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I moved to Bethlehem in March of my 7th grade year! I was coming from Waterboro Maine. I went to Massabesic Middle School where I had 400 kids in my grade, to having 50 in my grade at Profile. It was tremendously different! While I was transitioning into a new environment the staff at Profile was so welcoming! As well as the culture at the school, I felt at home by the first week! Now, coming up to my senior year I’m going to miss Profile so much. The teachers understand what kids these days have to deal with and they work with students so they get the most out of the curriculum. Sports are so much fun at Profile, even if we don’t have football, or fieldhockey we still have such great support by the community during our seasons!
This small school has an amazing set of opportunities for all of the children wether that is through internships or AP classes Profile has it all. The intimate class sizes are both beneficial to the students and teachers. The administration may be new, however they are trying their best to help push the school in a positive direction.
Profile is nestled in a small mountain community where you have the opportunity to make friends through both your peers and your superiors! It’s amazing what growing up in a small community allows you to do socially. I will remember every person that crossed my path and impacted my life, which was virtually all students and staff in the wonderful Profile community.
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Profile was amazing I learned every step of the way and feel secure in any adventure that may come my way. The staff were always helpful and willing to take extra time with students that may need it. I also feel they helped students find themselves and express their unique qualities as much as possible. I truly will miss my school.
For one year, I went to a different school. That experience forever shaped my opinion on this particular school. It is undoubtedly one of the best schools within this area. Profile is very small, which makes it so the school has plenty of staff and a great student-staff ratio. The faculty also really, genuinely care about their students and will do everything in their power to help every single student and make sure they get the proper education. Profile school really cares about the entirety of the student body and that is the one main thing, I believe, that propels this school to be better than others.
Many staff changes & corresponding policies during my children's tenure affected our overall experience with Profile. During 2012-2015, the experience was fantastic- very much geared for each student's academic success. It is unfortunate that proceeding years deteriorated because Profile has wonderful staff, a beautiful facility & the capacity to be prosperous school.
My time at Profile has been great, mostly because of the teachers. They care about each and every student, even if the students don't care. I absolutely love that I always have someone to talk to, even if it's hard to make friends.
Great school with teachers that help and are willing to help at any point they possibly can. They are friendly and approachable as well. The only down side to this school is the food, its kinda lacking but it's been getting better throughout the years.
great staff, students, and environment. highly recommend that if anyone is on the fence about moving to this school district, that they follow through.
It is very small and tight knit making for great student-teacher ratios. The lunch is okay but not horrible. Most of the people there are pretty nice. The building is very beautiful and large for the number of student attending.
Honestly, at Profile Senior High School, there isnt a lot of good to say. I would list all the good and bad aspects of profile, but i dont have all day, as i have to do 4 hours of pointless homework that i dont learn anything from.
What I like about Niche is that it is so easy to fill out and everything is laid out right in front of you.
The school food isn't very good, and it's mostly the same thing every day besides the hot lunch. And that's just a cycle.
They are very consistent with their punishments and are stern with it.
The teams are friendly, the coaches are nice, but the equipment's kind of old and the locker rooms always a mess.
I have never had a problem with any of the teachers, I actually am very luck to have the teachers I have.
I played filed hockey several years ago and had a great experience. I know a lot of people who are in sports and clubs and love it.
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I love how dedicated the teachers are, how much time they are willing to spend with you to make sure you understand the material and are doing well. I also love the courses they offer here, I am extremely happy I got to attend the classes I did. I got my dream schedule.
Soccer & softball field have just been redone.
Every time I call the office they have been very helpful and they are very personable.
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