dress code is on point and the attendance on point as well.
School facilities Awesome! Resources available to students endless.The school building is in great condition. Staff is involvement with students excellent. opportunities for advance learning excellent. Tutoring excellent. Busing we wish none!
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The overall quality of the teachers could be better, teacher turn over.Teaching styles are good. Very knowledgeable.The interest in students has always been present.Grading consistency excellent. Communication on point.
So far no complaints, After School day care.Any mishaps with kids parents are notified immediately. If i could do it all over again yes! Great location.
As a Parents we love the school stand on bullying, the staff addresses any issues the same day.As parents we no issues with the dress code. We love the summer leisure dress code
Their always open to parents suggestion and ideas.
I love the 0 tolerance policy. Also, their Finger Print security entrance.
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