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Professional Academy Magnet at Loften High School Reviews

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The Professional Academy Magnet at Loften High School is a very small school of barely 300 children combined in all grade levels. When you are fist introduced to this school you think it will be the best school ever! But that is a lie. You dont get the full highschool experience like you see in movies. They have no sports; barely any clubs and you mostly sit at a computer or in a chair for 80 minutes each class period. Also due to long lines you barely have enough time to eat. Also buses barely get you to school on time in the morning so if you wanted to go finish a test for a teacher in the morning, you really cant because you would be arriving 2 minutes to school before the bell rings. If you normally wanted to eat at school you might want to think again because the buses arent really going to let you get enough time at school. Then when its raining on the campus there is giant puddles all along the campus and sidewalk that you arent really getting covered anywhere you go.
Really a great environment for your child to prepare for college in, respectful faculty and everything you'd hope for in a good high school.
Honestly the school is the best I've been to. There's little to no problems among students or teachers. The staff is clearly dedicated and love their jobs and the students. I couldn't imagine being in a better place. The education offered is among top tier as well. Overall it's like a big family that just wants to help out one another.
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My experience at Loften was great. I made a lot of new friends since freshman year and all of the teachers were very helpful.
Loften is a diverse campus with many opportunities. There aren't many clubs and activities after school, but there are opportunities during school for involvement. The four academic fields that are available to study are all equipped adequately for student success. Teachers and administrators are all there for success. They are always available to help in any way a student needs.
My years at Loften has been a very enlightening time for me. I've gone through many friendships that have taught me many lessons in life, and I've developed relationships with the staff and teachers which have helped through so much in life. I am going into my fourth year here and I am finally learning who I really am and who I really want to be. Throughout the years with the great teachers in my academic classes and the amazing guidance in my academy classes I have maintained above average grades and my GPA is through the roof. There were times I know I've frustrated my teachers and the staff by switching my classes or transferring academies then leaving them again, but not once did someone tell me I was a burden to them. Although I've had a few rocky times in the last four years, my high school experience was amazing thanks to the amazing teachers, staff and of course friends, at Professional Academies Magnet at Loften High School.
Loften is a great school, but it's kind of disorganized. The students keep a lot of drama. The workers are rigged.
It was very important to them that students were safe and all was healthy.
Precollegiate was offered and other programs such as fire/emt
I love my school its taught me to be independent and career ready.
All the teachers are supportive and understanding
Most of the teachers are really good but.... They seem trio have trouble staying on topic sometimes which is really distracting to those of us actually trying to get with done. Almost none of the teachers give out homework which I love.
There are not a lot of extra curricular activities at Loften. There is an opportunity to be in student government and various clubs; however, these clubs meet during school not after. There are no sports or band at this school. Students have the opportunity to participate in these at their zoned school.
There are so many diverse groups and people and this school; however, there is minimal bullying. People at Loften are accepting of each other. It's a safe high school compared to many others.
This school has so much diversity because of its unique style. There are 4 academies at this school. You have to be accepted tone able to attend this high school. There is a dicerse group of Fire EMS, Automotive Technology, Design and Technology, and Early Childhood Education students. The curriculum focuses on the different careers present in the school. This helps the students receive real world examples of the fields they are choosing to go in to.
Most of the teachers at Loften Hogh School are very committed, engaging, and helpful. I have learned so much at this school because of the teachers. Some of my favorite teachers have always included real world examples in their lessons.
The game day footballs are good
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Everything is great about this school
There are a few that truly try but a couple that made the experience bad
The teachers at Loften are great! They each care about their students and their education. Many go beyond their limits to help their students learn, even if it means taking money from their own pockets or staying up late to work on lessons. The teachers like to make learning fun when they can, but are still hard sometimes. The hard work and assignments are not a bad thing though, the teachers use them to prepare the students for the work loads of college and real life situations. The faculty all together help the students learn and grow, in a caring way.
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