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Progreso high school is a great school for students to get prepared for college. The school allows students to fix their schedules to meet their needs. The school gives students plenty of time and resources to complete college work. The student teacher relationship in this school is A+. The only thing that needs to change is the way the office handles events. Most of the time it is handled last minute. Other than that the school is great.
Hey guys if you're looking for a good school in the Rio Grande Valley, look no further Progreso High School is the one for you. They have an early college program where you can get a head start with college and graduate with an associate's degree in interdisciplinary studies from South Texas College prior to two weeks before your high school graduation. How cool is that! Helps you save tons of money from college tuition!!!
Progreso High School is a small district 4a school that accepts everybody the way they are. Everybody gets along with eachother, from freshman’s to seniors there is always friendships in there, especially connected bonds.
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I'm not sure how to state what is needed. I really feel academically the school needs a lot of improvements. A lot of emphasis is placed on sports but not on the Arts department. It doesn't make any sense to me how I study so hard and get good grades yet people who don't do their work or turn in assignments late get a higher average than me. There really isn't a much inregards to clubs that one can join. The robotics club was dropped due to lack of funding yet the two times that we had competed we placed 1st and 3rd. The GT program was dropped from the high school and middle school due to lack of funding. The band department was in need of supplies. We take early college classes which some do prepare for our Associates Degree. The Athletic department has improved a lot from last year. I guess that since we are a small school everybody knows everybody. Our teachers are usually people that went to school with our parents or they are the parents of some students.
I had a lot of fun in the school. There was no bullying in my school, I'm glad. Everyone knew each other, since we all grew up together, we rarely get unknown students. Since I lived in a small community, the students basically know everyone and there is not a lot of students. The only thing I want to change in my school is to have a lot more activities, since we are in a small community there is not much to do.
What I most liked about attending Progreso High School is that most teachers actually care about the students going to college and making something of themselves. The things I would like to see change is better nutrition, more parent involvement and more diversity.
I would choose my high school again if given the chance to. I've created many memories with my friends from school to fun in school activities or trips. Love is what I have for my school.....
Acceptance and being friends with people in my school is very easy. Many people do not discriminate mostly because we are not a big school. Getting along with others in school is seen very often between students.
A variety of extracurricular activities exist in my high school. Sports to clubs like FCCLA can be chosen in order to participate in. Extracurricular activities in my school do not have preference which makes it easier for many people to join.
Teachers in my high school are friendly, understandable, and helpful. Throughout my years in high school many of my teachers have helped me in topics I do not understand such as history and science. Teachers engage in student activities and even offer to help in school clubs. Many of the teachers I have met set good examples as to what a teacher should be.
Medical club, robotics club, meet in the middle, fccla,
Hardly any field trips taken in under classmen grades
Teachers are very caring and persuade the student to do better
This school has enough clubs for the students to be engaged in.
This school is well secured.
It's a great school but it need more improvement.
They are multiple clubs out in the school but mostly it is just a few clubs that are at the top.
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Some teachers don't even care if you show up but there is a rare few that do care about the students.
They are not many reports of bullying at my school but there is fights every once in a while.
There are various classes offered but you must ask and look for them.
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