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I am currently a senior at PPAS. For me personally it’s a great environment with a lot of nice people always willing to lend a hand when needed and it is very easy for you to make friends. I would say that the school is very accepting, talented, and very supportive. We roll as a team and it’s small enough for students to actually be known by name. It’s a lot of hard work especially being in a school that is dedicated to the arts. I recommend incoming students to really figure out if performing is the right thing for them because PPAS is fully committed to making sure you have all the tools you need to shine on stage.
Professional Performing Arts School shapes kids who want to enter into the performance lifestyle. If this is not something you want for your child, do not have them go there. If you want them to pursue the arts, this is the place.
My experience at Professional Performing arts school was an experience I will never forget. I always knew I wanted to be an actress. This school has helped me a lot with my self confidence. I gained a lot of self respect for myself and for my peers.
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I like that the school is very creative and allows the students a lot of freedom when it comes to projects, performing art collaboration projects, and just in general. I wish there was better communication between parents and the school as well as more cleanliness.
The performing arts classes were well taught by people who are active in the performance industry. The regular academics are not great but some of the teachers genuinely want you to learn the material. The newer teachers are better but the older ones know what to teach based on the tests.
This school focuses on second rate performance and no academics whatsoever. There was an article in the NY Post August 2016 exposing this and applications to the school have dropped sharply ever since. I only wish I'd seen an article like that prior to my child attending. I've had to supplement their lack of curriculum with a ton of online and outside classes so that they will hopefully get accepted to a university I've heard of!
I love that the school cares about building a community whether it’s students with other students, teachers with with other teachers students and teachers. Although the school does need to work on listening to everyone’s issues and resolving them properly and efficiently.
As a current student at PPAS I would like to see a little more effort put into the well being of the school.
For any child who wishes to have a successful career in the performing arts, PPAS goes above and beyond in making sure that the childs' needs are met. Being a PPAS student for four years has given me not only professional training in my field, but also an endless amount of opportunities that have strengthened my performance skills and career readiness.
My overall experience was ok. Some ugly racial incidents have occurred over the past few years. I've felt pretty safe and the security officers were nice.
For the past four years, I’ve been lucky enough to attend the Professional Perforning Arts School. Sure the school has its flaws (as does any school), but I’m so happy I chose to go here. As a vocal major, I get so many amazing opportunities to perform at venues like Lincoln Center and UNICEF. I’ve gained so many incredible experiences that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. But the best part about going to PPAS is the diversity and the people. Although ppas is really small school, there are people from so many different backgrounds. No other school I know of can say that. I have a big appreciation for the fact that we’re all under one roof together however are very different.
PPAS's programs are subpar if you plan to have a career in the entertainment world. If you plan on doing anything I wouldn't suggest coming here. But if you do find yourself here you can still take key components from your lessons to apply them to your everyday life such as patience and time management.
good experience for those who want to pursue a performing arts career. need more extra activities for people who don't want to pursue a performing arts career. communication between principal and kids is not too strong. He does not sympathize with student. Most teachers are very helpful and attend to the kids needs
I wish the environment would be more supportive. All of the students who were admitted to the school had to go through the audition process. Once you get in the teachers would always put all the kids down. Instead of giving constructive criticism and helping them figure out what the student can do to be better, the student is blamed and is yelled at by the teacher. I like the students in the school we all try to make it a better place. I liked all the teachers I have had throughout my four years. Some were tough but generally I did learn a lot academically.
PPAS is a school filled with creativity and art. People are nothing but supportive. I could not have asked for a better high school experiance.
Attending the Professional Performing Arts School has allowed me to grow in my artistry and learn how to become a successful worker in my chosen field. As a singer, I believe this school has given me many opportunities that I know I wouldn't have been able to have without them. Such opportunities include singing at Lincoln Center and having select performances at the United Nations. Overall, I think that there is no other school that can compare to PPAS in terms of preparing young artists in the performing arts world.
I love the shows. I wish there was better communication between academic and performing art teachers.
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I moved to New York when I was thirteen to attend a boarding school for dance near Lincoln Center. After being there for a year I was old enough to attend high school and decided to attend the Professional Performing Arts School in Midtown. After being with this school for four years I came to appreciate all of the diversity and culture that was brought together by students from all reaches of life. From Drama and Musical Theater students coming from Brooklyn and Queens to Dance and Orchestra students coming from the Bronx, Manhattan, and even as far as Japan, there was a lot to soak in. At first the feel of the school was a bit jarring but after adjusting to a different lifestyle I learned to love it and will always cherish my time with the Professional Performing Arts School.
I like how focused the school is with performing arts and preparing the students for a musical future.
I have met some of the most amazing people I will ever meet in my life at this school. However, in terms of college preparation, more could be done to help students in their process. The faculty is amazing in terms of being there for students when they need them, and have unique ways of approaching the needs of each student. I'm thankful for the last 4 years of my life, and have PPAS to thank for the next steps in my future.
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