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There is a wide source of performing arts and connections that will give the students a chance to express themselves through performing in the professional world.
My overall experience at PPAS was interesting, to say the least. It is a performing arts school, so our art is the main focus. However, that comes at the price of education. Multiple times I have felt behind all my peers at other schools because of the lack of resources used for education and college readiness. The school environment and teachers are amazing, contrastingly, because of the fun space PPAS provides.
My experience at Professional Performing Arts school was absolutely amazing. The programs here have transformed me into an artist and student who is inspired everyday by my peers. The only aspect I would change would be the small selection of AP and elective classes offered.
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I enjoyed going to school there I love my teachers and I’m in the Dance program where I want to be Ailey I want to dance in there company one day
PPAS is a great school for the performing arts only! Do not come here if you don’t want to pursue a career in the arts. Students here come from different backgrounds and cultures which is a plus; however the school lacks in providing resources and college prep for students. They do not prepare students for the real world at all..
This is school opens doors for many opportunities for students who added this school. The student's involvement in this school is incredible. It just sucks that there aren't any sports for students to participate in.
It’s easy to make friends and it’s a very liberal and safe environment for everyone. Students embrace being different.
What I liked about PPAS was that it was in the city. I got to experience something new at ayoung age where most high school students got to their disrect school. This is also an arts school, my major is dance and its assosiated with the Alvin Ailey dance school. Going there every day for four years and dancing for 3 hours was hard, but it taought me discipline, patience and to take advatage of the resorces given to me. i would trade my experience at this school for anything and i would recomend the dance program for any future students.
This school is a great stepping stone for anyone who would like to do anything in the performing arts. Not only will you be given the opportunity to grow you will also be able to network.
The Professional Performing Arts School is located in the heart of New York City. The student body is diverse with students from all five boroughs of NYC of different races, ethnicity and socio-economic status. Students are also in one of four majors: dance, drama, musical theater or vocal. The student body is relatively small compared to some high schools but is huge in student engagement. My high school is buzzing with enthusiastic students and teachers every day.
Professional Performing Arts School was the best experience for me. I loved every second of attending that school and I am so sad to be leaving. The teachers are all amazing people. Everyone knows everyone because it is a very small community which I appreciate. The people there are also amazing and they opened my eyes to what the world really was. I changed so much in that school, all for the better, and I couldn’t ask for anything more.
Academically speaking the school does not have a very good tract rate. The teachers and staff do care about the kids and do what they can. The parent coordinator is very approachable and is always eager to help parents and students. My only problem with the school is the academics.
Professional performing arts school is great school for performing arts like dance ,drama ,musical theater,and vocal
I am currently a senior at PPAS. For me personally it’s a great environment with a lot of nice people always willing to lend a hand when needed and it is very easy for you to make friends. I would say that the school is very accepting, talented, and very supportive. We roll as a team and it’s small enough for students to actually be known by name. It’s a lot of hard work especially being in a school that is dedicated to the arts. I recommend incoming students to really figure out if performing is the right thing for them because PPAS is fully committed to making sure you have all the tools you need to shine on stage.
Professional Performing Arts School shapes kids who want to enter into the performance lifestyle. If this is not something you want for your child, do not have them go there. If you want them to pursue the arts, this is the place.
My experience at Professional Performing arts school was an experience I will never forget. I always knew I wanted to be an actress. This school has helped me a lot with my self confidence. I gained a lot of self respect for myself and for my peers.
I like that the school is very creative and allows the students a lot of freedom when it comes to projects, performing art collaboration projects, and just in general. I wish there was better communication between parents and the school as well as more cleanliness.
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The performing arts classes were well taught by people who are active in the performance industry. The regular academics are not great but some of the teachers genuinely want you to learn the material. The newer teachers are better but the older ones know what to teach based on the tests.
This school focuses on second rate performance and no academics whatsoever. There was an article in the NY Post August 2016 exposing this and applications to the school have dropped sharply ever since. I only wish I'd seen an article like that prior to my child attending. I've had to supplement their lack of curriculum with a ton of online and outside classes so that they will hopefully get accepted to a university I've heard of!
I love that the school cares about building a community whether it’s students with other students, teachers with with other teachers students and teachers. Although the school does need to work on listening to everyone’s issues and resolving them properly and efficiently.
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