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First, coming into Progress Highschool I was very anxious because it was in an area I was not familiar with. Then stepping into the school I felt as if I did not belong. However, I then began to realize that's how everyone felt. I enjoyed many things about my high school. I met many different people which resulted in lifelong friendships. What made it even better is that we all were diverse so everyone learned new things about different cultures which was great. However, what I did not really enjoy in school was the teachers and staff, es, understandable that they are doing their job, however, they weren't many fun activities that were available to do. In my eyes, I felt as if they focused more on the students who played sports being that Grand Street Wolves were an amazing football team. Other than that, I do not regret going there, it was a great experience.
Progress should focus on strengthening their academics, and college readiness instead of worrying if the students have the basic amount of credits to graduate.
Excellent school, but should let students take the AP courses they want, don’t have to force them to take classes they don’t need.
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My experience here at progress high school was very good. This school helped me grow as a person and plays a big part in my life today. When attending progress high school I was able to make life long friends and also receive a great education.
What i liked about progress high school is that they are focused on becoming a college readiness school. They offer AP classes and they also offer college now. Aside from college now they offer classes at LIU that offer free college credits.
What I like about Progress High School is they are resourceful. They opened many doors for college readiness opportunities. This school makes sure the students are safe and fun environment. The teachers make sure the students are learning in a very effective way.
what i like of progress high school is that they treated us like who we are students that are the future and not for where are you coming and it have a good bilingual program. i wouldn't change nothing because every year they are doing something different and everything is going perfect.
My experience so far in Progress High school has been decent. The teachers are connecting the students to colleges so we can take college class. I like the school
I like when some teachers are strict because that show towards students that you need to do the right things and try to make it perfect. What I dislike is that Progress High School do not have uniforms, so students wear whatever they want and I think that is not right everyone should look equal.
As a senior in Progress High School and Hispanic I like that my school has a diversity of cultures to get to know others that are unknown to me. I like to study and more when I'm in a good environment. A school should be taken with care because it will be your "home" for half a day and you do not want to be sleeping or bored. That is why I believe that progress high school is an option to attend because as a student we want a place in which to feel good with others and with ourselves. In addition, teachers are really interested in the student learning and this is in addition to their grades. I am very pleased that there are programs to help junior and senior to get college ready. Something that I would like change about progress high school is that bilingual classes are always the last to get involved in the activities or programs that are in the school. However this year I see that they have given more attention to that part and we are all getting the same information.
I love Progress high school! It has many great opportunities for students and parents, I like how teachers help students to be a better person for the future and also how they Help us to get good grade, I don’t have words to describe my school, I just love it! Like many other students.
My experience with Progress High School was the best 4 years of my life I enjoyed the teaching staff the activities just everything about it, I can't complain one bit. I played baseball my self which was pretty fun in high school and I wished it didn't go by so fast from how good everything was to me and my following friends that's loved it also
I liked how welcoming he teachers and staff were. If I could change one thing about the school it would have to be the food. There also wasn't enough diversity majority of the school was Hispanic.
This school is a diverse community and everyone is friendly.The teachers don't give a hard time either. But i would like more resources to college classes.
My son will be completing his 4th and senior year at Progress in June 2017. It was some ups and downs but myself along with some of the staff at the school and most of all my son, we were able to get him where he needed to be. Thank you to the staff of Progress!! June 2017 He did it!!
At progress high school for professional careers I learned a lot and met so many cool and fun people to be around of. I like the way the students and teachers work together to make class much more interesting.
The teachers at progress Highschool show care when they feel and not when they need to. It's a huge school with many kids however the staff needs to engage more with us.
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One of my favorite things witnessing while attending Progress High School , was seeing a certain student club get together after school. This was one of my favorite things witnessing because some of those students seem shy, and even lonely throughout the school day. Some of the students in the club feel like an outcast, or left out compared to the other students during the school day. Seeing them group up and enjoying themselves with others made me feel happy inside every time i witnessed them.
If I had the opportunity to do my fours years of High school all over again at Progress I would. This school has help shape me into the young woman I am today. I've learned to become more independent and focused on myself than ever before. Before i stepped foot in Progress, I cared more about making sure the people around me were on track, and sometimes I wasn't even at the place I knew i could've been in my life. The adults at Progress are just such beautiful people inside and out. They are real and teach you the reality of the outside world. My favorite experience at Progress was Graduation Day. Not being that it was my final goodbye but because I accomplished a dream i had doubts about because of the workers and even students there. I struggled my entire senior year. I battled with my mind not being able to really enjoy my year. I had to leave home, then to finding out my father was going to die, and to then being kicked out from my "aunts" home. I had so many reasons to give up and those who knew in Progress pushed me and encouraged me. The teachers bared with me than put more on my plate. This school isn't unique but some of the workers there definitely are. The woman who all the students looked to as the worst teacher was the sweetest woman to me. Progress is home and will always be home.
The teachers at Progress High School are very considerate, and caring for their students. They go out their way to give us the best education at all times. As each teacher as an individual have different teaching styles, they all know how to get to their students the best way they can.
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