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As a elementary school the classes are pretty basic and straight-forward, which is why there is after school activities to let the kids explore their likes and hobbies. The teachers are only given so much as a public school and do everything they can with what they have. Classes were always interesting and there was an involvement with the whole grade instead of just each individual class.
Through the years the protection level has increased and precautions are set by law that are enforced. However when I went there never was any danger, I lived in a good neighborhood with trusty-worthy people. Now the school is complicated to get into for the children's safety, only parents and assigned adults can access their kids, and proof of identity is pushed.
I took a Spanish club after school and it was interesting because I didn't know of other elementary schools offering foreign languages to their students. We got to pick Spanish names for ourselves and we mostly learned the basics. I also took an after school math advancement activity. Kids that excelled in math were asked to join to improve our skills and there was lots of fun math games and they showed up algebra, which for an elementary school kid that is pretty advanced back in the early 2000s.
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The faculty try to get students ready for changing classes for different periods in middle school and high school by switching up the teachers and classrooms for math and sciences in attempts to prepare them for something they haven't seen before. For an elementary school it was surprising. When I attended did they first try this and I liked it very much. It not only prepared the students but improved our grades by learning from different teachers.
Teachers help in the improvement of the young in our community and try ,with what is given to them, to help students in any way possible.
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